Monday, August 7, 2017

Hola mis queridos!

This has been another good but fast week! I can't believe that it is
already August! The work is great, though. Sister Alvarado and I are
doing great, working hard, and having fun. We love being in Riverton;
we know that there is a lot of work to do and we are excited to do it.
We have had to drop some people that have a lot of potential but don't
want to progress which has been hard, but the Lord always provides!!
We have found a lot more potential this week and it has been amazing
to see the miracles that the Lord has been preparing for us.

One of the biggest miracles we saw this week was when we found a new
family of four that is from Guatemala!! They are so awesome. It all
started when we were going to go visit a member, but she forgot that
she said we could come and wasn't home. We had some other people in
our plans, so we decided to go try and find a man named Ismael who
walks around his neighborhood every night. Recently, we haven't been
able to find him outside and he unfortunately doesn't know which
apartment he lives in, so it has been a game of hide-and-seek. We
drove around his apartment complex once and didn't see anyone, so we
decided to drive around again. The second time that we came around the
corner we saw some Hispanics getting out of their car!! We immediately
parked and talked to them and they were super friendly and said that
they are from Guatemala so Sister Alvarado instantly clicked with them
as well!! It's a mom, dad, 22 year-old son, and 14 year-old son. We
asked them if they had talked to missionaries before and the mom
paused for a second and said, "actually...yeah...I was baptized in
Guatemala when I was 14!" And then her husband and sons were like,
"What?! We didn't know that!!" Haha it was kind of funny and awkward
at the same time, but they are open to learning more and said that we
could come back on Wednesday! We are excited to get to know them
better and we know without any doubt that the Lord sent us there in
that exact time, place, and day so that we could find them. The Lord
works in mysterious ways!!

This week we also found an amazing hermanita named Bertha! She is
visiting from Mexico and she knows that God sent us to her and that
her purpose here in Utah is to learn more about God and to get
baptized! Her story is incredible already. She has the gifts of
revelations, tongues, and healing and (after two lessons) already
believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet, that the Book of Mormon is
true, that the Church is true, that President Monson is a prophet and
that Jesus Christ directs this Church. She tells us things that we
haven't even mentioned yet! She also said that the first time that we
came, God told her that we were coming and that she should listen to
us. She asked God why she should listen to us and He told her that
"they are good people and that their message is true." Wow, she is the
most prepared person I have ever met and she continues to have dreams
and visions as she is being taught by the Spirit. It's amazing!! The
only thing is that yesterday she told us that she has to go back to
Mexico for her job and that she won't be back until December :(
there's a very slim chance that I will still be in this area in
December, but maybe she will get baptized in Mexico! We will try to
send the missionaries that are there to her :) at least we were able
to plant some seeds!

Good news!! Marisa (our recent convert from Chile) got her temple
recommend last week and we will go with her to do baptisms for the
dead in the temple tomorrow!! :)) We are so excited for her. That's
such a privilege to be able to do that! Also last Monday night we had
a lesson with her and her boyfriend and the bishop and his wife of the
English ward that they go to and the bishop gave them their first
callings!! Their calling is to greet everyone and hand out the
programs at the door :) It isn't the greatest calling ever, but they
are so humble and when the bishop asked them if they would accept that
calling they both started crying and hugged each other and it was so
so sweet and then everyone else was crying too haha. But it really
helped Sister Alvarado and I to realize as well that every person and
every calling is equal in the eyes of God. We are all His children and
we are all important. I love the scripture that compares that to a
body: our head may lead, but without our feet (or even toes) we won't
get anywhere. Our joy is so full this week!!

I know that this is the work of the Lord and that He is with us every
step of the way. One of my favorite scriptures that I read this week
is found in D&C 84:38, and it also talks about how God is with us. It
says, "And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go
before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and
my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to
bear you up." This scripture gives me so much comfort and joy and to
know that when people receive us, they receive God too and that He
will help us in any and every situation. I personally have felt His
strength and His angels bearing me up and I know that I would not be
nearly as effective without Him--I would be nothing! But this is His
work and His glory and He will not let us fail. :)

Les amo mucho!!
love, Hermana Daniels

(p.s. sorry I don't have any pictures this week)

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