Monday, July 24, 2017

Hi all!!
Happy Pioneer Day! This holiday is huge in Utah, but we didn't have
time to do anything special like see a was just a normal
p-day :)
This past week has been great, though! We saw lots of miracles and we
feel so blessed.
Highlight reel!

Sunday: We gave talks in Sacrament meeting and I accompanied someone
on the piano for a special musical number! Yikes I haven't practiced
the piano in so long, but it was good to have a chance to share my
talents! Keep practicing the piano @Spencer @Bryan @Liz!!! Also during
Relief Society there was a sister there that didn't speak Spanish, so
I got to translate the whole lesson for her... :)))) it was fun! And
good practice. Then after church we went to Temple Square with our
investigators that are on date for this week!! They are so excited for
their baptism and they loved Temple Square!!! We are so excited for
this Saturday:)

Saturday: We went to a baptism in Sandy and it was so good to visit
that ward again :)) they all remembered me! That's the best feeling
ever when old members and investigators remember who you are! hahah
also there is one set of sisters there and one set of elders and
everyone told us that they are going to try to change it to two sets
of sisters so that my companion and I can come back haha que lindo❤️

Friday: We had an awesome miracle! So at night we had a lot of plans
in mind, but a lot of them kept falling-through, so we decided to
pray! A few people came to our minds, but we followed the first
prompting to visit a man named Vicente. We drove over to his house and
saw a few cars in the driveway, so we decided to try and knock. We
passed the house so that we could turn around and come back for a
better parking spot, and when we came back to park, Vicente was
suddenly outside working on his motorcycle!! We started talking to him
and at first he was kind of closed off and was making excuses about
how he had a lot of work to do and didn't have time to talk to us, but
then he started asking questions and we were able to follow the Spirit
and address his concerns! I think it was one of the longest but most
spiritual OYMs I've had on the mission. We talked for probably about
an hour and during the whole conversation this man was putting
different pieces together in his mind and figuring out how God was
answering his prayers. That night he had been wondering what to do and
God knew it, so He sent us to help him receive his answer!! It was so
cool to see everything click in his mind and I know that God is aware
of each and every one of us and everything that we are going through.
We just need the faith to follow Him and recognize His answers!!

Thursday: In the morning we were driving to contact someone in our
plans, but we found someone new instead! We were driving towards their
house and Sister Alvarado was telling me a story so I got kind of
distracted as the navigator and we missed a turn. We went to go turn
around a little farther down the road when we saw a house with the
last name "Lopez" hanging on the door! We went and talked to them and
they were literally walking out the door to go on vacation, but it was
really cool how everything happens for a reason even if we don't mean
for it to happen haha!

Tuesday and Wednesday were good too, but those were just some of my
favorite experiences from this week :))

Much love!

Hermana Daniels

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