Monday, July 31, 2017

P.s. Yes, we are matching on purpose and yes, we finally found some
good dresses :)))

Hi family and friends! 
It's already August tomorrow! What?? I feel so old. 

This week was súper genial!!! Wow we are so tired but so so happy. Milton and Camila got baptized on Saturday!! It was one of the most spiritual baptisms I have ever been to. I love this family so much!! I can't even describe how awesome they are. It feels so good to be lead by God to someone who is so ready for the gospel and then to teach them and watch them enter the waters of baptism. That doesn't happen everyday! And after they were baptized they both shared their testimonies in front of everyone and there wasn't one person there who didn't feel the Spirit— they are so incredible. 

Their story is super cool too!! I think I already told you parts of it, but for Milton, this was his first time meeting with missionaries. He married his current wife 4 years ago and she is a member but she never pressured him to take the lessons or go to church. She was simply a really good example to him and would share spiritual stories all the time. When Milton's daughter, Camila, arrived from Ecuador a month ago, the first thing Milton told her was that they were going to go to church. They went to an English ward for a couple weeks and the bishop there said he would send missionaries, but we don't know what happened with that because they never came. We had received a separate referral from a member family in the neighborhood, so when we knocked on their door they were already expecting us! Haha we didn't know that they were expecting missionaries but God did and He sent us in the perfect moment. :) Camila's story is long, but we know that she was prepared for her baptism since before this life. She is so awesome!! She met missionaries in Ecuador before, but she never got baptized. Actually, one of the elders that found her was from Utah and had returned from his mission and he came to her baptism and confirmed her on Sunday!! Small world!! But it was really cool to see how this was her time and in her testimony at her baptism she was like "I'm so excited to have a forever family and to get married in the temple and have lots of kids" hahahah she's hilarious. We hope she serves a mission too :)))))

Another miracle we saw this week was on Friday when we found two new investigators! We know that there are some non-members living in the same house as our recent convert, Marisa, so we prayed in the morning to receive revelation of what time we should go and we went by to see if they were home. We found Marisa's sister-in-law and her sister-in-law's niece who had just arrived from Chile the night before!! That was perfect timing because it was the Lord's timing!! Also fun fact, they are from Santiago!!! And they have lots of family still there!! I showed them the picture of Spencer with the Chilean flag and they said that they would tell everyone that he is coming and to look for him :D haha Spence, you already have some friends waiting for you!! They are from Coquimbo! Does the Santiago North mission go that north?

One of my favorite scriptures that I read this week is found in D&C 68:6. It says, "Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come." I love scriptures like this one because it gives me so much comfort to know that even though we may have hard times, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, is with us!! He knows our potential and He loves us so much and He will strengthen us when we defend and testify of Him. Be examples of the believers!!

Love you all! Life is good in Riverton, UT!!

love, Hermana Daniels

Monday, July 24, 2017

Hi all!!
Happy Pioneer Day! This holiday is huge in Utah, but we didn't have
time to do anything special like see a was just a normal
p-day :)
This past week has been great, though! We saw lots of miracles and we
feel so blessed.
Highlight reel!

Sunday: We gave talks in Sacrament meeting and I accompanied someone
on the piano for a special musical number! Yikes I haven't practiced
the piano in so long, but it was good to have a chance to share my
talents! Keep practicing the piano @Spencer @Bryan @Liz!!! Also during
Relief Society there was a sister there that didn't speak Spanish, so
I got to translate the whole lesson for her... :)))) it was fun! And
good practice. Then after church we went to Temple Square with our
investigators that are on date for this week!! They are so excited for
their baptism and they loved Temple Square!!! We are so excited for
this Saturday:)

Saturday: We went to a baptism in Sandy and it was so good to visit
that ward again :)) they all remembered me! That's the best feeling
ever when old members and investigators remember who you are! hahah
also there is one set of sisters there and one set of elders and
everyone told us that they are going to try to change it to two sets
of sisters so that my companion and I can come back haha que lindo❤️

Friday: We had an awesome miracle! So at night we had a lot of plans
in mind, but a lot of them kept falling-through, so we decided to
pray! A few people came to our minds, but we followed the first
prompting to visit a man named Vicente. We drove over to his house and
saw a few cars in the driveway, so we decided to try and knock. We
passed the house so that we could turn around and come back for a
better parking spot, and when we came back to park, Vicente was
suddenly outside working on his motorcycle!! We started talking to him
and at first he was kind of closed off and was making excuses about
how he had a lot of work to do and didn't have time to talk to us, but
then he started asking questions and we were able to follow the Spirit
and address his concerns! I think it was one of the longest but most
spiritual OYMs I've had on the mission. We talked for probably about
an hour and during the whole conversation this man was putting
different pieces together in his mind and figuring out how God was
answering his prayers. That night he had been wondering what to do and
God knew it, so He sent us to help him receive his answer!! It was so
cool to see everything click in his mind and I know that God is aware
of each and every one of us and everything that we are going through.
We just need the faith to follow Him and recognize His answers!!

Thursday: In the morning we were driving to contact someone in our
plans, but we found someone new instead! We were driving towards their
house and Sister Alvarado was telling me a story so I got kind of
distracted as the navigator and we missed a turn. We went to go turn
around a little farther down the road when we saw a house with the
last name "Lopez" hanging on the door! We went and talked to them and
they were literally walking out the door to go on vacation, but it was
really cool how everything happens for a reason even if we don't mean
for it to happen haha!

Tuesday and Wednesday were good too, but those were just some of my
favorite experiences from this week :))

Much love!

Hermana Daniels

Monday, July 17, 2017


This week was super good!! This week is also transfers and Sister
Alvarado and I are staying together in Riverton!!! Haha this is the
first time that I will stay in an area for more than 3 months and it
is also the first transfer that I won't switch companions! Miracles
everywhere! haha but we are super stoked to stay in Riverton :)) there
is so much work to be done!

Highlights of the week:

1) We had breakfast with the Oviedo family!! AH I love them so much.
They are so excited for their baptism in 2 weeks!! They made us kind
of a normal American breakfast (eggs and sausage and a grilled ham and
cheese sandwich/bagel thing) but they also signed up on our food
calendar to feed us dinner the day after their baptism :)) que cute!
Hopefully we can go to Temple Square with them this week!

2) We went to Temple Square with Gris and Diego! We went on Saturday
night with them (it's a young couple that we are teaching) and their
two kids and another young couple from our ward. I'll send pics! Haha
also it was kind of awkward because we were trying to take pictures in
front of the temple and there were probably at least 10 different
weddings going on....hah it was fun. But they loved it a lot and were
really touched by the "God's Plan for Families" video :) hopefully we
can help them progress toward baptism this transfer!

3) Our homeowner, Sister Koch, is so cute and made us some really good
salads for lunch on Thursday since we aren't allowed to eat lunch at
home anymore. :// I don't know if I told y'all that, but President
Lansing said that we could be saving more time during the day to use
for proselyting so we have to make a lunch or buy something everyday
now. It's so hard...any suggestions for quick lunches that we can make
at night to use for the next day??

4) On Friday night we had an awesome miracle! We had planned to
contact a couple families, but none of them were home. We weren't sure
what to do next, so we prayed for guidance. One investigator in
particular came to both of our minds, so we went over to her apartment
complex! As we were pulling into the complex, we saw two Hispanic
ladies sitting outside talking. We quickly parked the car and went
over to talk to them. They both were members, but one of them had just
arrived from Costa Rica the day before and really wanted to go to
church, but didn't know where the church was and doesn't have a car!
We gave her all of the information about it and before we left she
said "sisters, thank you so much! I had been praying ever since I got
here that God would send me some missionaries or members to help me
find a church..and here you are!! God answers prayers. Thank you for
being tools in His hands for me." It was so sweet! I love being a tool
in God's hands— for every single one of His children whether they are
members or not!

Love you all! Remember who you are!!

Hermana Daniels
P.s. I forgot to say in the other email that I tried "mate" this week
which is this drink from Argentina that's really weird/sketchy. Haha
but it's an Argentinian custom and there's an elder in our mission
that's from Argentina and he gave my companion some (because she likes
mate) so she made me try some too. It's awful. 0/10 would not

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hi family and friends!!

Sorry I didn't get to send a big email last week, but we are finally
all settled in to our new house!! We live with a single lady who is in
her 50s?? And she is so so sweet. We live in the basement, but we
share the kitchen and laundry room with her. It's a nice place and we
love it already :) we miss the Wardle's (previous homeowner) but it's
nice to start over/change things up a little bit!

As I mentioned in the email subject: this week was insanely hot. It
hit 106 and we were dying and sweating non-stop. It was great :))
Today we went mini golfing as a district again and I'm still pretty
rusty, but at least I had a hole-in-one!!

We also had a good 4th of July!! We had a 3 hour meeting at night
and didn't get to see the fireworks :// but we still saw
lots of them on the drive home so it's all good!

I'll admit this week was kind of rough-- or in other words Heavenly
Father loves testing my patience :) but I received some inspirational
personal revelation and we had a huge miracle Saturday night that I
want to share with you!!

MIRACLE: A couple weeks ago we received a referral from the Riverton
Zone Leaders of a family from Colombia. We were able to contact them a
couple times, but were never able to get in the door because they were
busy. Well, we were finally able to set an apppointment with them for
Saturday, and it was one of the most incredible lessons I have ever
had. I love this family!!! It is a married couple and their 19
year-old daughter and they are actually from Ecuador! (There is a
Colombian couple living there too). The mom was born and raised in the
Church and is still active, but she married her husband just 8 years
ago. These people are some of the most prepared people for the Gospel
that I have ever met. Throughout the entire lesson of the Restoration
they had deep questions and true intention to know more.  At the
beginning of the lesson the dad was like "look sisters, I'm Catholic
and I won't be Mormon because I drink coffee." But as the lesson went
on and after we shared the First Vision they were so shocked and
everything clicked and the dad said that he knows that now is his time
to change. AH it was so awesome!! The dad and daughter both accepted
baptism before we even finished the question!! They both will be
baptized on July 29th :)) They have also already been to Church many
times and they love it. Haha and they took a picture with us before we
left I don't even know why. They're so golden!! God has blessed us so

My personal study revelatory experience! So I was reading about My
Purpose from PMG and it talked about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ
is central in all things. So, I decided to pick back up on my study
from the Topical Guide about Jesus Christ that Elder Rasband had
challenged us to read back in December. I love the references in the
topic of "Jesus Christ, Atonement"!! Specifically, though, my
revelatory experience occurred as I was reading Luke 22:40-42 about
Jesus's suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus didn't want to
suffer so much, but He understood His purpose and accepted God's will.
Then I read something that I never noticed before: after He accepts
God's will, God sends an angel to Him to strengthen Him! I don't know
how I ever missed that, but that is incredible! He received strength
from heaven and then was able to continue and complete His suffering
in the Garden-- even though it was still incredibly painful. I know
that in the mission/in life we will have a lot of hard times, but when
we have patience and accept God's will, He has promised that He will
send angels round about us to lift us up!! Then when we receive that
strength, we can continue to accomplish His will. We will still
suffer, but we will better understand our purpose and be able to trust
in God and receive His trust as well.

Sorry it was kind of short this week! We have a lesson today at 4 :))
Love you all!!

Hermana Daniels

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hi family!!

So, yes, we have been moving and cleaning and packing and unpacking
all day so I'm sorry I don't have time to write an update of the week
or to respond to individual emails :// but I will for sure next week!!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Love, Hermana Daniels

P.s. Enjoy these pictures of my lovely sock tan and some homemade

tortillas that Sister Alvarado and I learned how to make this week :))