Thursday, June 15, 2017

Buenos días!! Today is temple day!! We haven't gone yet, but I will
send some pictures next week :)

Highlights of this week!

1) Marisa's Baptism!! It was beautiful. She invited lots of family and
friends to attend and the Spirit was strong :) Also at her
confirmation the next day, she received a beautiful blessing and she
was crying through the whole thing. She is so amazing! I asked her to
write her testimony in my journal because she is so awesome. I don't
know if I told you her story yet, but just real quick:
She is from Concepción, Chile (s/o to Joe). When she first arrived
in Utah a few years ago, she had nothing. She was struggling a lot and
really needed help but had no where to go. One day, she contemplated
taking her own life. But then a pair of elders knocked on her door!
She let them in and they helped her calm down and told her that some
sister missionaries would come soon to comfort her because they (the
elders) couldn't do that much. The sisters came right away and
comforted her and invited her to church-- to which she attended the
next day. When Marisa was at church she was looking around for the
elders that had knocked on her door, but she couldn't find them. She
asked the sisters where they were and the sisters said that they had
no idea what she was talking about because there were no elders in
that area! Marisa knew right away that they were angels sent from God.
She has such a strong testimony and has had so many incredible
experiences like that where God has protected her and guided her to be
the woman she is today. :)

2) Elder Bednar came to talk to our mission!! We took a mission
picture with him, so when they send it to us I will share it with you
as well :) But wow, he did a Q&A with us for 3 hours straight and the
Spirit was so strong the entire time. I know that he is an Apostle of
the Lord!! We talked a lot about conversion and faith and one of my
favorite things that he said was: "Be a little better today than you
were yesterday, and a little better tomorrow than you were today." The
Lord doesn't expect us to be perfect, but He does expect us to
progress. Something else I really liked was that: "No one struggles
who feasts upon the word's of Christ daily." It is so true!! The Book
of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and our lives. We all have
struggles and different problems, but the power of the Book of Mormon
is that it can and will answer every problem we come across.

3) Last night the Spirit guided us to one of our investigator's homes!
Not only was our investigator home, but also her husband and two
children, her mom, her uncle, and her uncle's wife (who are visiting
from Mexico for only 2 weeks). We were planning on teaching just our
investigator and her husband, but that completely changed (which
happens almost everyday on the mission)! But we were prepared, and the
Spirit guided our words to know what to do and what to say. I can't
even describe how incredible the Spirit is and the gift of
discernment. I testify that the promise is 100% true that when we open
our mouths, they will be filled!! I don't even remember what I said
because I wasn't talking— the Spirit was!

4) Yesterday we also had a lesson with our investigator named Walter.
He is 11 years old and has two baby chickens and two goats. Haha I
hate goats, but Walter needed help putting them back in their cage, so
basically my companion and I played tackle football with some goats :)
then Walter ran out of food for his baby chickens, so we helped him
crush some corn seeds into basically dust. I felt so authentic,
though, just sitting there hand-crushing some corn seeds in a rock
bowl with another rock. :)

5) On Saturday morning we went to a Relief Society Activity and they
had some little classes and in one of them we learned how to make
No-Bake Cheesecake! It is insanely simple and super yummy. I'll send a
picture of the recipe when we get the recipe!

6) On Thursday we had a Zone Meeting and the building where we meet
for that is about 20 minutes away, so we were contacting some people
in the morning before we had to leave for the meeting. Well, we had a
house in mind, but we weren't sure if we should go because we had to
leave soon to get to the meeting on time! We sat there for a second
and then decided: let's go. We ran up to the door and knocked 3
different times until finally someone answered just as we were about
to leave. We talked to them a little bit and they said that we could
come back next week to share a message with them!! The coolest part
about this little miracle is that no one has opened that door to the
missionaries since September of last year. But God needed us there in
that moment and now we're going to baptize that whole family! :D

I love you all and hope you all have a great week!!

Se cuidan!

Hermana Daniels

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