Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Buenas! How is it already June 19th? This month has flown by!!

We had a good week, though! It was hard and there were definitely some
insanely long days thrown in, but it was an incredible learning
experience as well. Something that has helped me is to replace every
negative thought with something positive! Haha one day my companion
said "hermana, my legs hurt so much today" and without thinking I just
said "well at least we have legs!" Hahah kind of random and you kind
of had to be there, but it's true! When we count our blessings we can
see so many more positive things each day. Try it!

We spent a lot of time trying to find and contact new people, and we
weren't having a lot of success, but we did have a miracle on Friday!
It was getting kind of late, so we prayed to know where to go, and we
felt like we should go visit a man named Santos. We got to his house
and sat in the car for a minute but then we saw him outside! We went
over and talked to him a little bit, and he said he was just about to
leave, but he saw us pull up so he waited for us to come talk to him.
Normally people try to drive away as fast as possible when they see us
coming!! Haha it was great— he is super nice and accepted a pamphlet
and told us we could come back another time even after initially
saying that he wasn't interested! His heart changed in a matter of
minutes! Then he also gave us a referral of someone who goes to his
church who lives down the street! We went right away to contact her
and she opened the door and also said that we could come back on
Tuesday. :)

I also have loved reading Doctrine and Covenants now as a mission. I
have learned something new from almost every section! One of my
all-time favorite sections, though, is D&C 18. This section helped me
decide to serve a mission! Of course it talks about the worth of souls
and how great will be our joy when we brings souls unto Christ, but
one of my favorite verses is verse 17. It says, "Behold, you have my
gospel before you, and my rock, and my salvation." We literally have
the truth and knowledge of everlasting life and salvation in our
laps!! Before my mission I took that for granted too often! But now I
realize the importance of sharing the goodness and blessings that we
have from the gospel with others. The Gospel changes lives! And it is
our calling and responsibility to bring it to them.

Sorry it's a shorter update this week, but I'll send some more pictures!!

Love you all!!

Hermana Daniels

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