Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Hi all!!
WOW waaaay up, I feel blessed!! This week has been another incredible
week in Riverton, UT. We baptized two incredible people on Saturday,
and will be baptizing two more this Saturday!! :) Also we found lots
of new people to work with and three of our investigators came to
church, as well as three more that haven't been taught in forever! Que
bendecidas somos. Also one of our recent converts bore his testimony
in Sacrament meeting for the first time and it was beautiful. Also we
have food for days and literally everyone has paid for our meals this
week. Also we live literally right next to our church building so we
walk to church and on two separate occasions, someone has pulled over
on the side of the road and asked us if we need a ride. Hahah these
people are so sweet.

SO some highlights of the week:

1) Fabrizio's Baptism!! Fabrizio is 23 and from Peru! This baptism was
so beautiful. The Spirit was so strong and it was super special. Also
Fabrizio's friend came who is from Brasil and gave a talk on the Holy
Ghost! It was in straight Portuguese! (Shout-out to Trevor) I didn't
understand everything he said, but it was really cool and I was able
to pick up bits and pieces that sounded like Spanish! I can't remember
if I told y'all his conversion story, but I will summarize it again
real quick. So he had been meeting with the sisters for a while before
I got here. Like he started taking the lessons back in February I
think? Anyway, he was never really sure what to do and had known it
was true since he got here, but never accepted his answer. Then the
second day that I was here in Riverton, he called us and asked if he
could talk to us. In the lesson we had with him, he told us that that
morning he decided that it was time and that he wanted to be baptized
as soon as possible. !!! God had been working with him little by
little and his time was now. :)

2) Paolo's Baptism!! Paolo is 17 and from Nicaragua/Costa Rica! His
baptism was incredible as well. Wow just an entire day full of the
Spirit!! He is living with his aunt and uncle here in Utah and his
uncle was the one that baptized him. After he baptized Paolo, they
gave each other a super long hug and as Paolo turned to leave the
font, his eyes were full of tears and his smile was as big as ever. It
was so precious. This is the Lord's work!!! He is preparing His
people! Paolo used to be Atheist and denied God because of some hard
experiences in his life, but he was so prepared and accepted the
Gospel right away and now knows that he is home. ❤️

3) Fun fact: Our area overlaps the Orem mission! (Our Spanish area--
their English area) We are the most southern part of the mission and
border branches from Lehi and Saratoga Springs haha-- so weird! But it
gets weirder. So Riverton/Bluffdale are basically in the middle of
nowhere and we have this one investigator that is super far up in the
mountains and whenever we go there we can see the entire Salt Lake
valley from the top! Also.....we can see the Y mountain. Ahhhhhhh I
cried inside. Also I took a picture of it today but it was super
cloudy by the mountains so you can't even see it in the picture ://
but I can see it in real life! Hahah also we can see downtown SLC and
all three temples that are in our mission. Nice.

4) Word of the Week: Paleta. It means popsicle! And the most delicious
popsicles from Michoacán, Mexico!! They are SO good. Get the ones that
are coconut flavored! The brand is called "La Michoacana." And they
are my new favorite because I like to tell everyone that I am from
Michoacán because it sounds the most like Michigan :) I think I said
this before, but people actually believe me when I say that I am! Haha
it's the best.

5) Shout-out to the Grand Rapids Ward Young Women!! Thank you so much
for the sweet letter!! That made my week!! I'm working on sending one
back! :)

Anyway, we see miracles everyday which is the absolute best, but these
were just some highlights!!

Love you all!! Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!! :)))

Love, Hermana Daniels

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Hola!! My first week in Riverton was so incredible!!

Day-by-day review:

Tuesday: we had exchanges in the morning! We moved all of my stuff (I
don't know how I have so many random things) over to my new home with
the Wardle family :) After we dropped off my things, we got out to
work! We had lots of lessons already planned and set up some times to
meet with the Bishop and Stake President and Ward Mission Leader. I
love this ward already!

Wednesday: also a super busy day! We had a meeting in the morning with
our new district and then had lots of lessons in the afternoon and
evening. We had an awesome lesson with one of our investigators at 6
and then English class at 7 and then another lesson with a different
investigator at 8! Riverton feels so much busier than Sandy--which is
a good thing :) The lesson we had at 8 was a miracle, though. Earlier
in the day we had planned to have a lesson with someone else, but then
they cancelled on us. So we were just going to go visit some people
instead. But! Our other investigator, Fabrizio, called us and asked us
if he could talk to us at 8 that night!! So that was a miracle alone
that we were able to meet with him--but it gets better. We were
talking to him about the importance of going to church and praying and
reading the scriptures, when he was like "Hermanas. I already received
my answer. I received it today! I want to get baptized on May 6th."
!!!!!!!! AHH it was so awesome!! The sisters that found him (my
companion and Sister Lopez who took my spot in Sandy) had been
inviting him again and again to get baptized, and he kept disregarding
it, but God has a plan for him and made sure that he knew these things
are true!!! We are so excited for him. He will be baptized this
Saturday at 12pm in Riverton, UT :)

Thursday: Thursday morning we visited our investigators, Adneirys and
Jose Maria. They are this sweet little old couple from Venezuela who
got here a couple months ago and they are also the Bishop's parents.
Their story is so cool! So Bishop has been trying to get them to come
to church for a suuuuper long time, but they've always been very
Catholic. But! When they came to the US, their hearts were super
softened, and the sisters started teaching them! Now they have already
gained their own testimonies that these things are true and they could
get baptized any second. They had a baptismal date at one point, but
wanted to wait until their son and two grandsons also arrived here
from Venezuela so that they can come to their baptism too. However, as
I'm sure you already know, it is almost impossible for anyone to get a
visa to the US right now, so they have been waiting for their son to
get here for a long time. BUT they finally came on Wednesday night!!!!
So we got to meet them Thursday morning and it was so great. Their
son, Jose Gregorio, has never been receptive to the Gospel either, but
we taught all of them about family history work, and they loved it! We
invited Jose Gregorio and his two sons to join us in the other lessons
we teach to Adneirys and Jose Maria and they said yeah! It might take
a little work, but I know they will come around too :)) So now
everyone is super happy and Adneirys and Jose Maria said they want
their baptisms to be on May 13th :) Wooooo!!
We also had a great lesson with our other investigator, Paolo! He is
17 and from Nicaragua/Costa Rica. He only got here a few weeks ago as
well and he wants to be baptized on May 6th! The sisters only taught
him one lesson before I got here, so we have been teaching him
everything else and he is so awesome and prepared.
So many miracles!!!!

Friday: we had an awesome lesson with another one of our investigators
named Aldair. He is 10 years old and his parents are less-active, but
he never grew up in the church. Another cool story with them!! So we
just started teaching them this week, but we weren't the ones that
found them. One day Aldair's mom was waiting at the bus stop and an
English elder started talking to her! She doesn't speak very much
English, but somehow this elder found out that they were members and
where they lived. When the sisters went over there on Monday night,
they met Aldair and found out he wasn't baptized! So we have been
teaching him this week and on Friday he accepted a baptismal date for
May 20th!!! He is so smart and funny and we are so excited for him. :)

Saturday and Sunday: it was a good weekend! We met some more members
and investigators and got some doors slammed in our faces and met some
really nice people and ate some good and bad food haha. The food
highlight of the week was a little octopus that was in this rice and
shrimp dish that a member gave us. It was gross. But it was cooked and
it was the Bishop's wife, so I forced it down hahah. Also at church on
Sunday we sang a special musical number (A Child's Prayer in Spanish)
and the theme of Sacrament Meeting was how the Gospel changes lives!
So three of the recent converts in the ward spoke and then Sister
Johnson and I each gave a 10 minute talk. I don't even remember what I
said ahaha but that's proof to me that the Spirit was speaking through
me so that's good :) I love this ward though!

What a miraculous week!!! The Lord is blessing Sister Johnson and I so
much. That hard work these past few transfers has paid off :) but it
doesn't stop!! I'm so excited to work here in Riverton and to have at
least 5 baptisms this transfer :))) Oh! Also my little friend David
Noguera from Sandy that we were teaching is also getting baptized this
Friday!! Finally!! :) I'm so excited for him and his family.
May will be the month of baptisms!! :D

Anyway, sorry this email was so long! There's so much going on in
Riverton! But I'm so excited and so thankful to be here. Thank you all
for all of the prayers!! I can definitely feel them :) I love you all
so much and hope you have a great week!!

Happy May!! Also Happy May the Fourth Be With You on Thursday :)

Love, Hermana Daniels