Monday, April 10, 2017

Hola mis queridos!!
Bueno, esta semana estamos estudiando el capítulo en Predicad Mi Evangelio acerca de como podemos aprender nuestro idioma de misión. Entonces, nuestros líderes de zona nos dijeron que tengamos hablar en español toda esta semana.....oí! Va a ser muy interesante. Pero puedo escribir el resto de este email en inglés para que ustedes puedan entender :)

So this week was so awesome!! I don't have a lot of time today so I'm just going to send this big email and then answer individual emails next week-- sorry!

1) Mark's BAPTISM!!!!! Mark Espinoza got baptized on April 8th, 2017. He is 11 years old and will never stop talking. Haha but he's so funny and has a huge heart. It was so exciting to get the Branch excited about missionary work again! They haven't had a baptism there for at least 6 months.

2) Ana's BAPTISM!!!! My old investigator from West Jordan, Ana Mazzei, also got baptized on April 8th, 2017. I am so proud and happy for her!!! AND guess who came to surprise her and everyone else?! MY MOMMA!!! Hermana Lopez!! AH it was so good to see her :) She came back out to Provo to go to school at BYU and she came to visit the mission with another elder who also served here. 

3) Eduardo's temple trip!!!! We finally got to go to the Salt Lake City Temple with Eduardo!! It was so incredible. Eduardo was so nervous and excited, hah it was so awesome to be able to be there to support him. 

4) IT SNOWED ://// ugh. It was raining a lot and then at night it got cold enough for snow and I cried. Also we just got some pet flowers and I think the snow killed them. Hopefully not.

5) March Madness! We made it to the Elite Eight but got knocked out by other elders :// they're really good though so hopefully they make it all the way. Go Spanish Zone!! 

6) The other pictures I sent were when I tried my first pupusa and tacos al Pastor!! So good. Also today for p-day we had a water balloon fight and played ultimate frisbee as a zone which was fun! I love the Spanish Zone. Viva Zona Español!!

Sorry it's a short email this week!! I'll be better next week I promise :)) At least there are more pictures this week haha ;)


Hermana Daniels

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