Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hiiii! So on Monday at the March Madness Finals, President Lansing
said that we could have 4 extra hours of P-day this week because we
have lost so many P-day hours due to all of the March Madness
tournaments. So I get to say hi again today! Hola. :)

These past couple days have been great, though!  
Monday was fun and Tuesday was our last district meeting of the
transfer! This transfer flew by!! I can't believe we have transfers on
Tuesday! But I think Sister Alvarado and I will stay together here in
Sandy. At least I hope so! We've been on fire this transfer and have
so much more work to do!!

Then yesterday we went to Temple Square with our recent convert, Mark,
and his mom, Maria!! It went really well! The Spirit was so strong and
she loved being there. It was almost a train wreck, though. When we
got there, we went to go see the Christus statue and some Temple
Square sisters were helping us with the tour and everything which was
nice (we called them the night before to make sure they would be
there). Then we walked over to the movie room to watch "God's Plan for
Families" (the short video presentation of eternal families) aaaand it
was broken. Haha my companion looked like she was going to kill
someone lol we were like "uhhhh ok. What do we do now?" And then the
Temple Square sisters were like "oh sorry we didn't know that! We'll
go check if there's another movie theater room we can watch it in." So
then while we waited for them we just walked around and looked at the
paintings which were nice. When they came back they said that they
couldn't find it in Spanish anywhere else..... Haha inside I was kind
of upset and frustrated that they had one job and it didn't work and
we even called them the day before to plan everything. BUT then!
(First of all, I was humbled real quick) and second of all, God knew
our investigator, Maria, needed to see that video and feel the Spirit
there because as we were walking to the stairs, the technician burst
out of the theater doors and said that it was fixed!! Straight
miracle. Without that video, Maria definitely wouldn't have had as
Spiritual of an experience. Temple Square and the Spirit there is
incredible, but that video brings goosebumps and tears every time and
Maria felt that. We testified to her afterwards and she told us she
wants to get baptized someday but she is still working on getting work
off on Sundays. WE'RE SO EXCITED FOR HER!! She's awesome. And super
prepared for the Gospel. Even Mark was helping us bear testimony and
he wants to be a missionary someday so we told him to keep being a
good example for his family and friends :) Sandy has big things

Anyway, today was good too :) we deep-cleaned our house this morning
before cleaning checks and then made some toastadas for lunch! I made
these before with Hermana Lopez, but this time I did it all by myself!
:)) (I'll send a picture)

Much love from SLC!!

Love, Hermana Daniels❤️

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