Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Buenas tardes!!

The last week of the transfer!! All week we were busy with service and
exchanges and teaching lots of lessons which was good. Also this
weekend was Stake Conference and it was weird not being home haha but
it was still really good :) They only have 9 full-time missionaries
serving from their stake! That's so crazy! Our stake is the same size
and we have like 27! Haha. But a stake in Utah is like 2 or 3
neighborhoods so I guess there aren't a lot of youth that are
mission-age? I don't know. Shout-out to the Grand Rapids Stake, though

Sooo the big news. I'm.......being transferred! :) :( haha I'm excited
but at the same time I will miss Sandy so much. I will now be serving
in RIVERTON!! With Hermana Johnson!! She came into the field 2
transfers after me I think? But this is also my first time being the
senior companion! I feel so old. But Hermana Johnson is awesome! She
is from Illinois (#midwest) and she has learned and studied Spanish
since she was 4...!  Thank goodness! My Spanish has improved a ton
since I started, but I'm thankful that she is fluent as well haha
we'll be a great team.

Also fun fact I have had a new companion every transfer! I don't
really know if that's good or bad, but it is fun getting to know all
of my Spanish Zone sisters. My companion told me I was easy to get
along with, so because we didn't have any problems to work through
we're being split-up so that we can learn how to work with different
people haha. I'm super excited to go to Riverton, though. It will be

This week I also finished reading Helaman! I love all of the counsel
we receive from these chapters. I specifically loved the emphasis of
repentance and faith in chapter 15. Samuel the Lamanite tells us that
when we have those two things together, we can develop a change of
heart. When we align our humility with God's will, this change of
heart brings lasting conversion!!

I hope all is well!! Thank you to everyone for the continued love and
support and prayers. :) Have a great week!!

Hermana Daniels <3

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