Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Buenas tardes!!

The last week of the transfer!! All week we were busy with service and
exchanges and teaching lots of lessons which was good. Also this
weekend was Stake Conference and it was weird not being home haha but
it was still really good :) They only have 9 full-time missionaries
serving from their stake! That's so crazy! Our stake is the same size
and we have like 27! Haha. But a stake in Utah is like 2 or 3
neighborhoods so I guess there aren't a lot of youth that are
mission-age? I don't know. Shout-out to the Grand Rapids Stake, though

Sooo the big news. I'm.......being transferred! :) :( haha I'm excited
but at the same time I will miss Sandy so much. I will now be serving
in RIVERTON!! With Hermana Johnson!! She came into the field 2
transfers after me I think? But this is also my first time being the
senior companion! I feel so old. But Hermana Johnson is awesome! She
is from Illinois (#midwest) and she has learned and studied Spanish
since she was 4...!  Thank goodness! My Spanish has improved a ton
since I started, but I'm thankful that she is fluent as well haha
we'll be a great team.

Also fun fact I have had a new companion every transfer! I don't
really know if that's good or bad, but it is fun getting to know all
of my Spanish Zone sisters. My companion told me I was easy to get
along with, so because we didn't have any problems to work through
we're being split-up so that we can learn how to work with different
people haha. I'm super excited to go to Riverton, though. It will be

This week I also finished reading Helaman! I love all of the counsel
we receive from these chapters. I specifically loved the emphasis of
repentance and faith in chapter 15. Samuel the Lamanite tells us that
when we have those two things together, we can develop a change of
heart. When we align our humility with God's will, this change of
heart brings lasting conversion!!

I hope all is well!! Thank you to everyone for the continued love and
support and prayers. :) Have a great week!!

Hermana Daniels <3

Hiiii! So on Monday at the March Madness Finals, President Lansing
said that we could have 4 extra hours of P-day this week because we
have lost so many P-day hours due to all of the March Madness
tournaments. So I get to say hi again today! Hola. :)

These past couple days have been great, though!  
Monday was fun and Tuesday was our last district meeting of the
transfer! This transfer flew by!! I can't believe we have transfers on
Tuesday! But I think Sister Alvarado and I will stay together here in
Sandy. At least I hope so! We've been on fire this transfer and have
so much more work to do!!

Then yesterday we went to Temple Square with our recent convert, Mark,
and his mom, Maria!! It went really well! The Spirit was so strong and
she loved being there. It was almost a train wreck, though. When we
got there, we went to go see the Christus statue and some Temple
Square sisters were helping us with the tour and everything which was
nice (we called them the night before to make sure they would be
there). Then we walked over to the movie room to watch "God's Plan for
Families" (the short video presentation of eternal families) aaaand it
was broken. Haha my companion looked like she was going to kill
someone lol we were like "uhhhh ok. What do we do now?" And then the
Temple Square sisters were like "oh sorry we didn't know that! We'll
go check if there's another movie theater room we can watch it in." So
then while we waited for them we just walked around and looked at the
paintings which were nice. When they came back they said that they
couldn't find it in Spanish anywhere else..... Haha inside I was kind
of upset and frustrated that they had one job and it didn't work and
we even called them the day before to plan everything. BUT then!
(First of all, I was humbled real quick) and second of all, God knew
our investigator, Maria, needed to see that video and feel the Spirit
there because as we were walking to the stairs, the technician burst
out of the theater doors and said that it was fixed!! Straight
miracle. Without that video, Maria definitely wouldn't have had as
Spiritual of an experience. Temple Square and the Spirit there is
incredible, but that video brings goosebumps and tears every time and
Maria felt that. We testified to her afterwards and she told us she
wants to get baptized someday but she is still working on getting work
off on Sundays. WE'RE SO EXCITED FOR HER!! She's awesome. And super
prepared for the Gospel. Even Mark was helping us bear testimony and
he wants to be a missionary someday so we told him to keep being a
good example for his family and friends :) Sandy has big things

Anyway, today was good too :) we deep-cleaned our house this morning
before cleaning checks and then made some toastadas for lunch! I made
these before with Hermana Lopez, but this time I did it all by myself!
:)) (I'll send a picture)

Much love from SLC!!

Love, Hermana Daniels❤️

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Hola!! Feliz Pascua!! I hope you all had a great weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. :)

This week went by so fast!! I can't believe it's already mid-April!!
I honestly can't even remember what we did this week because it was so fast, haha. But we did have two exchanges and for one of them I got to go back to my birthplace in West Jordan!!! It was so great to be back. I got to see some members and some of my recent converts and even some of my old investigators too! Including my dear Lourdes. Ah, she is still super close to baptism....I think it was good for me to have a lesson with her again and to keep that first connection going. We found her back in November! I know she will get baptized soon!! <3
I love being companions with our Sister Training Leader, Hermana Alvarado, though. First of all, she is awesome. And second of all, I get to know the other hermanas a lot better. They're so great!! I love being in the Spanish Zone.

This morning was also the finals of March Madness!! We got knocked out of the tournament back in the Elite Eight, but out of the Final Four, three of the companionships were from the Spanish Zone! Unfortunately, we still lost :/ but it was an awesome experience to learn how to become master teachers!!

This week I also finished reading Alma— I didn't know I could learn so much from the war chapters, but I did! I love that about the Book of Mormon: always something new. Anyway, I love the theme through these last chapters of Alma about being prepared. There are so many examples of the importance of being prepared!! Captain Moroni, Teancum, the 2,000 Stripling Warriors, the mothers of the 2,000 Stripling Warriors, Helaman, etc. One verse in particular that I love is Alma 57:27. The Stripling Warriors were not only prepared physically to fight the Lamanites, but also mentally and spiritually! "Their minds [were] firm, and they [did] put their trust in God continually." We can't fight in this war against Satan without firm testimonies, hearts, and minds and trust that God will deliver us. But I know that He is on our side and carrying us through everyday!! I know that when we do our part and prepare ourselves for the storms of life, our firm foundation in the Gospel and Jesus Christ will help us stay strong.

(Sorry the font is weird for that part^^ I copied and pasted it from my notes)

Anyway, peace and blessings this week!! Sorry this was another short email, the time flies on p-day especially with 4 hours of March Madness in the morning....but next week will be better :) Also if you haven't seen the Prince of Peace video from the Church, I highly recommend it!! 

Hermana Daniels 


Noel White is serving a mission??? Where in Cali?! Tell her congrats and best of luck for me!! Is Beau going on a mission? 

Monday, April 10, 2017

Hola mis queridos!!
Bueno, esta semana estamos estudiando el capítulo en Predicad Mi Evangelio acerca de como podemos aprender nuestro idioma de misión. Entonces, nuestros líderes de zona nos dijeron que tengamos hablar en español toda esta semana.....oí! Va a ser muy interesante. Pero puedo escribir el resto de este email en inglés para que ustedes puedan entender :)

So this week was so awesome!! I don't have a lot of time today so I'm just going to send this big email and then answer individual emails next week-- sorry!

1) Mark's BAPTISM!!!!! Mark Espinoza got baptized on April 8th, 2017. He is 11 years old and will never stop talking. Haha but he's so funny and has a huge heart. It was so exciting to get the Branch excited about missionary work again! They haven't had a baptism there for at least 6 months.

2) Ana's BAPTISM!!!! My old investigator from West Jordan, Ana Mazzei, also got baptized on April 8th, 2017. I am so proud and happy for her!!! AND guess who came to surprise her and everyone else?! MY MOMMA!!! Hermana Lopez!! AH it was so good to see her :) She came back out to Provo to go to school at BYU and she came to visit the mission with another elder who also served here. 

3) Eduardo's temple trip!!!! We finally got to go to the Salt Lake City Temple with Eduardo!! It was so incredible. Eduardo was so nervous and excited, hah it was so awesome to be able to be there to support him. 

4) IT SNOWED ://// ugh. It was raining a lot and then at night it got cold enough for snow and I cried. Also we just got some pet flowers and I think the snow killed them. Hopefully not.

5) March Madness! We made it to the Elite Eight but got knocked out by other elders :// they're really good though so hopefully they make it all the way. Go Spanish Zone!! 

6) The other pictures I sent were when I tried my first pupusa and tacos al Pastor!! So good. Also today for p-day we had a water balloon fight and played ultimate frisbee as a zone which was fun! I love the Spanish Zone. Viva Zona Español!!

Sorry it's a short email this week!! I'll be better next week I promise :)) At least there are more pictures this week haha ;)


Hermana Daniels
Hiiii sorry I don't have a ton of time today, we had March Madness this morning and then for our district activity we went hiking in the Wasatch Mountains! I was really cool but insanely exhausting haha I'm already sore :P also it took like 3 hours hah it was rough but fun :) 

This week was really good! We found lots of new people and learned SO much. General Conference was sooooo good!! Ah I just felt so uplifted and full of peace and joy all weekend. I'll have to re-read and re-watch all of those talks because I was learning so much from the Spirit that I couldn't write it all down!! Also we watched the Saturday sessions with investigators so those two were both in Spanish which was really hard to focus and mentally translate everything for that long haha but who knows maybe I learned things in Spanish that I wouldn't have in English! :) One of my favorite talks was from Elder De Hoyos about the Light of Christ. Especially as missionaries, we need to teach every day and learn how to be master teachers just as Christ was! But I liked how he explained that in order to teach how the Savior taught, we need to live how the Savior lived!! So I am really excited to improve my teaching skills as I come closer to my Savior, Jesus Christ.

Speaking of teaching skills, WE MADE IT TO THE SWEET SIXTEEN OF MARCH MADNESS!!! Wooooo! Haha it's not supposed to be competitive but brackets are naturally competitive sooo oh well. We aren't trying to necessarily "beat" anyone though, we just did our best and let the judges decide. So today we had the round for everyone in the sweet 16, so tomorrow we will know if we will make it to the Elite Eight. :)) I think we did pretty well this morning! It's so awesome to be able to feel the Spirit so strong-- even in role-play teaching! The elders we are up against are also suuper good though so we shall see!

The language is still coming along, but I have learned so much!! I didn't really realize how far I've come until I was on exchanges this week with an Hermana who is brand new and doesn't know any Spanish at all. I was in her exact same spot four months ago: sitting in a lesson and just smiling and nodding my head because I had no clue what was going on. Now, sometimes I still don't understand what's going on, but at least I'm at a point where I can understand enough to add meaningful commentary to a lesson or conversation. But I felt the gift of tongues working so hard when we were on exchanges!! We had a lesson with this lady that we had just met the night before, so I basically had to get to know her and teach the whole lesson on my own. It was so scary!! We had this whole lesson all planned out, and then she had a concern that totally threw everything off...I didn't know what to do! But because we were prepared, the Spirit saved us and helped us share certain scriptures and testimonies with her and her heart was definitely softened by the end. Ahhh! The power of God is real!!

Miracle of the week! On Monday night we went to go contact a referral that we received from talking with someone on the street! So we knocked on this person's door, and a lady opened it right away and she was like "ahhh hi chicas! How are you?!" Haha it took us by surprise! She was super nice and we talked to her in the doorway for like 15 minutes and then we asked if we could share a message with her, and she was like "yeah, of course!" We then taught her the Plan of Salvation and invited her to be baptized and she accepted! Unfortunately, she works a lot so we haven't had time to see her, but she is awesome and hopefully we can bring the Gospel to her family too!

Ah missionary work is hard sometimes, but it is so worth it. Sometimes you meet people like this lady, and other times people literally slam the door in your face while you are in the middle of bearing your testimony about Jesus Christ. But it's all good because as long as we do our best the Lord will guide us and bless us so much that we can't even comprehend. I know my Savior lives and loves each and every one of us. I know that this is the work of the Lord and that we can-- and need to-- come closer to Him each day through prayer and studying the Book of Mormon. President Monson used all of the energy he had left to tell us to do those things, so we better do them!! :))

I love you all!! Let your light so shine before men!!

Hermana Daniels <3