Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This week is already transfer week! Hermana Fuentes will be going back home to Atlanta, Georgia, and I will stay here in Sandy with my new companion, Hermana Alvarado!!! She is the Sister Training Leader and also just a super awesome missionary. We are going to work super hard this transfer, I already know it. She is also the hermana that I mentioned before from Guatemala!! She has been out for like 11 or 12 months I think? She actually started her mission in Guate while she waited for her visa so I have no idea. But she is very experienced and obviously speaks Spanish fluently so that will be a big help. Haha I still have so much to learn! But my teaching skills and Spanish skills have improved a ton this past transfer so hopefully I'll just keep getting better!

This past week was also incredible!!! We put 2 people on-date for baptism, had 7 investigators come to church, and picked up 3 new investigators!! Basically the Lord blessed us this week with all of the blessings that we had been working for this whole transfer. Haha talk about patience. But all of that hard work was so worth it and I'm glad we kept working when it got tough because now we have so many blessings! I was just getting too impatient before, but now that I look back at it, it was only less than a month ago when we were struggling and now we are rejoicing. Funny how that works. But the Lord knew I needed to learn so much more patience and I am so glad that I have had that opportunity.

  • On Tuesday we had an awesome zone meeting and Hermana Fuentes and I got to give a training! The whole meeting was super uplifting and inspiring and definitely helped us this week. Anyway, after it I was talking to Hermana Gonzalez and she told me that Lourdes is back on-date for baptism!!! Lourdes is the lady I was teaching in West Jordan who was trying to quit drinking coffee and she almost got baptized with her granddaughter, but she backed-out. But now she's back on!! And she told Hermana Gonzalez that every time she is tempted to drink coffee, she thinks of me because I made that deal with her that I would fast from chocolate if she would stop drinking coffee and when she gave up, I kept going. I broke my chocolate fast when I moved to Sandy-- thinking it didn't make any difference. But it did and it still does!! That just made my heart so happy that I was able to help her and can continue to help her even though I left! That deal/idea was inspired by the Lord. I'm so happy for her and that she is on her way through the repentance process and towards salvation.

  • On Thursday we had plans at night to go visit a family that is investigating, but we felt like they would probably cancel on us when we got there (because they tend to do that), so we called them to confirm that it was okay. Turns out that they were just about to go to bed, so we weren't able to go. However, our less-active friend, Miguel, called us right then and asked us if we could come over and teach his son! This was the same man who texted us a few weeks ago asking if we could baptize his two kids! We finally got to teach one of them! And that is now who is on-date to get baptized on the 8th of April!! His name is Mark and he is 11 and we are super excited for him. He is so smart and sincere and awesome!

  • A couple weeks ago, we were walking around this apartment complex when we ran into this man named Angel. He didn't really have time to talk to us, but he said we could come by his apartment any time. Well, we went back the next day and at his apartment there was just a woman there named Jesid! We were so confused and thought that he was just messing with us and told us the wrong address. Well, it turns out that Jesid is actually a member of the church, but she is less-active and that Angel does indeed live there too. The miracle, though, was that that day that we met Jesid, she had been struggling with a lot and had been praying that God would help her. Right then, she heard a knock on the door and knew that was her answer. We came in and shared a message about Jesus Christ with her and she has been doing so much better ever since. I love how God works in mysterious but simple ways. Because we were listening to the Spirit, we were able to be lead to Angel, who told us to go to his apartment, where Jesid also lives, where we could help her feel God's love and bring the Gospel back into their home. Angel is also one of the new investigators we picked up this week! Everything God does is for a reason.

  • David is our other investigator who is preparing for baptism!! We have been working with him for a while (his mom is now an active member and his dad is still a non-member) but his parents' hearts have been super softened. Now they are both okay with David choosing to be baptized for himself, and are willing to help him progress towards it as well. He has chosen a goal of March 26th!! Please pray for him and Mark to meet their goals of baptism!!

  • We got to go to Temple Square with our investigators, Joel and Katherine!! It was a great time and a perfect day and hopefully they were able to feel the incredible Spirit that is there. Fun story: so when we were taking pictures in front of the temple, we asked this random couple to take our picture and they said they would if we could take their picture too. So Joel was taking their picture for them and then all of a sudden this guy drops down on one knee and proposes!! Haha Joel was like "AHHHHH what!?!" Haha it was great. 

Anyway, sorry for the long email! There were just so many miracles this week!! We are so blessed!! And I know that those come from being exactly obedient in everything that we do: the work, the mission rules, etc. But also one of the biggest things we need to be obedient to is the voice of the Spirit!!! He directed us everywhere we needed to go this week and we have seen miracle after miracle by following His direction. It is incredible!! Obedience brings blessings, but exact obedience brings miracles. Don't leave the house without the Spirit!! And always always always listen to what He has to say. It may be hard sometimes to hear him-- especially surrounded by so many things of the world-- but as we make those little changes in our lives to be more worthy of His presence, we will be able to hear Him and make the right choices.

I'm sorry to hear that Michigan is getting snow and crazy weather! It has felt like Spring every day this week :)) I love it.

Love y'all!! 
Hermana Daniels

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