Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Hey howdy hey! 

We had another long but great week! Mom and Meg you'd be so proud of me, I made snickerdoodles for all of my investigators :)) And with this one family in particular, we asked them if they liked them and the dad was like "What snickerdoodles?" and then his daughter was like "the cinnamon cookies!" And then he was like "Ah Adalie you weren't supposed to say that-- I was trying to get them to make us more!" Haha I love that family already. We just started teaching them yesterday actually! The English elders were teaching them for a long time because they have pretty good English, but they called-off their baptisms because they read some Anti-Mormon stuff....so then the elders were like "ok sisters you can try to teach them in Spanish now since that's their native language anyway" ....ugh I hate when they do that. But we're going to bring the magic touch anyway so it's all good!! 

Miracle! So we had exchanges this week and I went to Draper with Hermana Villanueva and Hermana Fuentes stayed here with Hermana Alvarado! So I wasn't actually here for the miracle, but one of our investigators accepted a priesthood blessing for the first time! Apparently it was a really big step for him— I'm so proud! And then he came to church too and said he was feeling better already :) The power of the priesthood is real!

Also an update on missionary work: we are currently teaching 9 people who are considered "progressing," but none of them have a baptismal date yet. These past couple weeks of teaching them have definitely tried my patience, but at the same time it has given me such a greater perspective. I have learned that this is just like how God feels (times a million) when we aren't making good choices or not remembering His hand in every aspect of our lives. He is perfect and all-knowing, but I'm sure His heart breaks every time we choose the easier wrong over the harder right. He has given us this wonderful gift called agency, meaning we have the power to choose for ourselves—so let's use it for good! None of us are perfect, but as we always strive to choose the right, we will be SO blessed!! Heavenly Father's love is eternal and understanding. He cheers us on and celebrates with us every time we do good— for all good things come from God. So from a missionary perspective, I have learned to have a greater love for these people and to exercise all of the patience within me because I know that change and conversion take time.

Weather update: it felt like Spring all week again until just last night when it was suuuper windy and ice-snowed. I hate it. Haha I'm just very ready for Spring.

Food update: I had some really good arepas and tacos and fish and lentejas and pie de queso (which is like cheesecake but made with queso straight from Chihuahua, Mexico instead of cream cheese. I don't know how to explain it. It's good but I still like cheesecake better.) and gorditas (don't know how to explain those) and burritos and tres leches cake and guacamole and quesadillas and frosted mini wheats. Aka the usual week with Hispanics :) also fun fact, our branch is super small and isn't really able to feed 4 missionaries anymore, so we're eating with the English wards now! But actually my heart is broken because I was just getting used to Hispanic foods. Maybe we'll rotate with the Elders or something. 

Also this is Hermana Fuentes' last week in her mission :( I'm just sending everyone home! But she is awesome and we're going to work hard and have lots of fun this week!!

Love you all!!

Hermanita Daniels

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