Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy Spring, everyone!!

All of the trees and flowers are already starting to bloom! I love it!
Today was so great!! We got to go to the Draper Temple this morning!
It is so beautiful and I love being up in the mountains:) I'll send
some pics!

This week was super good! We have seen so many miracles already. We
were going to have a baptism this Sunday, but this little boy's
parents want to wait until April. At first we were like "ahhh dang it
now this little boy is probably never going to get baptized..." but
then we went by their house yesterday and his mom told us that she
talked with her non-member husband and they agreed on April 8th for
sure!!! Were so excited!!! This will be the first baptism that our
area has had for a while! 

Also this week we started March Madness too!! It's a missionary
teaching tournament! We don't actually get to pick basketball teams
:// haha but it's fun! It's kind of weird cause we're being judged on
our teaching skills in like a scenario/practice lesson...I don't like
it but oh well. Also we have to teach in English since it's the whole
mission and we only have one Spanish Zone.....I don't even know how to
teach in English!! And my companion was in English areas before but
she doesn't remember either...haha so it's kind of hard and we have a
little bit of a disadvantage but it's all good. My goal is for us to
at least make it to the sweet 16 haha. I'll keep you updated.

This week I learned so much from the Book of Mormon!! I love it!! I
feel like I have been able to apply every chapter in Alma to
missionary life/work! Specifically chapters 19-27 have helped me to
continue to have faith and to work hard. Ammon and Aaron were such
great missionaries! I love learning from their experiences. As long as
we have love and patience and faith and the Spirit's guide, the Lord
will help us through anything! There were only about 6 missionaries in
Zarahemla (and other Lamanite cities), but they established the church
in the heart of the Lamanites! These people wanted to kill them and
made them suffer through many things, but they continued to work hard
and they were able to convert thousands of Lamanites. And how great
was their joy afterwards! They saw the fruit of their labors and they
were so happy that they fell limp to the ground. That's the goal right
there, haha.

Fun story of the week:
We got a phone call from the Salt Lake County Jail! Hahah it wasn't
that exciting though, the guy was just like "Hello? Gomez? Hello?" And
then we were like "Uhh this is the sister missionaries..? Can we help
you?" and he was like "What? Is this Gomez? Hurry I only have one
minute!" and then we were like "uhhh no...." and then he hung up lol.
It was so random but great.

Anyway, I love you all and I hope it warms up up there! I haven't worn
a jacket for more than a week! :))

Hermana Daniels

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