Monday, February 13, 2017

Hola hola!
This week was pretty good! We met a lot of new people and had some
miracles and some long days but it was good :)
1) Yesterday was amazing! I finally met our Stake President (President
Monson--who is not the prophet btw), we had a great Sacrament meeting,
good lessons in Sunday school and Relief Society, and there was a
bright blue sky all day long :) and today too! It feels like Spring!
But anyway, in Sacrament the talks were about bringing the Gospel
light into our homes through family home evening and charity. Family
home evening is so important!! We can make it fun and spiritual! The
home should be a spiritual refuge from the outside world—a place of
peace and happiness and comfort. Tell Spence that's a good way to
prepare for his mission! Teaching the gospel in the home!

2) Yesterday we also had a special mission Fireside from Brad Wilcox!
He is so awesome. Very inspirational and animated speaker. He talked a
lot about grace and the Atonement. Something he said that really
touched me was that "change without challenge is not change. It takes
time!" He also referenced the hymn "I Stand All Amazed" and defined
the word "proffered." Proffered is when something is offered to us but
basically given to us. During the Sacrament, the bread and water is
passed to everyone— even in the foyer! This is because Christ's
eternal gift of grace and mercy is proffered to everyone—it is
literally put in our laps. And just as D&C 88:33 explains, we need to
use this gift He has given us!! It's like when you make someone a
sweater and you feel bad when they put it on the shelf or throw it
away— you can tell when they aren't using it! This is exactly the way
it is with the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Let us use His gift more
often in our lives so that He didn't suffer in vain! I promise it is
one of the greatest gifts ever given. :)

3) I gave a 20 minute training by myself for the first time this week
at our Zone Meeting! Haha it was a big accomplishment for me because I
have only given little trainings before and this one was big and
nerve-wracking. But it was fun and I talking about finding the Elect!
I talked about how we have been called to this specific area to find
our friends! People who we met before this earth life who we promised
we would find someday! But to go along with this theme, i made every
missionary in my zone a little "friendship keychain" since Elders
can't wear bracelets :) haha it's awesome to see all of their little
keychains and is always a good reminder to keep looking for my
pre-mortal friends ;)

I'm sorry it's short this week! Those were the main highlights that I
can remember and I'll try to send out more videos to individuals
because those are faster than typing :)))


con amor,

Hermana Daniels

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