Monday, February 27, 2017

Hola hermosos!

HAPPY FIVE MONTHS :))) I'm a big girl now! Hahah just kidding I still feel brand new sometimes. This week was super good!! I learned a lot, grew spiritually, ate some waffles, scraped some snow, sang some songs, and lifted some spirits. 

  1. Today I woke up and it snowed like 6 inches and it is still snowing!! And it is my favorite type of snow: the slow, big flakes that crunch under your feet when you walk in it. Perfect for skiing. Too bad we aren't allowed to ski. 
  2. We just found out the other day that there is a Waffle Love in our mission so of course we went there for breakfast this morning. I missed it so much!! Ah. So good. Also Ain't No Mountain High Enough was playing in the background of the store and it took every ounce of will-power within me to not jump out of my seat and start singing haha ahhh the struggle is real. Pero esta bien because we have great music in the car that brings us closer to Christ ;)
  3. Yesterday we had 5 investigators at church!!! Woo! And also we sang a special musical number with the Elders! It was Mas cerca Dios de ti (Nearer My God to Thee) and it went pretty well :) The Branch President's wife played the piano for us and she was super good!! She actually used to teach music when they lived in Mexico! I don't know if she still does though, I'll have to talk to her more about that. 
  4. On Saturday we got to do service!! So I guess every year at the University of Utah they do this free dentistry day where underprivileged kids in the area can come to the dental school and there are students and dentists and hygienists and volunteers that do dental work for them! They have to fill out specific paper work to qualify and everything, but it is a huge success every year! And most of these families are from Central or South America or Mexico who don't have insurance or anything, so that's why they needed us to be translators! It was all of the Spanish-speaking missionaries in my mission and some from the Salt Lake City mission as well. I was wondering if Caitie (Jenson/Caepner (sorry if I butchered that spelling)) would be there helping, but I didn't see her.
  5. On Saturday I also got to go back to West Jordan for the baptisms of 2 of my old investigators!!!! Maria and Sofia :) Sofia is 11 and is the cutest thing in the whole world and Maria is an angel. They are from Venezuela and talk insanely fast hah but I love them so much. I got to surprise them too!! They were so happy, it was so precious.
  6. I had dinner with this family from Guatemala this week and they gave us this chicken in green sauce with rice and I can't remember what it's called but the Hermano told me to tell Mitch that I had it cause Mitch should know what it is.....haha so yeah. There are actually a lot of people from Guatemala here! I tell all of them that Mitch served in Retalhuleu, and they all know where it is, but that's all they say about it haha. Most of them are from the city.
  7. So do you remember my recent convert, Eduardo Candela Cruz? Well he is going to the Salt Lake City Temple this Saturday to do baptisms for the dead and I get to go too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO PUMPED :)))) we were actually supposed to go this past Saturday, but he had to work :/ so I hope this week will work out! 
  8. Also we had a lesson with this less-active lady from Argentina, and she told us that she wants to have us over for dinner sometime and that she can teach us how to make empanadas!!! YES I can't wait. I'm going to be a professional chef by this time next year.
  9. Haha speaking of being Mexican, I convinced more than 5 people this week I was from Mexico lol. So there is this state in northern Mexico that's called "Michoacán" and it sounds a lot like Michigan, so I just say that hahah I love the reactions I get. Most people are like "wow really?!" Or "en serio?!" (Seriously?) or "sus padres?" (Your parents?). It's great. But actually a lot of people from northern Mexico, specifically Chihuahua, look white so it's not uncommon! Por fin!I'm finally Mexican!!!!

Anyway, happy March this week! Thanks for all of the love and support and emails and packages and prayers!!! They mean the world!!

nos vemos!
Hermana Daniels

Monday, February 20, 2017

Buenos días mis amores!

This week was long but that's okay because it was miraculous!! God is
so good!! For personal study this morning I was reading Alma chapter
26 from the Book of Mormon and I think it summarizes very well what
this week was like.  But this chapter brought me so much
joy this morning and it was definitely an answer to my prayers. I
have actually been experimenting that this week! Praying with a
question in mind and then looking to the Book of Mormon for answers;
and every single time—without fail— I have been able to find an
answer. It might not have even been the answer I was looking for— but
God still showed me the right answer. He has so much patience with me!
:) But that's just another testimony to me that the Book of Mormon is
the word of God and the most correct book on this earth. If you didn't
know that or even if you do know that it is true, ask God again today!
I promise He will confirm the truthfulness of it to you time and time

So this week!

Monday: We had a good p-Day especially because we found mango mochi
ice cream balls at the Asian Market and they are SO GOOD. Everyone
should try them. Also we had a Family Home Evening lesson with this
super awesome family. The mom is a less-active member and her husband
and 11 year-old son are not members. We had a great lesson— the Spirit
was so strong. The little boy told us he wants to get baptized, but
his mom wants his dad to get baptized first so that his dad can
baptize him. The dad has been talking with missionaries for a very
long time so he is a little more hesitant, but maybe his time to get
baptized is finally here! I'll keep y'all updated with them :)

Tuesday: Valentines Day!! "For God so loved the world, that He gave
His Only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not
perish, but have everlasting life" (John 3:16) !! Jesus loves you!
Also we had Zone Conference this day and I took too many notes to
share, but to kind of summarize it all, we need to "Pray like Enos,
Work like Nephi, and Love like Christ." Also at night our dinner
cancelled so we got to have companion date night! I made us gyoza and
Hermana Fuentes made us chicken and broccoli fettuccini:) I have a
picture of it because it was so beautiful and good haha.

Wednesday: We had an awesome district meeting! My district is the
best. Also funny story from later that night: so we went to visit this
lady and we parked outside her house and we were saying a quick prayer
before going to talk to her. Well, while we were praying, her huge cat
came over to our car and jumped on the windshield!! It gave me a heart
attack!! Hahaha I just heard this huge thump and we both looked up and
saw this fat cat walking up the front of the car and then it just sat
down on the top of the car! I was surprised the windshield didn't
break! Oh and then it started walking back down to the hood and looked
at us and I tried to scare it away from inside, and it hissed at me! I
hate cats.

Thursday: we had interviews with President and Sister Lansing! They
are my favorite people ever. I love them so much. Also this was
another long day. Probably because this week we have been testing the
Latin Schedule! I forgot to tell you all! So since we are a zone of
just Spanish speakers, President Lansing decided to have us test-run
the Latin American schedule (which is getting up at 7:30 and going to
bed at 11). Wow I never thought an extra hour to work at night would
be so exhausting! But it was hard. We found a miracle though! We
stopped by this less-active man's house at around 9:30 at night and he
was super nice! He doesn't get home from work until 9 so that was a
blessing from the new schedule! Then the next night, he texted us and
asked us if we could teach and baptize his two kids!!! It was such a
miracle!! We were feeling a little down and trying our hardest to find
miracles, but this one was given to us!! The Lord blessed us for our
hard work and perseverance and patience! And without that new schedule
we probably wouldn't have found this man or been able to gain his
trust and teach his kids. Our first lesson with his kids is tonight!!

Friday: so before we received this miracle text, we were struggling in
our area to find the Lord's Elect. We told our district leader about
it and he decided to do what's called a "blitz" in our area. This is
when our Zone leaders, district leader, and sister training leader all
come in to just our area and we "blitz" or break off into smaller
sections of our area and quadruple the work for that night! From this
experience we were able to find a lot of potential investigators and
contact more of the people we are already working with. It was great!
The Lord is so aware of us!

Saturday and Sunday it rained in the mornings but turned out to be
beautiful sunny days! We were able to find 5 new investigators this
week, thanks to the Lord! I know He is preparing specific people to
hear His gospel and we just have to be patient until His children are
actually ready to be taught. But it is nice to be able to see the
fruit of our works and to know that we really are making a difference
in Sandy :) it may be slow, but it is still moving!

I love you all!! Thank you for all of your support and love and
prayers. I have been able to feel angels lifting me up and cheering me
on this week :)

Have a good week! 

love, Hermana Daniels

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hola hola!
This week was pretty good! We met a lot of new people and had some
miracles and some long days but it was good :)
1) Yesterday was amazing! I finally met our Stake President (President
Monson--who is not the prophet btw), we had a great Sacrament meeting,
good lessons in Sunday school and Relief Society, and there was a
bright blue sky all day long :) and today too! It feels like Spring!
But anyway, in Sacrament the talks were about bringing the Gospel
light into our homes through family home evening and charity. Family
home evening is so important!! We can make it fun and spiritual! The
home should be a spiritual refuge from the outside world—a place of
peace and happiness and comfort. Tell Spence that's a good way to
prepare for his mission! Teaching the gospel in the home!

2) Yesterday we also had a special mission Fireside from Brad Wilcox!
He is so awesome. Very inspirational and animated speaker. He talked a
lot about grace and the Atonement. Something he said that really
touched me was that "change without challenge is not change. It takes
time!" He also referenced the hymn "I Stand All Amazed" and defined
the word "proffered." Proffered is when something is offered to us but
basically given to us. During the Sacrament, the bread and water is
passed to everyone— even in the foyer! This is because Christ's
eternal gift of grace and mercy is proffered to everyone—it is
literally put in our laps. And just as D&C 88:33 explains, we need to
use this gift He has given us!! It's like when you make someone a
sweater and you feel bad when they put it on the shelf or throw it
away— you can tell when they aren't using it! This is exactly the way
it is with the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Let us use His gift more
often in our lives so that He didn't suffer in vain! I promise it is
one of the greatest gifts ever given. :)

3) I gave a 20 minute training by myself for the first time this week
at our Zone Meeting! Haha it was a big accomplishment for me because I
have only given little trainings before and this one was big and
nerve-wracking. But it was fun and I talking about finding the Elect!
I talked about how we have been called to this specific area to find
our friends! People who we met before this earth life who we promised
we would find someday! But to go along with this theme, i made every
missionary in my zone a little "friendship keychain" since Elders
can't wear bracelets :) haha it's awesome to see all of their little
keychains and is always a good reminder to keep looking for my
pre-mortal friends ;)

I'm sorry it's short this week! Those were the main highlights that I
can remember and I'll try to send out more videos to individuals
because those are faster than typing :)))


con amor,

Hermana Daniels

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Holaaaa!   I'm actually
in Sandy!! President Lansing received last-minute revelation and
re-assigned me to the Galena Branch in Sandy, Utah. President Lansing
is an inspired man. When I first heard I was going to Riverton it
honestly didn't really feel right. But now I know that Sandy is where
I'm supposed to be and there are people and miracles here waiting for
me. Also this is the first time that this branch has split
missionaries AND the first time it has had sister missionaries!! So we
are super pumped to be here and the branch is so excited to have us :)
This branch is so so small! Especially compared to Westland! But we
are going to see so many baptisms that it will become a ward, I'm sure
of it :)

My new companion! Her name is Hermana Fuentes and this is her last
transfer in the mission. I'm just sending everyone home! Hahah but she
is very hard-working and motivated and helps keep me on track. Our new
goal is to only speak in Spanish when we are outside of the say the least that has been very hard and frustrating
sometimes, but soooo good for me. She is from Georgia, but she grew up
in Mexico City so she is also fluent in Spanish and English. She is a
good example to me and I know that I will learn a lot from her this

Since we are new in the area, that means we are also white-washing! My
second time! White-washing is when you completely start over with
everything. It is insanely hard and the very best test of patience. I
think the Lord is sending me to white-wash so often because He knows
how much more patience I need haha. But Sandy is awesome. We pass by
the Real Salt Lake soccer stadium everyday!! The season-opener is
March 4th so maybe we'll have to sneak over ;)

My new home! It is the basement of a less-active member couple and
they are super sweet. They don't know English and they make Hispanic
food all the time that I can smell so it basically feels like Mexico
haha. The only problem, though, is that we don't have we
have to plan for the day on our iPads separately and then make extra
time to go to a chapel and use church wifi to sync and update
everything. Also I can't read talks for personal study anymore unless
I download it the night before or something.. :/ but it's all good!
It's helping me be more prepared!

Fun fact of the week! I learned how to make tamales!!! They are one of
my favorite things in this world. :) It was super fun! However, the
salsa that this sister made for them was super 3 chilis
picante (spicy). My tongue is getting used to it though! They say the
more picante you eat, the looser your tongue gets and then you can
speak the language better. I don't know if I believe that yet....

Spiritual thought for the week!
So the other day, Hermana Fuentes and I were trying to contact a lot
of the referrals we had received of Hispanics in the area. We had so
many people to contact that we decided to pray and ask God what we
should do. We felt prompted to go to a specific house on State Street.
State Street is usually super busy, so we parked in a neighborhood
nearby and decided to walk to the house because it was a nice day
(speaking of which it has felt like Spring all week! 50s almost
everyday!). Anyway, we were walking down the street and stopped to
talk to this man who was taking out his garbage. He wasn't Hispanic,
but we talked to him anyway. The conversation was all over the place
and he kept bringing up random topics. Finally, we were about to say
goodbye when he said, "yeah I can definitely see the love you guys
emanate though. Thank you." This man might not have done anything with
the pamphlet we gave him or he may have forgotten about us the minute
we left; but maybe not. Maybe he's making better decisions in his
life! We never know. But what we do know is that God needed us there
to lift this man's spirits. And the Hispanic home we went to? No one
was home. Sometimes God uses us as instruments in His hands for
purposes we aren't expecting. That is what we do as missionaries and
as disciples of Christ. We all have been called and we have promised
to bear one another's burdens and to comfort those that stand in need
of comfort. We had a completely different miracle planned-out in our
minds: to find and teach a new Hispanic family and bring them unto
Christ. But that particular day God needed us somewhere else. I have
such a strong testimony that this is His work. That He is gathering
His sheep back into the fold-- one at a time. And however I may be
able to help do that is up to Him! That's what is so rewarding about
being a missionary--with a name tag or not--that we get to share the
light and joy we gain from the Gospel with the world! And then get to
see that light change lives! and I testify that it does.

Have a great week!! Jesus loves you!! :)

Les amo!!
Hermana Daniels