Thursday, January 26, 2017

This week has been great! Unfortunately this upcoming week is my
"momma's" or my trainer's last week of her mission :(((( it is so sad
but we decided we are going to make this the best week of her whole
life :)) haha okay maybe not her whole life, but it will be great.

Some highlights of the week:
1) So the other night we were outside this sketchy house and when we
parked we saw this big dog outside across the street that was barking
at us. We waited until he ran away and then went and knocked on this
person's door. No one was home so we left and got back in the car. As
we were driving away, this same dog came out of nowhere and was
charging at our car! I thought we were going to hit him because it was
dark outside and I couldn't see where he went! Hahah it was so scary I
let out a little scream. Fun times. You kind of had to be there.

2) We also get to help teach English class! It is so fun!! Haha I love
Spanish accents in the English language. Also Obispo (Bishop) comes
and he is the cutest old man I have ever met. He is always cracking
jokes and then laughs at them super hard hahah. And the other day in
English class, the teacher was saying verbs for the class to repeat,
but Obispo would just keep saying them with the teacher as if he was
teaching too. Ah I don't know why it is so funny to me but he makes
English class so much more fun.

3) It has snowed so much!! But it is a fantastic opportunity to do
service so it's okay. 

4) On Saturday we learned how to make arepas!! So I think it is just a
Venezuelan thing, but they are these little tortilla things that are
just thicker that you can cut open like a biscuit. Super good! The
lady we made them with took a video for us but she still hasn't
emailed it to us so you will probably have to wait until next week to
see my amazing Venezuelan chef skills :) These people were so
impressed that I could do it even though I'm American! Haha

5) On Sunday the 9th ward and the 2nd ward in the Westland Stake had
Ward Conference, so the missionaries were invited to the Priesthood
meetings to share our testimonies of the importance of
member-missionary work. They were both really great meetings. What I
loved most was the story President Barlow shared; he is an incredible
Stake President and very inspired man. He is so awesome! Here is a
short version of his "member-missionary" story:

"One time I was flying home from a trip to Boston. I happened to be
seated next to this couple that was going to visit family in Oregon.
Because I was on my way to Salt Lake, they asked if I was Mormon and I
said yes. I asked them if they knew anything of the Mormon church and
they said yes. Their neighbors  were members and they had in multiple
occasions invited them to church and activities. They weren't
interested in learning more but when I told them about family history
they were excited to learn more about their family. As the flight came
to an end, I knew this was my last chance to invite them once again to
learn more about the Savior. The question I made sounded something
like this: Would you maybe possibly kind of want to think about maybe
one day being a little bit interested in possibly meeting with some
missionaries? They said no and after we said goodbye I thought to
myself, what kind of invitation was that? I should have testified of
Christ, shared my feelings of the blessings of family history with
them, or anything more than that! But right when I thought that, an
overwhelming assurance of the Holy Ghost came over me telling me "at
least you tried! Thank you for trying." That is what is important.
That at least we have the faith to try."

I invite you all to think of ways that you can be member-missionaries
as well!! You can do this! It all starts with being an example of
Jesus Christ in all times and in all places. Then you just need to
have the courage to open your mouth! Believe it or not, it can be
super hard to open your mouth and talk to someone about who you are
and what you stand for, but it is just that! It is who you ARE and who
you STAND FOR. It is so easy to bring up as well because we do so many
things every day that bring us closer to Christ! We can share
uplifting scriptures or videos on Facebook, invite people to church,
share a short testimony with someone on the bus or at the store, or
serve!! :)) The Light the World campaign wasn't just for December! We
can do it every month! One of my favorite scriptures is Romans 1:16
"For I am not ashamed of the Gospel of Christ; for it is the power of
God unto salvation..." Don't be ashamed of something that is who you
are! :))

I love you all so much!
Until next week!

Hermana Daniels ❤️

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