Thursday, January 26, 2017

Haha okay so first of all, Eduardo is doing great! He has already been
interviewed to receive the priesthood and for a temple recommend and
he is so excited to go do baptisms for the dead for his brother. Super
sweet. Also Joel's mom, Elvira, is soooo good!!  Training is good!
All three of us have learned so much. And my trainer still has until
the end of this transfer which is January 31st I think so a couple
more weeks still. Also Spanish is coming along! I've definitely been
able to understand more which has been nice. And people tell me I have
a good accent so that's good!  My
companion just started personal progress! She got baptized 3 years
ago and she just heard about it so she's going to do it too!

Anyway, this week was so good!!
1) ANGIE'S BAPTISM!!! The cutest little girl in the world got baptized
this Saturday!! I think I may have told you about her before, but she
and her grandma were going to get baptized on the same day except her
grandma is having a hard time giving up coffee. But her whole family
was there and the Spirit was SO strong. According to my companion who
is going home in 2 weeks "it was the most beautiful baptism she has
ever been to." I know that they all felt the Spirit and that they know
this church is true. She is such a great example to her family and she
told us that she wants to serve a mission someday! Even her
less-active mom was asking us about what we had to do to become
missionaries so that she knows what to do for Angie! I am so excited
for them. I will definitely be keeping tabs on this family for years

after the mission. They are awesome.

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