Monday, January 2, 2017

Feliz 2017!!! Wow I am so excited for this new year! This is going to
be one of the best years of my life because I get to dedicate every
single day of 2017 to my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! I can't wait.
:) And we have been so blessed already!!

Highlights of the week:

Wednesday: We had 5 or 6 lessons planned for Wednesday night and every
single one of them fell-through. We weren't sure what to do, but then
we got a phone call from our District Leader. He had 2 new referrals
for us!! One of them was a family from Africa that speaks Spanish!
They are so awesome. I didn't know they speak Spanish in Africa! They
are from Equatorial Guinea. Their Spanish is like Spain-Spanish though
with a lisp and everything so it's even harder to understand but it's
fun. :) Also in their country, their last names are their first names
and their first names are their last names so they all call me
"Danielle" haha I love it. What's even cooler though is that this is
the same house we went to back during my very first week in Utah! I
don't know if I ever told you about "Familia Grande" (a family of 15)
but we received a referral for them at this exact house and every time
we went over to find them, there was no sign of life at all. But they
are there now!! And God knows that they are prepared to hear the
Restored Gospel. Super cool! The other referral was for another family
in the same neighborhood and we have an appointment with them this
week. :)

Friday: Our Ward Christmas/New Year's Party!! It was super fun. And
our new friends from Africa came!! They had dinner and dancing and
piñatas :)) Unfortunately, it went from 6:30-11 so we had to leave
early and we missed the piñatas :// but it was fun watching people
dance! We weren't allowed to dance either obviously (which was
incredibly difficult for me) but it was still fun watching. I learned
some Spanish moves for the future so it wasn't a waste of time ;)

Which reminds me! Apparently there is a really good Mexican singer
named "Juanes" ?? That's just what my companions say. You can look him
up if you want, but I'm just warning you I have no idea what it is
haha. Also look up Nashville Tribute! I'm kind of ashamed to say that
I am slowly being converted to country music.........but this band is
actually really good. Look up their album "Redeemer: A Nashville
Tribute to Jesus Christ" or something like that. ALSO! My new favorite
song is called "Redeemer" but it is by Nicole C. Mullen. It is so
good! Hahha I listen to it every day.

Our ward also meets at 9 now but I love it haha it's still kind of
hard getting up at 6:30 every morning, but once I get moving it's
alright. In the strength of the Lord I can do all things!! :)

Also I am so disappointed in Ohio State. Like very disappointed and
shocked. But I'm also very glad I missed that game or I'd be even more
frustrated right now haha.

I love you all and hope everyone is back in good health soon!! Don't
forget to involve the Savior in your new-year resolutions! He is my
everything and I am so excited to come closer to Him this year.

Also that reminds me of a quick Family Home Evening idea!! So it's
focused on the Book of Mormon. Everyone starts by trying to write
their testimony down with their finger on an ipad (whiteboard app or
if you have the updated Notes app that works too) in only 2 minutes.
Try to write as much as you can or the most important parts of your
testimony-- no erasing. It's hard, huh! It was just as hard and even
harder for the prophets of the Book of Mormon to write in pure gold
plates! During war! And just think about how strong and sincere and
simple/concise their testimonies are. It is truly amazing. Therefore,
the Book of Mormon HAS to be inspired of God. It was made for our
benefit! Specifically for this day and age! So we should use it and
study it and read it as much and as often as we can. :)) I love the
Book of Mormon!

Happy first week of 2017!

love, Hermana Daniels

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