Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Buenos días!!

This past week was so great! I already told you about most of it, but from Thursday to Sunday we had more exciting events!

On Friday we just had exchanges and that was fun! It snowed Saturday morning so that was interesting to bike in lol
On Saturday we had a Christmas party for our Gospel Principles Sunday school class and it was so fun! There was a nonmember there who is this little elderly Colombian lady who has been taught by missionaries a million times but doesn’t want to change. She is the cutest thing in the world and she asked us what we want for Christmas and we said for her to get baptized and she just laughed and walked away hahah she’ll get there someday. I told her I might be leaving Riverton soon so she said that she might come to church before I leave!

On Sunday we spoke in one of our wards and it was a missionary homecoming as well so that was kind of weird but so fun. My topic was “Jesus the Savior,” Sister Neuhaus spoke on following the Holy Ghost, and the returning sister missionary spoke on her mission and God’s love for us. The Spirit was so strong! An elderly man came up to us after Sacrament meeting and told us how grateful he was for our messages and that he hadn’t come to church for a while but he was glad that he went that day because he really needed to hear and feel the Spirit that was there. It was so sweet! Also another brother asked me if I sleep and cry with a smile on my face because of how much I was smiling during my talk and all the time hahah yikes

Then Sunday night we had our mission Christmas Devotional with Elder and Sister Zwick! It was also very powerful and beautiful. I loved their emphasis on developing Christlike attributes and the importance of giving during the Christmas season and not just receiving. Sister Zwick gave a really cool analogy of that with the Jordan River. She said that the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea both receive water from the Jordan River, but the Dead Sea has zero vegetation or any signs of life because of the salt content. On the other hand, the Sea of Galilee is very much alive and plentiful and that is because it doesn’t just receive, but it gives by emptying out on the other side! The Dead Sea has no other output! Therefore, in order to stay strong and alive spiritually we need to not just receive but give.

I love you all and I hope you all have a great Christmas next week!! We will be well taken care of by lots of ward members :)
Feliz Navidad!!

Love, hermana daniels 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Hi all!

Sorry I forgot to let you know about “temple p-day week” last week! This morning was great! We went to the Draper Temple with our zone and President and Sister Lansing came too :) It was really nice!

This week has been so fun! Thank you all so much for the love and birthday wishes!! I can’t believe that I am 21 now either haha but I feel way old :// but your birthday on the mission is the best! Sister Neuhaus is the sweetest and told everyone that it was my birthday so we had a total of 9 cakes (all different kinds) lol it was a long day but so so good. (We tried to take pictures of all of them so I’ll send those too)

Fun fact! There is this thing in Utah called “inversion” and it’s when the smog and pollution in the air gets kind of capped/trapped in the Salt Lake Valley between the mountains like a giant bowl....so the air is awful right now and we’re still on bikes all the time so that’s good. But it also creates a lot of fog at night and on Monday and Tuesday night the fog froze overnight so we woke up to a winter wonderland!! I’ll share some pics :) It was legit but made the air super cold so we’ve been getting a lot of rides at night haha

We love doing the Light the World service activities as well! We have been able to do something everyday with members, non-members, and less-actives! Service is the best. Did we tell you about the service club that we started?? Our first project was this week and it’s just an hour of service once a week at our stake center and we invited everyone! Last week we tied blankets for Swahili refugees and it was a great turnout! There were about 30 people there!! And then this week we started coloring file folders (folders with math games) for little kids at Primary Children’s Hospital! We are so excited to get the Stake and members more involved in serving and fellowshipping their neighbors.

In my personal studies this week I was reading from Jacob 5-7 and it was absolutely incredible. I used to think that  Jacob 5 was so deep and intense—which it is, but I had a whole new perspective on it which was really eye-opening for me! I especially loved the end when the Lord of the vineyard sent His servants out to work “with all their might” for the last time. These are the last days!! We are those servants!! We need to work with all of our might and diligence and patience and obedience in order to gather the elect and save them! It just got me even more excited to be a missionary and I love it so much already but it was a good reminder of my purpose and responsibility as the Lord’s current representative. :)


Hermana Daniels

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

That’s right, everybody!! We finally got our first real snow yesterday!!! It was great. It already melted by this afternoon, but it was still fun. The mountains look so good!! Haha also funny story: it snowed while we were watching the Christmas Devotional last night so after it ended, we walked outside and our bikes were covered! I’ll send a picture of it, it was pretty great. 

Another highlight of this week was when we had our mission tour with Elder and Sister Wakolo (member of the 70)! That couple is incredible. Elder Wakolo is seriously one of the smartest people I have ever met. I took 15 pages of notes sooo there’s a lot to share, but I’ll just share a few of my favorite quotes! 
1) “Casualness leads to casualty.”
2) “Because of Who I stand for, I’m careful who I fall for.”
3) “It’s not your testimony that will save you in these last days, but your continuing conversion. Therefore, reflect, change, and become.”
4) J esus
    O thers
    Y ou
5) “Sweet is the work! Let’s go knock on the next one!”
6) “Always be on FIRE!”

I also have a funny story from the week! So the other day we were riding our bikes down this street and it was dark outside and my flashlight isn’t super bright so I could only see like two feet in front of me. Well, I was super concentrated on the ground and following the light when all of a sudden I saw this skateboarder speeding towards me... haha apparently he didn’t see me either cause I looked up to see his surprised face slam into my bike lol he practically tackled me and I almost fell off of my bike, but I caught myself. Luckily, Sister Neuhaus was a little farther behind me and able to see what happened so she stopped before hitting us as well. But yeah, he was like 14 and super embarrassed and he was just like “oh! Sorry!” And ran off... haha Sister Neuhaus and I just sat there laughing for a solid minute afterwards so that was fun.

We also started doing “Light the World” this week!!! YAY! We love serving and we love spreading the joy of Christmas and service with everyone around us! If somehow you haven’t seen the Church’s initiative yet, go check out Mormon.org!! And start doing #LightTheWorld!!

Peace and blessings from Riverton!!!

Love, hermana daniels 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Hi again!!

It has been a very busy and exciting week!! First of all, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I can’t remember if I said that last week or not. Our Thanksgiving was great! We house-hopped to like six different places— but don’t worry, we only had one turkey dinner. At the rest of the houses we played games and ate pie and did service and shared spiritual messages about how we are thankful for Jesus Christ! 

Also Merry Christmas because I got to Skype my family this weekend because they celebrated Christmas early with everyone home!! Love y’all!! And a special shoutout to Buckeye because seeing me on skype definitely helped the Buckeyes pull-through that win against Michigan. #gobucks
A miracle we saw this week to start off the new transfer was on Monday night! We had received a referral from a bishop of a part-member family, and Monday night we were able to set up a lesson with them! We taught the whole family: including the LDS mother (who got baptized when she was 8 but never went to church and doesn’t know anything about it), the non-member father, their 8 year-old daughter, their 6 year-old daughter, and their baby boy. It was an amazing lesson— the Spirit took the reigns right away and it was awesome to be able to see their hearts soften as the lesson went on. We taught them about who Jesus is and that we are children of God and then we took President Nelson’s advice by singing “I Am a Child of God” with them! The Spirit was so strong and the little girls absolutely loved it and begged us to come back next week to sing more songs about Jesus with them! :) Even the non-member Dad was touched by the way his daughters were interested in the Gospel and personally thanked us for coming over and teaching. It might take some time, but we are excited to keep working with this family and to bring them unto Christ!! 

This week I have loved reading in the Book of Mormon and doing Sister Nelson’s “30-day challenge.” We also gave talks in a sacrament meeting yesterday which was great!! As I was preparing for it, I was studying President Uchtdorf’s talk, “Waiting on the Road to Damascus,” and I love when he says, “The most effective way to preach the gospel is through example. If we live according to our beliefs, people will notice. If the countenance of Jesus Christ shines in our lives, if we are joyful and at peace with the world, people will want to know why. One of the greatest sermons ever pronounced on missionary work is this simple thought attributed to Saint Francis of Assisi: ‘Preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.’ Opportunities to do so are all around us. Do not miss them by waiting too long on the road to Damascus.”
I love the simplicity and truthfulness of that statement. We can always share the gospel and it doesn’t have to be something huge! Even an example goes a long way.

Another fun fact of the week is that Sister Mary N. Cook came to visit the sisters of our mission last night!! It was so amazing. She and her husband are my favorite. They talked about the Atonement and how to apply the Redeeming power of Christ’s love. I also loved when she quoted President Eyring by saying that “our calling is to bless the lives of others.” A smile or even a compliment goes a long way and as we focus on serving others this Christmas season and throughout the year we will be able to bless the lives of so many around us in ways that we don’t even know!!


Sister Daniels :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Hey everybody! 
The Utah Salt Lake City South Mission is the best mission ever. There are lots of reasons why, but this week in particular we had the privilege of meeting and listening to the President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: President Russell M. Nelson. !!!! It was one of the most spiritual experiences of my life. We got to sit in the very front row of the chapel and just watching him and his wife speak with such power was truly inspiring. Whenever he made eye contact with me it felt like he was looking into my soul. Hah it was way cool. We heard from him and his wife and also President Craig Christensen (of the presidency of the first Quorum of the 70) and his wife, and Elder Warner (area 70) and his wife. 

We received so much revelation for our investigators and less-active members! Sister Nelson’s talk especially taught me so much. Something I really loved that she said is that we don’t believe in sprinkling water for baptism, we believe in being baptized by immersion just like Jesus Christ. She said that because we do that covenant by immersion, we should strive throughout our whole lives to live our covenants by immersion as well! Just “sprinkling” our lives with a little bit of the Gospel will not change or convert us. We need to be fully immersed all the time!!
She also invited us to pray not to find people that are ready to accept the gospel but instead to find those whose ancestors have already received the gospel in the next life and are waiting for their ordinance work to be done! I love that!

I very much enjoyed President Nelson’s emphasis on the Book of Mormon as well. We talked about how different our lives would be without the Book of Mormon and the restoration of the Gospel. I love that book and it’s power is so real! Most importantly, it helps us understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Did you know that the entire Bible only mentions the word “Atonement” once? And that the Book of Mormon says it 39 times?? I am so thankful for that knowledge of the Savior’s sacrifice for me. Sister Nelson also invited us to do something called the 30-day challenge with the Book of Mormon. She told us to start everyday in a kneeling prayer and to thank God for that book. She then said to ask God a specific question in that prayer and then to just open up the Book of Mormon anywhere and start reading. She promised us that it won’t take us very long to find an answer! And then when we do find an answer, she told us to write down in a journal 1) the date 2) our question 3) where we found the answer to our question and 4) what the answer was. She said that it’s important to put where we found our answer because when we go back and read it again sometime it most likely won’t teach us the same thing! That’s the power of the Spirit and the Book of Mormon, folks. Read it everyday and do that challenge with me!! I have seen it work already.

Sister Neuhaus and I have had a great week this week as well. We are so excited for the holiday season and all of the service projects and teaching opportunities we’ve planned for investigators and less-actives and even active members!! We had an amazing miracle this week as well. On Friday the Spirit lead us straight to a new investigator! Her name is Leilani and she is in her 60s we think. When she opened the door she was a little hesitant at first, but then let us inside right away and told us about all of the miracles she has seen and that she’s looking for a purpose in life! She has had some near-death experiences and has lost many loved ones, but she was very open to learning about the Plan of Salvation and she really wants an eternal family. The Spirit was so strong and she accepted a Book of Mormon and we taught her how to pray and she is so excited to learn more! The coolest part about this miracle is that her nextdoor neighbor who is a very active member had just started teaching her about family history work and does it with her all the time, so when we heard Sister Nelson’s talk the day after we were so excited that we found someone who has ancestors waiting for her!!

Transfers are also this week and Sister Neuhaus and I are staying together in Riverton!!! WOOO!! This is going to be another super fun transfer— we are so excited!


Sister Daniels

Monday, November 13, 2017

Hey everyone!!

It has been a crazy but great week :) I’ll do another highlight reel today because there was so much!

Normal p-day, we went to Costco, bought some peppermint chocolate-covered almonds (10/10 definitely recommend), and we played flag football as a district! I think I sent pictures of that last week though. 
An awesome miracle we saw was when we went to go visit a less-active family named the Haaga’s. A couple weeks ago their bishop gave us their name as a referral and we were finally able to contact them about a week ago. It was honestly amazing and a miracle how we were able to gain the mother’s trust right from the beginning— that was defintely the Spirit softening her heart! She told us straight up that she has met a lot of missionaries but we were the first ones that she actually liked. She invited us back for this week to meet her husband which was a pretty big deal considering he is practically anti now and extremely introverted. Well, this week we went over and the husband was hesitant to meet us at first but he also opened up right away and you could literally see his attitude change in a matter of minutes. It was in God’s plan that we were able to meet them!! They also have two unbaptized children so we are hoping to start teaching them soon!

We had interviews with President and Sister Lansing! I love them to death. They’re so great and they told us about all of the upcoming events for our mission this holiday season and we are super pumped!! I think we will be meeting like five general authorities in the next two months :D

We had a zone meeting and Sister Neuhaus and I gave our first training together/it was her first training in a zone meeting! #crushedit Alsooo during that meeting they trained us on how to use Facebook....... yes, it’s official, we are a Facebook mission now. We really haven’t done that much with it except clean it up haha but in the future once we figure out how to use it better it will be a great tool in missionary work. So, just so you all know, I cannot chat or video chat with anyone even on p-day and I won’t be doing much on Facebook besides posting inspirational things about the Gospel :) Entonces please don’t tag me in things :))) thanks!!

We taught Tyler! He is my favorite little friend ever. He is so prepared and it kills me because he wants to learn so much and has a sincere desire to do what’s right, but his mom is super over-protective and won’t let him go to church. We brought a boy his age with us to this lesson (who was on his football team and is the Bishop’s son) and he even invited Tyler to church but Tyler’s mom still said no... We’ll keep working on him! Please pray for his family!!

Haha so awkward story... So the other day we got a referral from our Stake Relief Society President of a less-active family next door. We went over, not sure what to expect, and they let us inside right away. So far so good! Then we start talking and getting to know them and after a little while we asked if we could share a scripture with them. Well, at this point we still weren’t really sure if they were less-active members or not. We could tell that they were members but we couldn’t quite figure out all the details so as I was explaining the background of the scripture I was just like “this is the story of Alma the Younger....you’re familiar with that story right??” Hahah trying so hard to figure out where they’re at and they just nodded their heads so we kept going and after that scripture they immediately testified and shared experiences from past missions and told us that they have three friends that aren’t members and asked if they could have some Books of Mormon to give them! Hah we were so confused like how are these people so strong but less-active?? And then they mentioned that they had just returned from a month-long vacation in Europe.... (we didn’t tell them this) but their neighbors thought they went less-active because they were on vacation for so long!!! Hahah ah it was hilarious, you had to be there. 

Saturday morning I fell off my bike for probably the 10th time hahaha the struggle is real. But still no broken bones! (Knock on wood) I have a nice bruise on my knee and thigh and arm though so that’s good. That was also super awkward because there was a car behind us on the road (just in the neighborhood, don’t worry mom) so the whole reason I fell over was because I was trying to move out of the way to get on the sidewalk and I totally biffed it.... and then the car behind us didn’t even stop to help hahah they just looked out the window and stared at us lol 

Church was all about missionary work!!! It was the best!! We went to primary, multiple relief societies, sacrament meeting, and gospel principles all in different wards! Sundays are the best. We also had our weekly English class with the Portuguese family in one of our wards and they are my favorite people. Hahaha they are so funny and have been teaching us some Portuguese too! :))

This week in my personal studies I have been reading the Book of Mormon in Spanish. I absolutely love 2 Nephi 27-29 about the profecies of our day—they are all currently being fulfilled!! It amazes me how people can’t see that sometimes. I love the Book of Mormon and I know that it is true. I love reading it everyday and I love continuing to receive that confirmation of its truthfulness from the Holy Ghost. 

Also this week I hit my one year mark in the field!! Wow, time flies :( But it has been absolutely incredible and I have really changed and learned so much since then :)

Love you all!!! 

Hermana Daniels

Monday, November 6, 2017

Hey y’all!!

Haha I pick up accents so quickly— Sister Neuhaus has already got me saying “y’all” and “ma’am” and “sir” lol. Also yesterday we were teaching a Brazilian family in our ward some English and the mom asked me if Spanish was my first or second language...haha either she doesn't understand Spanish very well or I haven’t completely lost my accent yet! Hahah I still get asked where my accent is from though. Also I feel like I’ve developed a Utah accent as well so I guess I just speak really weird in general... the family has something to look forward to at Christmas now haha

This week was super great! Life is great!! First of all, happy Halloween! Going to the Draper Temple on Tuesday was such a blast!! We got to do baptisms and confirmations for the dead and it was really fun because we went through one time and we finished super early so we got to do it again! I love the temple so much :))

We have seen a lot of miracles this week! We have been able to gain the trust of a lot more members and motivate them to do member-missionary work! It’s been a little slow getting them fired-up, but Sister Neuhaus and I have the faith and determination to turn this stake around so we are brainstorming all of the possible ways to do so! We also picked up two new investigators on Thursday! We were promised by the zone leaders that we would find a new investigator if we talked to everyone and taught when we found specifically that day and we came across many close calls, but it wasn’t until the very last door we knocked on that they opened up and let us in right away. We had prayed to know where to go that night and the Spirit directed us straight to them! We taught their two kids and they are super sweet but their parents are very less active so we will be working hard with that family to reactivate all of them. :) But the best part is that one of the kids is 9 years old and he had never prayed before and when we taught him how to pray he was so excited that, after the lesson was done, he ran upstairs to go pray some more so that he could feel God’s love. God’s love is real, people!!

We have seen a lot of little personal tender mercies this week. I think two or three times someone pulled over while we were walking or biking somewhere just to tell us how awesome we are and how much they appreciate us <3 it was so sweet! Also yesterday in testimony meeting at church we got to bear our testimonies (which doing so is a little scarier when there are like 400 members in the ward lol) but afterwards a lot of people came up to us to thank us for it and how it changed their perspective on missionary work or how they received revelation for someone they can give a Book of Mormon to or little things like that! Super sweet. I love this stake!!

I want to share part of that testimony with you all as well! It stems from Mosiah 28:3 which says, “Now they were desirous that salvation should be declared to every creature, for they could not bear that any human soul should perish; yea, even the very thoughts that any souls should endure endless torment did cause them to quake and tremble.” We should be so excited to share the gospel with everyone we meet just like the sons of Mosiah because everyone deserves that opportunity of salvation and hope through Jesus Christ and God loves ALL of His children!  

This week in my studies I have been reading Joseph Smith-History and the talk by Elder Christofferson called “Why the Church.” I loved learning even more about Joseph’s determination and testimony- it gives me chills every time. That talk by Elder Christofferson is also incredible! I love the points he makes about the importance of organized church and that we go to church because we love God and to keep our covenants and not because of the cultural or social aspects. We have met way too many people this week (and in my whole mission) that think the Church is just a culture and not religion, but they need to understand that it is so much more! It’s an obligation to God! We need the Church and we need Him!!

Also fun facts: we played flag football as a district today which was fun! I’ll add pics. #gobucks And the activity day girls from one of our wards surprised us with little baskets of goodies! It was super cute! OH and today we have an FHE with a member family and we get to do tim-tam slams!!! #shoutouttoMegandPops

Aaaand it lowkey snowed this morning!!!! Haha I’m so excited but not because that means we’ll be walking instead of biking soon but oh well it was a great start to the day. It wasn’t real snow, though, it was like raining slush...but close enough :D


Hermana Daniels

Tuesday, October 31, 2017


Sorry this week the email will be short because we have had a busy day. But some highlights from the week!

wooooo! It was so great. I gave a talk on baptism and let me just testify real quick of the gift of tongues because it is so real. I was kind of nervous since I haven’t spoken that much Spanish for a little while, but it all came back no problem so that was nice :) Also I got to FaceTime Hermana Alvarado!!! She’s so cute and doing really well :) she’s teaching Spanish to Americans that go to the Guatemala MTC!

#shoutout to the Zuskinds who sent me Canadian candy for Halloween! It was so good!! 
I also got to share some of it at one of our ward trunk or treat parties :) we thought we were funny and parked our bikes there and put candy in my basket to give out to people haha it was fun. 

We also had exchanges this week with our sister training leaders and I was with Hermana Villaroman! She is serving in English now too and she is my stl so that was fun :)

Sister Neuhaus also taught me how to make an ice cream cake and we made it for one of the elders’ birthdays! It was legit. Also we had a surprise party as a district for him so that was fun!

Today for our zone activity we had a little Halloween party! We did relay races and our district won by a long shot which was fun haha also Sister Neuhaus and I made lit costumes: the Bible and Book of Mormon! It was her MTC teacher’s idea lol it was a hit
And tomorrow for Halloween we get to do work for the dead! We are going to do baptisms for the dead at the temple!! I’m so excited. 

Our area is doing super well! It was kind of a rough start whitewashing, but we have seen soooo many miracles and we are killin it! We are excited to keep working hard with patience to continue seeing those fruits of our labors :)

This week we have been teaching a lot of “CPR.” CPR means church, prayer, and read. Just like CPR can save physical lives, going to church, praying, and reading the scriptures saves our spiritual lives. Everyday we run into people that are returned missionaries, retired temple workers, high priests, people that once had a testimony and were active members of the Church but have ceased to do the basics and no longer have a testimony as a result. Because this is such a common issue we have been stressing to EVERYONE the importance of reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and church attendance. When you stop doing those three things you lose an essential foundation of your testimony! Never stop reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and going to church!!

That’s all the time I have for now but I love you all!!!

Hermana Daniels

Monday, October 23, 2017

Hey y'all!
Sorry I have like zero time to write today because we had a super long
district activity: hiking in the mountains. Wooo it was super fun but
took all day so sorry about that!

Fun facts from the week:
-I'm finally Latina!! Hahahah so funny story. Three out of four homes
we went to this week asked which sister they talked to on the phone
when we called to confirm our dinner appointments. They all thought
that I was a foreign missionary because I sounded like I had an accent
on the phone.... so they all asked where we were from hahah it was
funny but made me feel good because now apparently I have a Spanish
accent when I talk so I am finally Hispanic :)))) #goals

-We also had zone conference and it was so great. I love going to that
meeting and getting that spiritual boost for the transfer!

-Sister Neuhaus hit her 1 month mark this week!! We made crepes :)

-A miracle we saw was that we taught two new kids this week and they
accepted to be baptized! Their dad was recently baptized a couple
years ago so he is in full support of them, but their mom isn't
exactly on board so we will see how that goes. It was a really
powerful lesson, though and they have a lot of support from the ward!

-Something else we have been focusing a lot on this transfer is
member-missionary work. We have had to rely on the members A LOT so
far since we are whitewashing a new area and it's hard to do so when
no one wants to help.... but we are about to change that!! We have a
lot of plans to work with the youth and individual wards so we are
excited to turn Riverton around.

Love you all so much!! I'll send pictures!!!

Sister Daniels

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"What Does 'Hermana' Mean?"

Hey y'all!!

This week was an adventure! First of all, the subject of this email is
the question I got at least 5 times a day everyday this week lol I
really need to get that English name tag because I keep having to
explain to everyone that I'm just in English wards now haha but oh
well 😁

I love my new lil companion!! Her name is Sister Neuhaus and she is
from Nashville, TN. She is the third of eleven kids and is super fun
and we get along great. She also went to BYU for a year before her
mission but that was last year (not two years ago when I went) which
makes me feel super old hahah. But we are so excited to be here in
Riverton together; she is an incredible missionary already!!

On Wednesday we had our first district meeting in the Riverton Zone
and it was really really weird not being in Spanish for the first time
but it was fun. Haha sad/funny story though: we didn't realize that
the zone building was so far away from our house so we decided to bike
there because we didn't know who to call last-minute for a ride
either, so we ended up biking about 2.3 miles Wednesday morning just
to get there and then another 2.3 miles back to our area haha it was
rough. Don't worry though, we called a ride for the next day when we
had another meeting there😁😂

The bikes are great, though! Everyone waves at us and it's easier to
talk to everyone on the street and to contact houses that are in the
same neighborhood without having to get in and out of the car all the
time. The only major downside though is that it's been getting waaay
cold at night and in the morning :/ but once it starts snowing I think
we will be able to get more rides so that will be nice :)

On Saturday we had an awesome little miracle! We knocked on the door
of a less-active family, and the person that opened just happened to
be the only member in his family that isn't baptized. He was super
nice and receptive but told us that right now wasn't his time. Well,
we didn't take "no" for an answer and testified to him that it
actually is his time and that God sent us there to find him.
Apparently that softened his heart because he then accepted a Book of
Mormon and offered a prayer for the first time in his life! It was a
really neat experience. Unfortunately, he was still wasn't very sure
about having us coming back but we gave him our phone number and he
sounded like he would actually text us when he wants to learn more
(unlike everyone else we meet) so at least we were able to plant that

On Sunday we had church all day long haha it was weird but fun. We
cover seven wards but we only made it to about 5 different
meetings/Ward councils. It was the first time that I had been to
church in English for a whole year! (Other than a couple times with
our recent convert, Marisa)
I love this Stake! They are super nice and there is a lot of work to
do to animate the ward members but Sister Neuhaus and I are up for the
challenge. She also likes to smile and laugh a lot so we will just
smile our way through everybody's heart ;))) but for real, smiles make
a huge difference— we've seen it already!

I absolutely loved reading the story of Enoch as well in Moses this
week. He is one of the greatest examples of humility and faith. I love
how humble he was to recognize his weaknesses in being a servant of
the Lord, but then how confident he was immediately afterwards as he
trusted in God to help him accomplish his purpose. He was bold and
courageous and preached repentance to everyone and had the literal
faith to move mountains. No one could stop him!! He knew who he was
and what his purpose was and no one was even going to touch him before
he finished his message. And that's exactly how we are and should be
as members and missionaries! When we put our faith and trust in God,
he will literally make our weaknesses become strong. I know that that
is true and have experienced it time and time again. I am definitely
not the perfect missionary or person, but I know that as long as I
keep doing my best Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be there to
lift me up. :)

Love you!!
Sister Daniels

Love you!!

Sister Daniels