Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Hi all!!

This week was so good! We had a lot of things going on so this week's
update will be the quick ESPN top 10 version :)

1) Zone Conference! We received some great instruction from our
leaders and especially President Lansing. Zone Conferences are the
best! Also Hermana Alvarado gave her departing testimony💔 pero todo
bien we are going to work super hard these next couple weeks :) Also
fun fact, Sister Lansing knows my friend Cate Sorensen from BYU!! 💕

2) Smartphones. We are the 13th mission in the world to get
smartphones! Turn up! It's so weird, though...we really don't even
need iPads anymore. We think someday all of the missionaries will just
have their own smartphone because they are being asked to bring their
own phone with them now into the mission. We will see! It's a samsung
though so it's kind of different to get used to not using apple
products pero bueno it's better for missionaries so that we don't
break so many iPhones haha.

3) Anna Victoria Chavira got baptized!!! She is so adorable. After her
baptism she shared her testimony and she said "I just feel so happy
and clean and new like I've been born again." Ahhh she's awesome.😍
Also it wasn't technically our baptism but we still helped the elders
out a lot because they didn't really plan very well hah so it was fun.

4) We got to eat dinner with the Chavira family as well this week!
They are the sweetest people on this planet. They literally have no
money and no jobs, but they fed us tacos and guacamole and they are so
humble. I love them so much!!

5) We have driven around the whole mission this transfer and now we
are paying for it because we have about 60 miles left to use in one
week....oops. We only have a limited amount of miles that we can use
each month! Don't worry, though, there are plenty of members that have
offered us rides or that just pull over on the street whenever they
see us walking haha.

6) Speaking of no miles, our Relief Society president, Hermana
Veropalumbo, came out on visits with us yesterday so that she could
drive us around. :) Hahah she is so cute, she just bangs on the door
and rings the doorbell a million times until someone comes to the
door...hah that's not normally how we knock doors but hey at least it

7) We had a huge series of miracles this week! So you know how the
work has been kind of slow this transfer since we've started over with
Riverton? Well, we started this week with five investigators and now
we have ten! It has taken a lot of patience, but little by little we
have seen the miracles that have been waiting for us this whole time.
For example, last night we prayed to know where to go and the Lord led
us to a specific family. We saw a man named Jose outside so we were
talking with him for a little bit, but then his mom came outside and
interrupted. But it was a good interruption because she came and sat
down with us! Unfortunately, Jose left :/ but we were able to teach
his mom, Gregoria, right there! While we were teaching her about the
Book of Mormon, her daughter-in-law randomly came outside and joined
us too!! It was so incredible! The Lord was literally just giving us
new people to teach and we were able to reach our goal of finding five
new people! There are so many of His children that are waiting to hear
this good news!!
D&C 123:12-13 "For there are many yet on the earth...who are only kept
from the truth because they know not where to find it— Therefore, that
we should waste and wear out our lives in bringing to light all the
hidden things of darkness, wherein we know them; and they are truly
manifest from heaven."
Go bring light to those that are in the darkness!!

8) Our Zone had a goal this week to find 60 new people to teach (5 per
companionship) and we hit a goal of 64!!! That's faith, everyone.

9) It has gotten so cold this week! We had to break-out the sweaters
and long sleeves... 💔 I'm not ready for winter yet :((

have a great day!! I will eat some cake for you :)

Love you all!!
Have a great week and don't forget to smile!!

Love, Hermana Daniels

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Hello all!!

I hope everyone had a good week and that they are safe! We obviously
can't watch the news, but we have heard about all of the natural
disasters and everyone in Florida, Texas, Mexico, and Guatemala has
been in our prayers!!

Also a quick RIP to the Buckeyes' undefeated season this year :// #gobucks
Haha and it was fun to see all of the Utah and BYU flags up in
everyone's yard. We tried to count how many there were but we lost
track. There are probably more Utah fans here though (unfortunately).

Honestly this week was hard but good! I've been sick all week, but
it's just a normal cold so don't worry mom ;) it's getting better
though! But we still have been working so hard every single day and
sometimes it is difficult to be patient and accept the Lord's timing,
but it's something that Sister Alvarado and I are becoming masters at
by now haha so that's good !! This morning in my personal study I was
reading in Doctrine and Covenants and a scripture about this stood out
to me. It's D&C 114:2 which says, "For verily thus saith the Lord,
that inasmuch as there are those among you who deny my name, others
shall be planted in their stead...". And that helped me a lot this
morning to have hope that even though there have been a lot of people
this week that slammed the door in our faces or rejected us or ignored
us or ran away from us or got stolen from us, that the Lord will
provide and He will guide us to those who are prepared to receive the
restored Gospel!!

Speaking of which, we had some fun experiences with rejection this
week haha. Last night we went to go contact someone and we drove by
their house and they were sitting outside on the porch! So we quickly
hurried and parked and started walking up to their door but then they
jumped up and went inside. ...haha we knocked on the door anyway to
try to talk to them but they turned off all of the lights and didn't
answer the door. Nice! A day in the life of a missionary! Hahah

Also there is this thing called "poaching." Poaching is when you are
teaching someone and then another set of missionaries tries to teach
them. So we have been teaching a boy named Walter since May,
but he never got baptized because he has been waiting for his grandma
to come back from Guatemala. Well, she came back this week!! We had a
lesson with her and she is super sweet and isn't super interested in
the gospel but she is excited for Walter's baptism so we hope that her
heart will soften when she sees him get baptized! Anyway, a couple
weeks ago Walter told us that he met some elders at church that
started teaching him (in an English ward). Walter's family speaks
Spanish (and he does too) but he goes to an English ward because he
has friends there and understands more in English. The thing that is
frustrating though is that the elders knew that we were teaching him
and they didn't even ask us about transitioning. They were going to
bring a translator to their next lesson so that they could communicate
with Walter's family! :// We finally talked to the elders yesterday
about it and ended up letting them teach Walter now. We both equally
have good reasons to teach him, but we hope that being baptized in the
English ward will be the best for Walter, even though he will be
alone. Haha so yeah it's a little rough teaching Hispanics that are
bilingual sometimes, that's happens so much! Sister Alvarado and I got
poached all the time in Sandy too haha. But we know that the Lord will
help us get back in the zone. :]

On the other hand, we saw some great miracles this week!!
Yesterday at church our recent converts, Camila and Milton, gave talks
in Sacrament meeting!! They did such a good job— we are so proud of
them and the people that they have become. Also Camila will have her
temple recommend interview this week and we will hopefully go to the
temple by the end of this week!! Milton is still progressing as a new
member, but his work schedule got changed so he can't stay for all
three hours of church anymore :/ and it's hard for him to change it
because he is a cop. But he's working on it and is still going strong!

Do you remember when I told you about José Gregorio, our Bishop's
brother that came from Venezuela in May but then had to go back to
Venezuela? Well miracles are real because he came back last week!! He
was there when Bishop's parents were baptized in May and he felt the
Spirit so strong at their baptism that he cried. Sister Johnson and I
only taught him a couple times before he had to go back to Venezuela,
but he was so prepared! We were so sad when he left, though, because
it is almost impossible to get in and out of Venezuela right now. This
whole family was praying and fasting so hard that he would be able to
come back and he finally did!! Unfortunately, he lives in the elders'
area now.... :( but this past week he accepted a baptismal date for
September 23rd!!! Haha it was so cute, at church he came up to us and
was like "hermanas! I'm getting baptized on September 23rd! Will you
please come?!" Ahhh I love him he's so awesome!! We are so pumped for
his baptism and we hope that his wife and kids will follow his

Also Anna Chavira's baptism is this Saturday!!! She's the little girl
that we found about a month ago that is 9 but her parents are
less-active members! AH I love that family. She also lives in the
elders' area :(( but we will be there to support her for sure :) I'll
send pictures next week!

LOVE Y'ALL!! Miracles are real!!

2 Kings 6:16 "Fear not: for they that be with us are more than they
that be with them." God and His army of angels are always with us!! We
just need the eyes to see them!


Hermana Daniels

Saturday, September 9, 2017

This week was súper chevere :) The work has been a little slow since
we split the area and gave all of our investigators to the elders, but
it has been a great adventure meeting so many new people. This week
will be even better!

So first of all, yesterday instead of p-day our whole mission
participated in this race called the "temple2temple run" which is a 5
mile run from the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to the Jordan River Temple!
I didn't actually run, though, I just volunteered to give out medals
to everyone which was fun haha. And then today we went to the Draper
Temple!! I love that temple so much. It is so pretty! I'll send more
pictures of it. So our p-day is today and that's why we don't have a
lot of time to write emails because we were in Draper all morning.

We have also seen a lot of small but great miracles! One of our ideas
this week to be able to meet more people was to call the Ward Mission
Leaders in our stake. We were going through some contacts in our
phone, and there was a Ward Mission Leader's number there that only
said "Ward Mission Leader that knows Spanish people." Right away we
thought, "awesome!! Let's call him!" He answered the phone and when we
asked him if he knew any Spanish-speakers in the area he immediately
said "yes! I know two families. One is down the street from me and we
are friends and the second is my next door neighbor and I have been
working with them for a while. Can you come meet them today?" Wow, we
were so shocked and excited!! We went over and talked to this brother
and his wife and they are the best member-missionaries ever. They
introduced us to each of their Hispanic neighbors and we planned an
FHE with all of them for this week as well. We are so excited to start
working with these new families!! The Lord definitely works in
mysterious ways and according to His own time.

In my personal studies this week I loved reading about overcoming
trials and staying positive and hopeful. Doctrine and Covenants 103:36
says that "all victory and glory is brought to pass unto you through
your diligence, faithfulness, and prayers of faith." We will all have
trials, but the real trial is if we prove to be diligent and faithful
no matter what comes our way! Then in Doctrine and Covenants 105:14 it
says, "For behold, I do not require at their hands to fight the
battles of Zion; for, as I said in a former commandment, even so will
I fulfill--I will fight your battles." Hermanos y hermanas, we don't
need to suffer because Christ already did! He will fight and has
already fought our battles!! We just need to trust in Him and have
faith that things will work out. I know that when we trust in Him and
in His will, we will gain the victory and find true joy and hope for a
better day. As Elder Bednar says, "Do better today than you did
yesterday, and better tomorrow than you did today."

Love y'all!! Never give up!!
Peace & blessings,

Hermana Daniels ❤️

Monday, August 28, 2017

Hello family and friends!!

Yes, it's true, transfers are today and I will be staying in Riverton
for another month and a half which makes a grand total of 6 months in
this area!! I love Riverton, though. :) I will also be staying with
Hermana Alvarado!! This is her last transfer so I will send her
home...💔 But this transfer will make 6 months with her as well!! She
is my longest companion!!
We are super excited to continue working here. There is a small
change, though...our area was split in half! We now share the ward and
area with a set of elders. We used to cover Riverton and Bluffdale,
but now it is just Riverton. I'm so sad :((( we are teaching so many
people in Bluffdale and almost all of our recent converts live over
there! That will be really hard to let go, but we know that the Lord
needs the elders over there and that He has a lot in store for us here
in Riverton. We are excited to see what this next transfer brings!

We had a great transfer these last few weeks, though. Milton and
Camila are both so incredible and are continuing to progress in the
Gospel. We are excited to keep working with them because they live in
Riverton :D and to help them get to the temple!!

This past week was a little crazy but good!
Miracle of the week: On Thursday morning, we received a prompting from
the Spirit to go visit a former investigator who has family visiting
from Mexico. The former investigator wasn't home, but we talked to her
mom who is actually super interested in the Book of Mormon, but she
went back home to Mexico yesterday. :/ However, we had met this
investigator's brother as well who just arrived to Utah a couple of
weeks ago! We had gone to visit them with the intention of finding him
and his wife, but only the mom was home so we just talked to her. Then
as we were about to leave, the brother and his wife walked in the
door!!! It was so cool! Heavenly Father knew that they would be there.
:) We talked to them for a little bit as well and unfortunately they
are currently renting an apartment in Rosepark (out of the mission),
but they are super receptive and we know that they will accept the
Gospel someday. Hopefully they will move to Riverton!!

This week in my personal studies I learned a lot about recognizing the
Spirit and teaching by His ways. I love chapter four of Preach My Gospel 
and Section 100 of Doctrine and Covenants about preaching the Gospel 
by the Spirit!! In verse four the Lord tells us that His purpose is the
salvation of souls! But then He goes on to say that in order to find
and save those souls we need to 1) lift up our voices, 2) speak the
thoughts that He gives us in our hearts, 3) open our mouths without
fear and 4) declare these things in His name. In verse eight He
promises us that when we do all of these things "the Holy Ghost will
be shed forth in bearing record unto all things that we shall say." In
other words, when we do these things and trust that the Lord will fill
our mouths when we open them, the Holy Ghost will carry our message to
the hearts of the people and they will understand and recognize that
our message is true!! Thus bringing about the work of the salvation of
souls. We literally can't do anything without the Spirit!! He is the
true teacher. I have seen this time and time again on my mission and I
am so thankful for the gift of tongues and for the Spirit! It's one of
the best feelings in the world when we let Him speak through us— I
love being a tool in the Lord's hands each day!

Love y'all! Good luck to Liz and B in their first week of school!!
Also #gobucks and #gocougs :))))

love, Hermana Daniels

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hi y'all :)

S/O to Elder Daniels who entered the CCM in México this past week!!!!!

This week was awesome! We found a new family to teach and the parents
are actually less-active members, but their 9 year old daughter isn't
baptized yet! Her baptism will be September 9th and she is already
inviting everyone :)) they're so cute! The little girl's name is Ana
and she is so fun. She taught us how to make slime!  It's just glue, 
Tide, and food coloring! When we first found them,
the mom told us that she knew that the Lord had sent us because
whenever she is struggling, He always sends someone to help her. That
day that she was struggling, we knocked on their door! They are all
excited to come back to church and are so humble and willing to
change. We love them so much already!! We are so excited for them and
especially for Ana :)

On Saturday we had so many miracles! It was one of those days that we
were lead to exactly where the Lord needed us to be and in the exact
moment we needed to be there. First of all, we found a couple who
typically goes to church on Saturdays, but they were at home when we
went because they were preparing to go on a trip the next day! They
told us that that never happens and we told them that it was no
coincidence--God knew that they were there and He sent us!! Then we
went and visited a new investigator from this past week and there just
happened to be a member there who just happened to share his
conversion story and miracles that he has seen in his life with this
investigator. It was so awesome!! Also no coincidence! This
investigator then asked us if he could have his own copy of the Book
of Mormon to start reading! We love that question!! Then right after
that we were guided to stop by a less-active member's house, but they
weren't home. However, we were in the same neighborhood as a potential
investigator so we felt like we needed to go there as well. As we were
knocking on the door this sister pulled into the driveway! She let us
in and we had a great discussion and she committed to read from the
Book of Mormon even though she told us at the beginning of the lesson
that she wasn't going to commit to do anything. Hearts have been
softened this week!! We know that we were definitely lead to find each
and every one of these precious children of God and we are so excited
to keep finding more miracles as we follow the Lord's plans. :)

This morning I was reading in Preach My Gospel about Christlike
Attributes. I love how it says, "just as vital as what you do,
however, is who you are." That is one of the most important lessons we
can learn and teach on the mission: how to become like Jesus Christ!
And we can't become like Jesus Christ unless we follow His ways. When
we invite people to follow Him, we invite them to become more like Him
by literally changing personal habits and customs. Change is
hard--every person and especially every missionary knows that-- but it
is so worth it because God has so much more planned for us!! We just
don't have the eyes to see it yet. But I know that when we follow Him
and His higher ways we will be so blessed!!

Other fun facts from this week: we saw the solar eclipse today! That
was weird. Also we got our new car this week! It's so nice, we are so
spoiled haha but it has a USB port now so we're so pumped to listen to
more music options now!! :) Also our dear friend, Raul, Marisa's dad
that was visiting from Chile goes home this week :((( he's so awesome;
he will get baptized in Chile! We have an FHE with their whole family
tonight as well so that will be fun.

I hope everything is going well!! Lots of love from SLC!!

Hermana Daniels

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Hi everyone!!
So we didn't actually have any convert baptisms this week, but we went
to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple to do baptisms for the dead!! With our
recent convert, Marisa!! Ah she is so cute. It was such an awesome
experience to be there with her for her first time! The first thing
she said when we walked in was "wow, this is exactly what I imagine
heaven to be like! Everyone is so nice and dressed in white!" Marisa
is also pregnant and she said that her baby recognized where we were
because he kept kicking her stomach as if he wanted to get out! Haha,
it was so sweet and she had an incredible time. She is excited to be
baptized for her deceased family members as well!!

Sister Alvarado and I love being in Riverton. We love our recent
converts and investigators and it is such a huge blessing to know so
many incredible people. Also we will be getting a new car this week!
Woooo we will finally have a USB port! Haha our current car only takes
CDs :/ you could say that we've gotten a little sick of them...

As I have been reading in Doctrine and Covenants I have loved learning
so much about missionary work. So many more things stand out to me
that never did before! One of my favorite verses that I read this week
was D&C 88:81. It says, "Behold, I sent you out to testify and to warn
the people, and it becometh every man who hath been warned to warn his
neighbor." I love that the Lord states that He, Himself, sent us out
to the world to TESTIFY and to be a voice of warning! He sent us to
declare good tidings of glad joy and to bring souls unto repentance
and unto Him. I know that every missionary in this mission was sent
here because they have a specific and unique testimony to share with
God's children here in Utah. The Lord didn't just send us to teach the
gospel and to serve others and to preach repentance, but to testify! I
know that bearing testimony as often as possible not only invites a
strong spirit, but gives that spirit an opportunity to soften the
hearts of the people. I have seen this time and time again and I love
knowing that there are still a lot of people out there that need to
hear my testimony! What a great experience it is to be able to share
something so powerful every single day.

Love you all!

Hermana Daniels

Monday, August 7, 2017

Hola mis queridos!

This has been another good but fast week! I can't believe that it is
already August! The work is great, though. Sister Alvarado and I are
doing great, working hard, and having fun. We love being in Riverton;
we know that there is a lot of work to do and we are excited to do it.
We have had to drop some people that have a lot of potential but don't
want to progress which has been hard, but the Lord always provides!!
We have found a lot more potential this week and it has been amazing
to see the miracles that the Lord has been preparing for us.

One of the biggest miracles we saw this week was when we found a new
family of four that is from Guatemala!! They are so awesome. It all
started when we were going to go visit a member, but she forgot that
she said we could come and wasn't home. We had some other people in
our plans, so we decided to go try and find a man named Ismael who
walks around his neighborhood every night. Recently, we haven't been
able to find him outside and he unfortunately doesn't know which
apartment he lives in, so it has been a game of hide-and-seek. We
drove around his apartment complex once and didn't see anyone, so we
decided to drive around again. The second time that we came around the
corner we saw some Hispanics getting out of their car!! We immediately
parked and talked to them and they were super friendly and said that
they are from Guatemala so Sister Alvarado instantly clicked with them
as well!! It's a mom, dad, 22 year-old son, and 14 year-old son. We
asked them if they had talked to missionaries before and the mom
paused for a second and said, "actually...yeah...I was baptized in
Guatemala when I was 14!" And then her husband and sons were like,
"What?! We didn't know that!!" Haha it was kind of funny and awkward
at the same time, but they are open to learning more and said that we
could come back on Wednesday! We are excited to get to know them
better and we know without any doubt that the Lord sent us there in
that exact time, place, and day so that we could find them. The Lord
works in mysterious ways!!

This week we also found an amazing hermanita named Bertha! She is
visiting from Mexico and she knows that God sent us to her and that
her purpose here in Utah is to learn more about God and to get
baptized! Her story is incredible already. She has the gifts of
revelations, tongues, and healing and (after two lessons) already
believes that Joseph Smith was a prophet, that the Book of Mormon is
true, that the Church is true, that President Monson is a prophet and
that Jesus Christ directs this Church. She tells us things that we
haven't even mentioned yet! She also said that the first time that we
came, God told her that we were coming and that she should listen to
us. She asked God why she should listen to us and He told her that
"they are good people and that their message is true." Wow, she is the
most prepared person I have ever met and she continues to have dreams
and visions as she is being taught by the Spirit. It's amazing!! The
only thing is that yesterday she told us that she has to go back to
Mexico for her job and that she won't be back until December :(
there's a very slim chance that I will still be in this area in
December, but maybe she will get baptized in Mexico! We will try to
send the missionaries that are there to her :) at least we were able
to plant some seeds!

Good news!! Marisa (our recent convert from Chile) got her temple
recommend last week and we will go with her to do baptisms for the
dead in the temple tomorrow!! :)) We are so excited for her. That's
such a privilege to be able to do that! Also last Monday night we had
a lesson with her and her boyfriend and the bishop and his wife of the
English ward that they go to and the bishop gave them their first
callings!! Their calling is to greet everyone and hand out the
programs at the door :) It isn't the greatest calling ever, but they
are so humble and when the bishop asked them if they would accept that
calling they both started crying and hugged each other and it was so
so sweet and then everyone else was crying too haha. But it really
helped Sister Alvarado and I to realize as well that every person and
every calling is equal in the eyes of God. We are all His children and
we are all important. I love the scripture that compares that to a
body: our head may lead, but without our feet (or even toes) we won't
get anywhere. Our joy is so full this week!!

I know that this is the work of the Lord and that He is with us every
step of the way. One of my favorite scriptures that I read this week
is found in D&C 84:38, and it also talks about how God is with us. It
says, "And whoso receiveth you, there I will be also, for I will go
before your face. I will be on your right hand and on your left, and
my Spirit shall be in your hearts, and mine angels round about you, to
bear you up." This scripture gives me so much comfort and joy and to
know that when people receive us, they receive God too and that He
will help us in any and every situation. I personally have felt His
strength and His angels bearing me up and I know that I would not be
nearly as effective without Him--I would be nothing! But this is His
work and His glory and He will not let us fail. :)

Les amo mucho!!
love, Hermana Daniels

(p.s. sorry I don't have any pictures this week)

Monday, July 31, 2017

P.s. Yes, we are matching on purpose and yes, we finally found some
good dresses :)))

Hi family and friends! 
It's already August tomorrow! What?? I feel so old. 

This week was súper genial!!! Wow we are so tired but so so happy. Milton and Camila got baptized on Saturday!! It was one of the most spiritual baptisms I have ever been to. I love this family so much!! I can't even describe how awesome they are. It feels so good to be lead by God to someone who is so ready for the gospel and then to teach them and watch them enter the waters of baptism. That doesn't happen everyday! And after they were baptized they both shared their testimonies in front of everyone and there wasn't one person there who didn't feel the Spirit— they are so incredible. 

Their story is super cool too!! I think I already told you parts of it, but for Milton, this was his first time meeting with missionaries. He married his current wife 4 years ago and she is a member but she never pressured him to take the lessons or go to church. She was simply a really good example to him and would share spiritual stories all the time. When Milton's daughter, Camila, arrived from Ecuador a month ago, the first thing Milton told her was that they were going to go to church. They went to an English ward for a couple weeks and the bishop there said he would send missionaries, but we don't know what happened with that because they never came. We had received a separate referral from a member family in the neighborhood, so when we knocked on their door they were already expecting us! Haha we didn't know that they were expecting missionaries but God did and He sent us in the perfect moment. :) Camila's story is long, but we know that she was prepared for her baptism since before this life. She is so awesome!! She met missionaries in Ecuador before, but she never got baptized. Actually, one of the elders that found her was from Utah and had returned from his mission and he came to her baptism and confirmed her on Sunday!! Small world!! But it was really cool to see how this was her time and in her testimony at her baptism she was like "I'm so excited to have a forever family and to get married in the temple and have lots of kids" hahahah she's hilarious. We hope she serves a mission too :)))))

Another miracle we saw this week was on Friday when we found two new investigators! We know that there are some non-members living in the same house as our recent convert, Marisa, so we prayed in the morning to receive revelation of what time we should go and we went by to see if they were home. We found Marisa's sister-in-law and her sister-in-law's niece who had just arrived from Chile the night before!! That was perfect timing because it was the Lord's timing!! Also fun fact, they are from Santiago!!! And they have lots of family still there!! I showed them the picture of Spencer with the Chilean flag and they said that they would tell everyone that he is coming and to look for him :D haha Spence, you already have some friends waiting for you!! They are from Coquimbo! Does the Santiago North mission go that north?

One of my favorite scriptures that I read this week is found in D&C 68:6. It says, "Wherefore, be of good cheer, and do not fear, for I the Lord am with you, and will stand by you; and ye shall bear record of me, even Jesus Christ, that I am the Son of the living God, that I was, that I am, and that I am to come." I love scriptures like this one because it gives me so much comfort to know that even though we may have hard times, Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God, is with us!! He knows our potential and He loves us so much and He will strengthen us when we defend and testify of Him. Be examples of the believers!!

Love you all! Life is good in Riverton, UT!!

love, Hermana Daniels

Monday, July 24, 2017

Hi all!!
Happy Pioneer Day! This holiday is huge in Utah, but we didn't have
time to do anything special like see a parade..it was just a normal
p-day :)
This past week has been great, though! We saw lots of miracles and we
feel so blessed.
Highlight reel!

Sunday: We gave talks in Sacrament meeting and I accompanied someone
on the piano for a special musical number! Yikes I haven't practiced
the piano in so long, but it was good to have a chance to share my
talents! Keep practicing the piano @Spencer @Bryan @Liz!!! Also during
Relief Society there was a sister there that didn't speak Spanish, so
I got to translate the whole lesson for her... :)))) it was fun! And
good practice. Then after church we went to Temple Square with our
investigators that are on date for this week!! They are so excited for
their baptism and they loved Temple Square!!! We are so excited for
this Saturday:)

Saturday: We went to a baptism in Sandy and it was so good to visit
that ward again :)) they all remembered me! That's the best feeling
ever when old members and investigators remember who you are! hahah
also there is one set of sisters there and one set of elders and
everyone told us that they are going to try to change it to two sets
of sisters so that my companion and I can come back haha que lindo❤️

Friday: We had an awesome miracle! So at night we had a lot of plans
in mind, but a lot of them kept falling-through, so we decided to
pray! A few people came to our minds, but we followed the first
prompting to visit a man named Vicente. We drove over to his house and
saw a few cars in the driveway, so we decided to try and knock. We
passed the house so that we could turn around and come back for a
better parking spot, and when we came back to park, Vicente was
suddenly outside working on his motorcycle!! We started talking to him
and at first he was kind of closed off and was making excuses about
how he had a lot of work to do and didn't have time to talk to us, but
then he started asking questions and we were able to follow the Spirit
and address his concerns! I think it was one of the longest but most
spiritual OYMs I've had on the mission. We talked for probably about
an hour and during the whole conversation this man was putting
different pieces together in his mind and figuring out how God was
answering his prayers. That night he had been wondering what to do and
God knew it, so He sent us to help him receive his answer!! It was so
cool to see everything click in his mind and I know that God is aware
of each and every one of us and everything that we are going through.
We just need the faith to follow Him and recognize His answers!!

Thursday: In the morning we were driving to contact someone in our
plans, but we found someone new instead! We were driving towards their
house and Sister Alvarado was telling me a story so I got kind of
distracted as the navigator and we missed a turn. We went to go turn
around a little farther down the road when we saw a house with the
last name "Lopez" hanging on the door! We went and talked to them and
they were literally walking out the door to go on vacation, but it was
really cool how everything happens for a reason even if we don't mean
for it to happen haha!

Tuesday and Wednesday were good too, but those were just some of my
favorite experiences from this week :))

Much love!

Hermana Daniels

Monday, July 17, 2017


This week was super good!! This week is also transfers and Sister
Alvarado and I are staying together in Riverton!!! Haha this is the
first time that I will stay in an area for more than 3 months and it
is also the first transfer that I won't switch companions! Miracles
everywhere! haha but we are super stoked to stay in Riverton :)) there
is so much work to be done!

Highlights of the week:

1) We had breakfast with the Oviedo family!! AH I love them so much.
They are so excited for their baptism in 2 weeks!! They made us kind
of a normal American breakfast (eggs and sausage and a grilled ham and
cheese sandwich/bagel thing) but they also signed up on our food
calendar to feed us dinner the day after their baptism :)) que cute!
Hopefully we can go to Temple Square with them this week!

2) We went to Temple Square with Gris and Diego! We went on Saturday
night with them (it's a young couple that we are teaching) and their
two kids and another young couple from our ward. I'll send pics! Haha
also it was kind of awkward because we were trying to take pictures in
front of the temple and there were probably at least 10 different
weddings going on....hah it was fun. But they loved it a lot and were
really touched by the "God's Plan for Families" video :) hopefully we
can help them progress toward baptism this transfer!

3) Our homeowner, Sister Koch, is so cute and made us some really good
salads for lunch on Thursday since we aren't allowed to eat lunch at
home anymore. :// I don't know if I told y'all that, but President
Lansing said that we could be saving more time during the day to use
for proselyting so we have to make a lunch or buy something everyday
now. It's so hard...any suggestions for quick lunches that we can make
at night to use for the next day??

4) On Friday night we had an awesome miracle! We had planned to
contact a couple families, but none of them were home. We weren't sure
what to do next, so we prayed for guidance. One investigator in
particular came to both of our minds, so we went over to her apartment
complex! As we were pulling into the complex, we saw two Hispanic
ladies sitting outside talking. We quickly parked the car and went
over to talk to them. They both were members, but one of them had just
arrived from Costa Rica the day before and really wanted to go to
church, but didn't know where the church was and doesn't have a car!
We gave her all of the information about it and before we left she
said "sisters, thank you so much! I had been praying ever since I got
here that God would send me some missionaries or members to help me
find a church..and here you are!! God answers prayers. Thank you for
being tools in His hands for me." It was so sweet! I love being a tool
in God's hands— for every single one of His children whether they are
members or not!

Love you all! Remember who you are!!

Hermana Daniels
P.s. I forgot to say in the other email that I tried "mate" this week
which is this drink from Argentina that's really weird/sketchy. Haha
but it's an Argentinian custom and there's an elder in our mission
that's from Argentina and he gave my companion some (because she likes
mate) so she made me try some too. It's awful. 0/10 would not

Monday, July 10, 2017

Hi family and friends!!

Sorry I didn't get to send a big email last week, but we are finally
all settled in to our new house!! We live with a single lady who is in
her 50s?? And she is so so sweet. We live in the basement, but we
share the kitchen and laundry room with her. It's a nice place and we
love it already :) we miss the Wardle's (previous homeowner) but it's
nice to start over/change things up a little bit!

As I mentioned in the email subject: this week was insanely hot. It
hit 106 and we were dying and sweating non-stop. It was great :))
Today we went mini golfing as a district again and I'm still pretty
rusty, but at least I had a hole-in-one!!

We also had a good 4th of July!! We had a 3 hour meeting at night
and didn't get to see the fireworks :// but we still saw
lots of them on the drive home so it's all good!

I'll admit this week was kind of rough-- or in other words Heavenly
Father loves testing my patience :) but I received some inspirational
personal revelation and we had a huge miracle Saturday night that I
want to share with you!!

MIRACLE: A couple weeks ago we received a referral from the Riverton
Zone Leaders of a family from Colombia. We were able to contact them a
couple times, but were never able to get in the door because they were
busy. Well, we were finally able to set an apppointment with them for
Saturday, and it was one of the most incredible lessons I have ever
had. I love this family!!! It is a married couple and their 19
year-old daughter and they are actually from Ecuador! (There is a
Colombian couple living there too). The mom was born and raised in the
Church and is still active, but she married her husband just 8 years
ago. These people are some of the most prepared people for the Gospel
that I have ever met. Throughout the entire lesson of the Restoration
they had deep questions and true intention to know more.  At the
beginning of the lesson the dad was like "look sisters, I'm Catholic
and I won't be Mormon because I drink coffee." But as the lesson went
on and after we shared the First Vision they were so shocked and
everything clicked and the dad said that he knows that now is his time
to change. AH it was so awesome!! The dad and daughter both accepted
baptism before we even finished the question!! They both will be
baptized on July 29th :)) They have also already been to Church many
times and they love it. Haha and they took a picture with us before we
left I don't even know why. They're so golden!! God has blessed us so

My personal study revelatory experience! So I was reading about My
Purpose from PMG and it talked about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ
is central in all things. So, I decided to pick back up on my study
from the Topical Guide about Jesus Christ that Elder Rasband had
challenged us to read back in December. I love the references in the
topic of "Jesus Christ, Atonement"!! Specifically, though, my
revelatory experience occurred as I was reading Luke 22:40-42 about
Jesus's suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane. Jesus didn't want to
suffer so much, but He understood His purpose and accepted God's will.
Then I read something that I never noticed before: after He accepts
God's will, God sends an angel to Him to strengthen Him! I don't know
how I ever missed that, but that is incredible! He received strength
from heaven and then was able to continue and complete His suffering
in the Garden-- even though it was still incredibly painful. I know
that in the mission/in life we will have a lot of hard times, but when
we have patience and accept God's will, He has promised that He will
send angels round about us to lift us up!! Then when we receive that
strength, we can continue to accomplish His will. We will still
suffer, but we will better understand our purpose and be able to trust
in God and receive His trust as well.

Sorry it was kind of short this week! We have a lesson today at 4 :))
Love you all!!

Hermana Daniels

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Hi family!!

So, yes, we have been moving and cleaning and packing and unpacking
all day so I'm sorry I don't have time to write an update of the week
or to respond to individual emails :// but I will for sure next week!!

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸

Love, Hermana Daniels

P.s. Enjoy these pictures of my lovely sock tan and some homemade

tortillas that Sister Alvarado and I learned how to make this week :))

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

WOW how am I already halfway through my mission?! I feel like
Christmas was yesterday and that I'm only 2 months old. Ahhhhhh that's
so weird. Christmas is in 6 months again! Hahah wow time flies. I
don't even know what to say.
Bueno. I have learned SO much from these past 9 months serving the
Lord 24/7. And I am so excited for the next 9 months to come!!

Mission-wise: I have a lot more experience than I did 9 months ago,
that's for sure! I'll admit there are definitely still times where I
don't know what to do when we are teaching or talking to someone, but
the cool thing is that I have learned to get out of the way and just
let the Spirit talk! That's the key to everything. I am so weak and
unqualified but the Lord has molded me and used me in His hands to
make me strong!! (Alma 26:12)

Language-wise: hahah I definitely know more Spanish than I did a year
ago. It's good but hard at the same time to be speaking Spanish in
Utah because everything is in English and I'm not immersed in a
Hispanic culture. But it's good at the same time because it forces me
to practice using English and Spanish at the same time so I have
gotten pretty good at translating! Also it has happened multiple times
this week where I've been trying to explain something in English and I
said some things in Spanish without even noticing it haha I always get
some confused looks and then realize that Spanglish isn't spoken by
everyone...whoops :)) Also! I have been getting a lot of compliments
on my Spanish lately so I guess that's good! Haha especially this week
when we have been talking to people on the street or in the doorway,
as soon as I start saying something they look at me super surprised
and say something like "woah where did that come from??" Hahah it's
fun. The gift of tongues is so real!!

And I've grown so much in so many other ways! I have a deeper and
stronger testimony of the Book of Mormon and other Gospel and
doctrinal topics, I have learned to be more Christ-like, I have
practiced more patience, I have learned about so many different
cultures, and, most importantly, I have learned how to truly trust in
the Lord in everything and to love His children. I love this mission
so much!! Everyone always asks how I felt about getting my call to
serve here and it is weird sometimes being surrounded by so many
members, but there is SO much work to do as well. We are strengthening
the home stakes of Zion!! It makes me really sad to meet so many
less-active people here as well. There are less members than one would
think! But especially being part of the Hispanic culture has been
incredible. I feel like I have already traveled the world! I love
these people with my whole heart and I wouldn't want to be anywhere
else in the world right now. Missions are the best!! We come home
everyday and collapse on the ground but our hearts are full and we are
so happy. It's an honor to be a soldier in the Lord's Army in these
last days!!! <3

This week was also super good :) We saw lots of miracles and met lots
of new people!!
On Thursday we met the mother of a member in our ward who just came
from Mexico a couple weeks ago, and we had a lesson with her! She is
only visiting her daughter until mid-July?? But she has talked with a
lot of missionaries before. There isn't a church building in her
little town in Mexico (that she knows of) so she hasn't really been
able to progress over there, but she has come to church every week
since she has been here! Well, we got to know her and taught her a mix
of the Restoration, the Plan of Salvation, and the Gospel of Jesus
Christ. We had no idea where that lesson was going to go, but the
Spirit was so strong and took over right away in order for us to say
what she needed to hear. Wow, I love living the promise that "when our
mouths are opened they shall be filled!" I testify that that is true.
This sister, Etelvina, is also incredibly humble and prepared and,
don't worry, we are on the search for a Church meeting house in her
little village! And when she receives a confirmation to what she needs
to do, she will be baptized on July 1st! We are praying that she will
accept the confirmation that she already received that night. She even
gave the closing prayer and said that she is so thankful that God sent
us there to open her heart and asked Him to help her know if this is
the path that He has for her. We are so excited for her!!

This week in my personal studies I learned so much! One of my favorite
scriptures that I found is 2 Corinthians 4, verse 3. It says, "But if
our Gospel be hid, it is hid to them that are lost." This scripture is
so simple, but so profound! There are people in the world that don't
even know that they are missing something! Therefore, it is even more
important to talk to as many people as we can because the blessings of
the Gospel are endless and for everyone!

Also a funny story from the week: We are teaching a young couple from
Mexico and they have a 5 year-old girl and baby boy. This little girl
is so so precious and she loves Disney (so naturally we are already
friends :)) and she loves dressing up like Belle or Ana or Elsa. So
one day we went by and I had two braids in my hair, and my companion
was like (to this little girl) "look it's Ana!" (At me) and the little
girl was like "Ah! Yes!!!" Hahah it was so cute (shout-out to Tricia
aka Princess Ana :) everyone thinks I look like Princess Ana now too
hahah #dreamcometrue)

Lots of love and prayers from SLC!!
Have a great week!

Hermana Daniels