Monday, December 12, 2016

Wow muchas gracias por todos sus emails y amor!! I don't like being 20
lol. It's weird saying that now...but good. And thank you for the
presents and cards too, I am so blessed and so loved. :) We have had a
lot to do today but lots of good things. This morning when we woke up,
Sister López sang feliz cumpleaños to me and got me some Star Wars
fruit snacks ❤️ Then I opened mom's birthday package which was so nice
and super cute :) thank ya momma!! I wore the new outfit today :) Then
at 10am we had breakfast with the senior missionary couple in our ward
that just got released. I'm so grateful though because they still live
in my area and will be coming to the Spanish ward still! They are the
best. They made us homemade breakfast burritos and waffles with
homemade whipped cream and strawberries ahhh everything everyone makes
here is homemade and I love it. And they actually just do that
breakfast for the last day of the transfer, but today just happened to
be my birthday too so that was awesome. :)

Updates since Thursday:
1) Transfer day is tomorrow! Sister López and I are staying here in
West Jordan and we have both been called to train a new sister...!!
AHH I'm so so scared but I know that this will be really good for me
and force me to stop riding Sister López's shadow. (Training means you
are basically the boss woman and have to show new missionaries how
everything works for those that do not know--which is usually done by
experienced missionaries, so it's a good thing that we are a trio
because I only have 5 weeks under my belt!). So yeah...lots of
pressure but I'm excited. Also we live in the smallest basement I have
ever seen so this should be fun fitting a third sister in our
already-cramped space :)) But we'll all just be best friends haha.
Also this decision by President Lansing was not planned at all, but he
felt like this is really what the Lord wants so hopefully we get to
see a lot of miracles this next transfer. WOOO!

2) Bad news.......I decided to donate my hair. Hahah ahhhh it's like
slightly longer than Megan's but still only down to my shoulders and I
can't braid it anymore :(( they said the minimum was 10 inches so that
is what I donated haha. But it feels really good and it was a
much-needed change, and perfect for my new year of life ;) Your turn,

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