Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hola hola!
Wow it's only been 8 weeks in the field but I feel like I've been here
for so long! Haha ah ok maybe not that long. But I hit my 3-month mark
tomorrow! Already only 15 months left and they are flying!
Merry Christmas again!! It was really nice to skype you all yesterday
:)) Today at Walmart when we went grocery shopping and everyone there
was asking us if we got to Skype and everything haha they're so sweet.
Also someone else bought groceries for us again...ah I feel so bad
every time, these people are so nice! But now it makes me want to
serve more and be a better missionary and make them proud so it's
alright. It's like everyone comes shopping on Monday mornings just to
buy things for the missionaries haha but we are so blessed.

This week was good though! Christmas Eve and Day were nice. Yesterday
we went to the Bishop's house for lunch and their whole family was
there and they did a cute little nativity program :) and we had more
tamales haha. Then we had dinner with a family in the ward and we had
some yummy ham and mashed potatoes and veggies and rolls and more
tamales :) I felt like exploding again haha. But it was good! I love
celebrating in different ways. I still had to buy a little cheese
block though to remind me of home :))

Christmas on Sunday was so special! I love celebrating Christmas on
the mission because it's super focused on the Savior and His life and
sacrifice and I love my Savior so much. My relationship has grown with
Him so much already and I am thankful everyday for everything He has
done and continually does for me. One of my all-time favorite talks is
called (something like) "Missionary Work and the Atonement" by Jeffrey
R. Holland. I could read it every day and find something new to apply
to my life. It is so good!! You all should read it :)

Anyway, I will just send you lots of pictures because I pretty much
caught you up on everything else over Skype :)

Love you all so much!! Have a great week and Happy New Year!!
GO BUCKS :))))

Con amor,
Hermana Daniels

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