Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hola hola!!
This week started off with lots of downs but ended with lots of ups
haha. So my birthday was great! I miss my hair haha but it went to a
good cause. Also it snowed super hard Monday night which was fun. We
haven't gotten a ton of snow like in Michigan, but we have had some
nice snow showers with big flakes :) It's funny because every time
someone asks me where I'm from and I say "Michigan" they're like "Oh
so this weather is like Summer to you, huh?" Uh no not really haha
this dry winter is still brutal. My hands are always cracked and it's
still pretty cold! But I'm sure Michigan is still worse anyway. Then
on Tuesday we got our new companion! She is super super sweet. Her
name is Hermana Gonzalez and she is from Dallas, Texas. She is also
fluent in Spanish and English and is a convert as of 3 years ago! It's
kind of hard fitting us all in our tiny basement, but it has
worked-out alright so far. :)
Then Wednesday hit and I woke up that morning with a fever and
dizziness and headache and thought I was going to throw-up. Haha it
was not fun. I ended up sleeping for that entire morning until my
companions had to go to District meeting and then I went over to a
member's house and slept some more. I felt super weak all day and just
awful, so my District leader also gave me a blessing. Then on Thursday
I was doing a little better and was able to go to our Zone meeting and
do a little teaching, but stayed home with our homeowner at night to
try to rest up for Friday. Friday I felt a lot better, but then
Saturday my runny/stuffy nose and cough got worse but I was determined
to go to Luz de Las Naciones anyway. Luz de Las Naciones was a
cultural celebration/Christmas devotional for the Hispanic community
and it was a bunch of cultural dancing and singing from lots of
different Latin American countries. It was so cool!! The audience was
going wild with clapping and singing and dancing in their seats haha
which was weird to see in the Conference center...but it was super
fun. I felt Latina. :) My favorite part was when the Mariachi band
came out and they did this big dance with huge colorful dresses. And
then after that song, the people behind us (along with many others)
screamed "VIVA MEXICO!" and the people below us yelled back "VIVA!"
lol it was like OH-IO but crazier. Then on Sunday Elder Rasband came
to talk to us!! It was super good and inspirational and everyone got
to meet him :)

So yeah this week was kind of a blur...but hopefully I am on the
upside of things. I don't really have a voice still and my nose is
still stuffy/runny but it's all good. I'm just sad that we can't sing
Christmas carols anymore this week haha...oh well.

I'm so excited for Christmas and to Skype you guys!!! :)))
Love you all so much!
Hermana Daniels <3

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