Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hola hola!
Wow it's only been 8 weeks in the field but I feel like I've been here
for so long! Haha ah ok maybe not that long. But I hit my 3-month mark
tomorrow! Already only 15 months left and they are flying!
Merry Christmas again!! It was really nice to skype you all yesterday
:)) Today at Walmart when we went grocery shopping and everyone there
was asking us if we got to Skype and everything haha they're so sweet.
Also someone else bought groceries for us again...ah I feel so bad
every time, these people are so nice! But now it makes me want to
serve more and be a better missionary and make them proud so it's
alright. It's like everyone comes shopping on Monday mornings just to
buy things for the missionaries haha but we are so blessed.

This week was good though! Christmas Eve and Day were nice. Yesterday
we went to the Bishop's house for lunch and their whole family was
there and they did a cute little nativity program :) and we had more
tamales haha. Then we had dinner with a family in the ward and we had
some yummy ham and mashed potatoes and veggies and rolls and more
tamales :) I felt like exploding again haha. But it was good! I love
celebrating in different ways. I still had to buy a little cheese
block though to remind me of home :))

Christmas on Sunday was so special! I love celebrating Christmas on
the mission because it's super focused on the Savior and His life and
sacrifice and I love my Savior so much. My relationship has grown with
Him so much already and I am thankful everyday for everything He has
done and continually does for me. One of my all-time favorite talks is
called (something like) "Missionary Work and the Atonement" by Jeffrey
R. Holland. I could read it every day and find something new to apply
to my life. It is so good!! You all should read it :)

Anyway, I will just send you lots of pictures because I pretty much
caught you up on everything else over Skype :)

Love you all so much!! Have a great week and Happy New Year!!
GO BUCKS :))))

Con amor,
Hermana Daniels

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Hola hola!!
This week started off with lots of downs but ended with lots of ups
haha. So my birthday was great! I miss my hair haha but it went to a
good cause. Also it snowed super hard Monday night which was fun. We
haven't gotten a ton of snow like in Michigan, but we have had some
nice snow showers with big flakes :) It's funny because every time
someone asks me where I'm from and I say "Michigan" they're like "Oh
so this weather is like Summer to you, huh?" Uh no not really haha
this dry winter is still brutal. My hands are always cracked and it's
still pretty cold! But I'm sure Michigan is still worse anyway. Then
on Tuesday we got our new companion! She is super super sweet. Her
name is Hermana Gonzalez and she is from Dallas, Texas. She is also
fluent in Spanish and English and is a convert as of 3 years ago! It's
kind of hard fitting us all in our tiny basement, but it has
worked-out alright so far. :)
Then Wednesday hit and I woke up that morning with a fever and
dizziness and headache and thought I was going to throw-up. Haha it
was not fun. I ended up sleeping for that entire morning until my
companions had to go to District meeting and then I went over to a
member's house and slept some more. I felt super weak all day and just
awful, so my District leader also gave me a blessing. Then on Thursday
I was doing a little better and was able to go to our Zone meeting and
do a little teaching, but stayed home with our homeowner at night to
try to rest up for Friday. Friday I felt a lot better, but then
Saturday my runny/stuffy nose and cough got worse but I was determined
to go to Luz de Las Naciones anyway. Luz de Las Naciones was a
cultural celebration/Christmas devotional for the Hispanic community
and it was a bunch of cultural dancing and singing from lots of
different Latin American countries. It was so cool!! The audience was
going wild with clapping and singing and dancing in their seats haha
which was weird to see in the Conference center...but it was super
fun. I felt Latina. :) My favorite part was when the Mariachi band
came out and they did this big dance with huge colorful dresses. And
then after that song, the people behind us (along with many others)
screamed "VIVA MEXICO!" and the people below us yelled back "VIVA!"
lol it was like OH-IO but crazier. Then on Sunday Elder Rasband came
to talk to us!! It was super good and inspirational and everyone got
to meet him :)

So yeah this week was kind of a blur...but hopefully I am on the
upside of things. I don't really have a voice still and my nose is
still stuffy/runny but it's all good. I'm just sad that we can't sing
Christmas carols anymore this week haha...oh well.

I'm so excited for Christmas and to Skype you guys!!! :)))
Love you all so much!
Hermana Daniels <3

Monday, December 12, 2016

Wow muchas gracias por todos sus emails y amor!! I don't like being 20
lol. It's weird saying that now...but good. And thank you for the
presents and cards too, I am so blessed and so loved. :) We have had a
lot to do today but lots of good things. This morning when we woke up,
Sister López sang feliz cumpleaños to me and got me some Star Wars
fruit snacks ❤️ Then I opened mom's birthday package which was so nice
and super cute :) thank ya momma!! I wore the new outfit today :) Then
at 10am we had breakfast with the senior missionary couple in our ward
that just got released. I'm so grateful though because they still live
in my area and will be coming to the Spanish ward still! They are the
best. They made us homemade breakfast burritos and waffles with
homemade whipped cream and strawberries ahhh everything everyone makes
here is homemade and I love it. And they actually just do that
breakfast for the last day of the transfer, but today just happened to
be my birthday too so that was awesome. :)

Updates since Thursday:
1) Transfer day is tomorrow! Sister López and I are staying here in
West Jordan and we have both been called to train a new sister...!!
AHH I'm so so scared but I know that this will be really good for me
and force me to stop riding Sister López's shadow. (Training means you
are basically the boss woman and have to show new missionaries how
everything works for those that do not know--which is usually done by
experienced missionaries, so it's a good thing that we are a trio
because I only have 5 weeks under my belt!). So yeah...lots of
pressure but I'm excited. Also we live in the smallest basement I have
ever seen so this should be fun fitting a third sister in our
already-cramped space :)) But we'll all just be best friends haha.
Also this decision by President Lansing was not planned at all, but he
felt like this is really what the Lord wants so hopefully we get to
see a lot of miracles this next transfer. WOOO!

2) Bad news.......I decided to donate my hair. Hahah ahhhh it's like
slightly longer than Megan's but still only down to my shoulders and I
can't braid it anymore :(( they said the minimum was 10 inches so that
is what I donated haha. But it feels really good and it was a
much-needed change, and perfect for my new year of life ;) Your turn,

Friday, December 9, 2016

Wow this week was so long and hard not
having a break on Monday, but the temple was and always is so worth
it. The Oquirrh Mountain temple is soooo pretty inside and out! We
took lots of pictures but both my companion and I left our iPads in
the car soo I will get those pictures to you on Monday :) 

And sadly we still haven't had the
chance to watch the Christmas Devotional :((( I wanted to go but we
didn't plan far enough in advance to go and we ended up having a
couple lessons that night anyway...but it's okay, we can watch it
today or on Monday probably. We get to go to Temple Square as many
times as we want as long as we bring investigators!! But we can only
stay there for an hour which is really hard :/ but that means we just
get to go back more times! Haha. I have been able to go 2 times :) and
the second was actually yesterday during the day and it was dead quiet
compared to the hundreds of people there every night. Like it's insane
how many people go every single day. That would be so fun serving
there for a day! But we don't get to do that. (At least not that I
know of). 

SO this week!

1) December 1st: The Worldwide Day of Service! It was great- we spent
about two hours cleaning a less-active member's house which was
insane. She had seven children, at least four dogs, and around fifteen
birds living in one little house and she never learned how to clean.
I'll just say that I regret not taking a before-and-after picture
because it was a big difference..but it felt so good to help her and
to set that example of loving service from the missionaries. We also
made some chocolate chip cookies from scratch and gave them to our
Stake President's family and some of our investigators. Super fun!
Except also that night Sister López scared me so hard, 
she found a huge dead spider and picked it up to scare me.

2) Miracle of the (last) week! So we got a referral from a ward
mission leader in a different Stake to go visit this man named
Eduardo. When we went to his house, the first thing he said to us was
"what church are you from? I want to come! What time does it start and
where is it?" Haha we were so surprised but so excited! He is so
prepared! That night we were only able to give him a quick intro about
the church (because he was in the middle of eating dinner) so we sang
him a hymn as well and the Spirit was so strong. After that hymn he
said "God sent you here, didn't he?" ..!!! We told him "yes, yes He
did!" Ah it was so cool. Unfortunately he wasn't able to make it to
church on Sunday :/ but He is so excited to learn more about our
church and we are so excited to teach him.

3) I tried tamales for the first time! They are sooo good :) It's kind
of like lasagna rolled up in a corn husk and made of corn flour but
super good. Also I tried plátanos verdes which I was not a big fan
of...it's just a green banana that doesn't taste very good.

4) A story I forgot to tell you before: so one of the first times I
knocked on a door, I did the knock from Frozen. Completely harmless,
right? Wrong. Right when I did it Hermana López freaked out and was
like "Hermana!! Don't do that! That's a super rude thing in Mexico!"
Haha....luckily no one was home. I just wonder what Mexicans think
about the movie Frozen now..hm. Also the other day I said "BOOM
roasted" and Hermana López had no idea what that meant lol it was so
hard to explain.

5) Yesterday was exchanges round 3 and I was with another Hermana in
Draper who is only on her second transfer....it was so scary! But so
fun and definitely helpful to learn how to help her be a leader. Also
she knew about as much English as I do Spanish so that was good
practice for both of us with the language. But since we were in Draper
we got to drive by the Tree of Life!! It's this huge tree with
millions of lights and looks like the Tree of Life from Lehi's dream
in 1 Nephi 8 :) Also I confess that I ate out for the first time of my
whole mission yesterday...but the Hermana I was with wanted to
celebrate my birthday with me and buy me Chick-fil-a so of course I
accepted :)))

6) Miracle 2 of the week! So while I was in Draper, Hermana López and
Hermana King were here in West Jordan and they found a new
investigator on the street! Her name is Samalia and she's from
Venezuela and she is golden. Like she is so prepared to hear and
accept the Gospel and God brought her here to find us and she knew
that He did too. She is so awesome!!

7) The sad news...all three of our investigators that were supposed to
get baptized this weekend weren't able to come to church on Sunday :((
so now two of them are set for December 17th and one for Christmas
Eve. I'm still super excited for them though, they are all so

The work here is so good- so hard and frustrating at times, but so
good. We have the best ward!! I love West Jordan; I don't want to
leave! But I think Sister López and I will stay here for at least one
more transfer since it is Sister López's last transfer 💔 so that's
good that we have more time here :) Thank you for all of the birthday
love and daily support as always. I LOVE YOU ALL :))))
Let me know how your Light the World calendar is going! I love sharing
that with everyone. It's so fun to do as well! And SO many
opportunities every day that we don't even notice we are doing! So
don't be afraid to go out of your way to serve someone this week and
month and year! Always :)

I'll talk to you again on Monday! Woot woot!

Have a great week!

Hermana Daniels