Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Yes we are so good here in West Jordan! It is super cold though. It
was nice every day for my first week but then this huge cold front
came in and it has been in the 40s ever since. :/ but we have a car so
it's all good ah we are so blessed. Speaking of which, we had our
first snow too!! It was beautiful. There was probably a good inch of
packing snow everywhere but it also melted pretty fast. I'll send some
pics. Also Hermana López gave me designated driver responsibility this
week so I could practice driving to prepare for driving in the snow
because she has no idea how to haha. She actually learned how to drive
on the mission so that was fun to learn while we were on the highway
one day..... haha but she's actually really good so no worries.

Yesss my birthday is on a p-day!! I'm trying to figure out if I can go
golfing because they have a Top Golf place here and I've never been
there, but I'm not sure if 1) they will still be open by then and 2)
if I can...but I will try.

WOOOOO GO BUCKS!!!!!!! Wow I'm so proud!!! Shoooot that is going to be
such a good game! I might have to ask around to see how it goes! Ahhh
I'm so jealous. The skull session is definitely going to be packed but
that would be incredible. Congrats to Uncle Chuck too!! Good luck in
the NCAA championship!!

Ah c'mon Dad and Spence! I've been telling everyone that last
thanksgiving I went hunting and took down 2 pheasants haha I should've
been there to help ://// oh yay you got the letters! Sorry I have more
coming soon for mom and dad and the married couples over in Provo :)
and yes we have a dinner appointment for Thanksgiving. Ah I love this
ward so much! We have had dinner made for us every day except p-days
and one time this lady forgot and now every time she sees us she just
goes "Oh Hermanaaaas lo siento en verdad en verdad hermanaaas!" Hahah
I love these people.

Anyway some highlights from this week!

1) snow!! the one at night was when it officially started snowing but

you can't really tell ://

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