Monday, November 14, 2016

I'm alive! Hahah ahh okay maybe not 100% alive after this week...pero
no se preocupe. WOW I don't know where to start. I flew in last
Tuesday night (which feels like a month ago), went to the Mission
President's house, ate left-over dinner from the testimony meeting
they were having in the basement with the missionaries that were going
home, met a lot of new people, met my companion, went to move in to a
place where other sister missionaries were staying (I'll explain in a
minute), half-unpacked, planned for the next day, and went to bed on
an air mattress in this little room.

SO to answer some of your questions and explain some things:
*mi compañera!! Ah I love her. Her name is Hermana López and she's
from Guadalajara Mexico. She was originally called to this mission
English-speaking and has served her whole mission in English so far,
but she is training me so she's back to Spanish. She is fluent in
English and Spanish cause she grew up in Mexico but lived in Africa
for 9 years because of her dad's job. She has been out for 16 months
as of she will probably end her mission with me or at least
in this area. She is 21 and she did a year at UVU before the mission
but she's transferring to BYU (!!). She has an older brother and
younger sister. She is the nicest person I've ever met. She kind of
reminds me of Meg-- just super selfless and humble. It's just kind of
hard though because I don't really know as much Spanish so she talks
for most of our lessons and I feel bad that she's kind of teaching by
herself, but we made a goal this week that I will try to talk more and
she will talk less, haha.

*yesss we have a beautiful car haha it's a brand new 2017 Malibu (ah!)
apparently our vehicle coordinator had to pull lots of strings to get
it so there's kind of a lot of pressure to keep her nice...haha but
we've taken good care of her so far :) (knock on wood)

*we are an iPad mission and it is seriously the biggest blessing. All
of our area books and LDS tools and maps and information and
scriptures and pictures and videos and notes are on this thing- it is
incredibly handy (no pun intended ;) ). Also we get to read emails
throughout the week when we have free time which is super nice. We
just can't answer until Monday.

*The people here are amazing! So I'm in West Jordan right now and my
area gets its own Spanish ward! Church yesterday was kind of hard
being completely in Spanish...but actually one of the youth speakers
gave her talk in English so I guess it's a good mix haha. It's a
struggle because I want to be fluent in Spanish so badly but everyone
here speaks both (for the most part) so I make them speak Spanish
sometimes if they use both so that I can practice.

*Also the Latino people are from all around the world which is so
cool! Last night we ate dinner with this couple from Peru and they
made this super good Peruvian dish! Also I've had Mexican, Bolivian,
and Chilean😋 so good! Speaking of which, yes, we have dinner
appointments every single night except P-days-- it's kind of crazy
haha. And during Relief Society I was sitting next to my new friend,
Hermana Romero (super old lady but so so cute and calls us her
"precious ones") and she was genuinely upset that our meal calendar
had filled up so fast. Also we have a set of Elders in our ward too
and they had some free nights but she didn't want them hahahah.

*Mi casa! So all of the missionaries, at least in this Salt Lake
mission, live in member homes. My first week we lived with the
Crockett family--they are angels. So quick explanation: it was
basically their basement, but there was a door to it and little
kitchen and living room and a bedroom with a bathroom and another
little bedroom where we stayed. We had to share food and the bathroom
with the other sisters that actually stay there but it was totally
fine. But that house was not in our mission. This is actually the
first time sisters have been in our ward for a while, so they had to
find us a new member-home to stay at so that's why we were there for a
week. We actually just moved in to our new place today! It's the
basement of this older lady in an English ward. It is so much
smaller....ah! Haha but it's perfect. We still have to share the
kitchen with her, but she works all day so that's not a problem. The
people here are just so kind and generous. We are so lucky!

*Teaching! Woooow there is so much work to do here. So since we are
new to this ward slash I don't know if it has always been a ward?? But
we are doing this thing called "white-washing." We have to go
introduce ourselves to the ward members and pick up all of the
investigators and recent converts of the last missionaries that were
here and just keep going from where they left off. It is so hard. I
feel kind of bad for Sister López because I don't know anything about
the field- let alone the area. But we're figuring things out together.
But we've had some amazing lessons this week! We have taught at least
one lesson a day I think since Thursday or Friday?? Sorry I can't
remember. But man is the Lord preparing the Hispanic people in West
Jordan, Utah. I love it! The Spirit is so strong every day and we see
multiple miracles daily. Yesterday we taught an awesome lesson to a
less-active member and her mom, daughter, brother, and friend who were
all not members. We talked to her about why she joined the church and
it ended up being this super powerful experience and everyone was
crying and her mom told us she wanted to get baptized too. Ahhh it was
incredible. That was probably the highlight of the week even though
there were so many more cool stories.

*WOOOO GO BUCKS!!! Haha I'm so proud. Thank you for the updates.

*Ah I love that quote and scripture!! I was just reading in Mosiah 2
this week too! I love that. It's just so simple sometimes! Even when
we are keeping the commandments and following God's plan, we are still
indebted to Him because He in turn blesses us for that! That helps me
look for all of the little blessings that are in every day of my life
because He gave us this life in the first place! I am forever thankful
for my Savior's sacrifice and the life and opportunity to grow that He
has granted me. Serving Him every day still will never be enough to
repay Him, but as long as I'm doing my best I know that that is what
He wants from each of us.

I love being here and I love being a missionary. It's so awesome to
actually be teaching real people now and to see that light in their
eyes. I have a lot of work to do and a long way to go, but I'm trying
to be patient and do my best with where I'm at right now. Thank you
all so much for your prayers! I love you all so much! Have a great
week and try to count all of your blessings! I want a sum total by
next week ;) ;)

Hermana Daniels

8060 S 615 E
Sandy, UT 84070

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