Thursday, November 3, 2016

AHHH This week there was so much!! 

Okay so first of all Happy Halloween/ Feliz Noche de Brujas!!! Thank you for the package of Krispy Kremes! Haha we celebrated with them :)
Also yes this is my last p-day at the CCM </3 but I´m so excited to leave next week! My flight is a direct flight at 3:50 and yeah it should get in around 7. I´m not sure if I´ll be able to call, but I will try :)) also there is one other elder going to my mission and we leave the same day so that´s nice. Except my companion leaves a day before me so I´ll be assigned to another district for a day.

SO Thursday:
-My one month mark!!! 17 months to go!
-todo español is hard but good for me

-we had this weird drink in the morning for breakfast since it was cold, and it was kind of like hot chocolate but smelled like chocolate covered cinnamon bears....haha mom and liz would´ve liked it.
-we had Book of Mormon study and looked at Alma 8. I love this chapter! It´s so relatable to missionaries and gives me hope that I can do hard things! God is always with me!

-2 Nephi 9:39-40 is also awesome and at the end says to be "spiritually minded is life eternal" which if you take the first letter of each of those it says SMILE ! haha I love that.
-also I was trying to remember that footprint poem about the two sets of footprints in the sand and I wanted it in Spanish so my teacher looked it up for me :) I love that poem! I actually had one of the elders from my district draw a picture of it cause he´s super good at drawing and it looks awesome. I´ll take a picture of it to send you next week. But yeah it´s awesome and a great reminder that God is always with us <3
-daylight savings! we got an extra hour of sleep! #blessup

-I got called on to give a talk in church haha but it went well! 
-we watched the devotional from Elder Bednar from like 2011 about the Character of Christ and that we always need to be turning outward when we would naturally turn inward. Our district is trying to work on that this week.

-I got your package! thank you again, it made my day :)
-Feliz Noche de Brujas! They had this special bread for us to celebrate and it´s called ¨pan de los muertos" haha literally bread of the dead. nice. it was just a roll/donut thing with cinnamon sugar on it though, nothing too exciting.

-ONE WEEK LEFT!!! I´m so pumped for the field!!
-we watched a live devotional from the provo MTC by President Nelson and it was so good. He told us we were "Living Epistles of the Lord" and that we should engrave the doctrine of Christ in our hearts. He is so sweet<3
-and we got 2 new districts!! 4 more hermanas! Sadly it´s our last week but I love seeing new people anyway.

Sorry I have no time left and I´m actually way over....but I love you all!!! Don´t forget to smile!!

con amor,

Hermana Daniels

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