Wednesday, October 19, 2016

week 2 again!
(From Wednesday, October 12)

Hola!! Week two has been so stressful but so good! It´s literally an emotional roller coaster everyday. But I love it and I get to go to the Mexico City Temple today!! That´s why we had to email earlier so that we could still get it in on time! So look forward to temple pics next week :)

Alright so this week. We now have 2 investigators but we teach one every other day so it´s slightly less stressful. Also I hope I didn´t tell you this story last week cause I can´t remember exactly what day it happened, but we were practicing teaching someone as a District last week and it was super rough. Like no one really stayed on topic and it was confusing and I wanted to say things but then someone else would start talking and it was just bad. But then afterwards my teacher testified to us that we are all here for a divine purpose and we have been called to preach the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Spanish language for a reason. Everyone in my district is going back to the States to serve their missions, but I know that there are specific people that God is preparing right now to hear His message of love and hope and that need to hear it in the Spanish language. I can´t wait to get to Salt Lake :)

Also I love my roommates and district so much. I know I say that every week, but they make me laugh so much every day and it´s what keeps me and my positivity going. And Sunday was our first Sacrament Meeting here! It was awesome. We all have to prepare talks every week cause we just get called on at random to speak so luckily I didn´t have to last week cause my Spanish is not that good yet haha. Also the President of the CCM spoke to us and shared some awesome stories! He talked about specific prayer and that God hears every prayer we give. He told this story about how one time he went to visit the ruins in Acapulco with his family and when they got there (6 hour drive), it was pouring rain and the park was closed because it was raining so hard. Presidente Tenorio pleaded with the manager of the ticket booth to let them in since they had devoted this whole day to this activity and had come so far, but the manager wouldn´t let them. So Presidente asked him that if the rain stopped would they be able to go in? The man said that everyone waiting there could go in for free if the rain stopped because it was a straight downpour and the man knew it would probably not stop raining all day. 

SO, Presidente Tenorio said a specific prayer that the rain would stop in about 15 minutes and that they- and everyone else that got shut out- would be able to enjoy the ruins and history of their ancestors. 15 minutes later the rain stopped. Presidente said a prayer of thanks and went back to the ticket booth to ask to be let in. The manager was amazed and let everyone in for free- as promised. Haha Presidente was so happy and said that really he just did that so that everyone else there could go in for free too because the tickets were expensive and that he was just trying to help everyone else...haha but he also really wanted to go in ,) 

So moral of the story don´t be afraid to say specific prayers!! Also I realized this week that, yes as missionaries we say a lot of prayers, but even if it´s repetitive, if we ask for things and give thanks with sincere intent every time, it´s really not repetition anymore- just sincerity and hope. So pour out your heart´s content to Heavenly Father! He always wants to hear from us. :)

I love you all!! Hope you all have a great week :)

con amor, Hermana Daniels

Also fam! 

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!! HOLY COW BYU BEAT MICHIGAN STATE?!?!?!? GO MIGHTY COUGARS!!! What the heck I´m so sad I missed that slash that I´m missing MSU get wrecked hahaha ahhh I also literally just squealed with joy and my companion looked at me like I´m a freak but I don´t care I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL ahhh. Thank you for the updates.

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