Wednesday, October 12, 2016

 AHH i love it here so much. It´s hard and this week has been super stressful and this one day we had this class about practicing the language during every free second you have and we have to learn like 2,000 new words here and everything and then in the afternoon of the same day we had a class about stress management lol so ironic but it´s okay, I´ve felt a lot of patience and humility this week too so I'm trying to stay balanced as best as I can :)

Also I love my teacher so much. She´s awesome and like 4 feet tall and super sweet and tells us she loves us all the time and always compliments my rough Spanish and ah I just love her cause she´s just an angel :) 

Also I got to play tennis again this week and there´s one other elder in my district that knows how to actually play (not just swing at the ball and make it fly over the fence lol) so that was awesome. And we get to go to the temple today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´ll have to send pics of it next week though cause we dont get back to the CCM until like 6 :////

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