Thursday, October 27, 2016

 Hola gente!! This week was so great!! Lots of humbling and spiritual feasting and I´m just loving life. This week I´m going day by day to see if that goes faster haha

--So a random Elder came up to me and was like "Hey do you have an older sister named Megan?" And I was like "YES!" and he was like "oh I worked with her at BYU!" and then he just kind of turned around and walked away and it was kind of awkward but it made my day haha also he didn´t say his name but I think it was something like Elder Ellsworth??

--We taught someone from Mexico City! She was pretending to be an investigator but she was a member. Woooow it was so hard though. She walked in and started talking suuuuper fast and I was so lost and I´m 100% sure the look on my face explained it all. Haha and then I tried to answer her in fast Spanish but I just felt like a sloth from Zootopia the whole time so that was fun.

--I taught an elder in my district how to moonwalk! Hahaha it made his day and I can´t help but laugh about it all the time.

--This hermana from my casa came up to me and also asked me if I had an older sister named Megan!! Hahaha it was so weird! But she also worked with Meg at BYU! Meg is famous here lol. I think her name is Hermana Lin?

--It got super cold here :/ pero the sun feels so good when it decides to come out so it´s all good.

--One of the elders in my district was telling us a story at breakfast and he was super animated in it and slammed his hand down on his tray and accidentally hit his spoon which was in his bowl of froot loops and as you can imagine, froot loops and milk went flying. It was hilarious.

--Hermana Graham and I got called as Sister Training Leaders! We are the oldest sisters though so that´s kind of how it goes, but I love meeting new people and learning how to be a better teacher and servant to my fellow Hermanas <3

--We were all super tired in class so our teacher made us get up and sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" in Spanish. Haha I loved it. Except in Spanish you just say "cabeza, cara, hombros, pies" and then "ojos, boca, nariz" :)

--120 missionaries left for the field :( so now we just have three Hermana companionships in our zone.

--We played tennis with Latinos! Hahah it was a super random version of tennis and there were like no rules, but I loved it. 

--We had an awesome devotional by an Area 70! He gave us three pieces of advice:
1) Never underestimate your power to do good and the impact you have in the lives of those you love and serve. 
2) Trust in the inspiration, capacity, and talent of your companion. Be humble and learn from them!
3) Sometimes we will need to leave the metaphorical line without looking back so that the Lord can do what He has planned for you in your life. The Lord will do SO much more with you than you could achieve if you stayed in the line! Trust Him! and always remember the influence you have as you desire to do good (D&C 11:8-9)

--I got a letter from the Fredlines today! Haha it was sent on September 28th....... yikes. 

--I got my new scripture case engraved :) pics to come!

I love you all!! Thank you for the constant prayers-- I know I am so blessed.

con amor,
Hermana Daniels

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