Thursday, October 27, 2016

 Hola gente!! This week was so great!! Lots of humbling and spiritual feasting and I´m just loving life. This week I´m going day by day to see if that goes faster haha

--So a random Elder came up to me and was like "Hey do you have an older sister named Megan?" And I was like "YES!" and he was like "oh I worked with her at BYU!" and then he just kind of turned around and walked away and it was kind of awkward but it made my day haha also he didn´t say his name but I think it was something like Elder Ellsworth??

--We taught someone from Mexico City! She was pretending to be an investigator but she was a member. Woooow it was so hard though. She walked in and started talking suuuuper fast and I was so lost and I´m 100% sure the look on my face explained it all. Haha and then I tried to answer her in fast Spanish but I just felt like a sloth from Zootopia the whole time so that was fun.

--I taught an elder in my district how to moonwalk! Hahaha it made his day and I can´t help but laugh about it all the time.

--This hermana from my casa came up to me and also asked me if I had an older sister named Megan!! Hahaha it was so weird! But she also worked with Meg at BYU! Meg is famous here lol. I think her name is Hermana Lin?

--It got super cold here :/ pero the sun feels so good when it decides to come out so it´s all good.

--One of the elders in my district was telling us a story at breakfast and he was super animated in it and slammed his hand down on his tray and accidentally hit his spoon which was in his bowl of froot loops and as you can imagine, froot loops and milk went flying. It was hilarious.

--Hermana Graham and I got called as Sister Training Leaders! We are the oldest sisters though so that´s kind of how it goes, but I love meeting new people and learning how to be a better teacher and servant to my fellow Hermanas <3

--We were all super tired in class so our teacher made us get up and sing "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" in Spanish. Haha I loved it. Except in Spanish you just say "cabeza, cara, hombros, pies" and then "ojos, boca, nariz" :)

--120 missionaries left for the field :( so now we just have three Hermana companionships in our zone.

--We played tennis with Latinos! Hahah it was a super random version of tennis and there were like no rules, but I loved it. 

--We had an awesome devotional by an Area 70! He gave us three pieces of advice:
1) Never underestimate your power to do good and the impact you have in the lives of those you love and serve. 
2) Trust in the inspiration, capacity, and talent of your companion. Be humble and learn from them!
3) Sometimes we will need to leave the metaphorical line without looking back so that the Lord can do what He has planned for you in your life. The Lord will do SO much more with you than you could achieve if you stayed in the line! Trust Him! and always remember the influence you have as you desire to do good (D&C 11:8-9)

--I got a letter from the Fredlines today! Haha it was sent on September 28th....... yikes. 

--I got my new scripture case engraved :) pics to come!

I love you all!! Thank you for the constant prayers-- I know I am so blessed.

con amor,
Hermana Daniels

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

week 2 again!
(From Wednesday, October 12)

Hola!! Week two has been so stressful but so good! It´s literally an emotional roller coaster everyday. But I love it and I get to go to the Mexico City Temple today!! That´s why we had to email earlier so that we could still get it in on time! So look forward to temple pics next week :)

Alright so this week. We now have 2 investigators but we teach one every other day so it´s slightly less stressful. Also I hope I didn´t tell you this story last week cause I can´t remember exactly what day it happened, but we were practicing teaching someone as a District last week and it was super rough. Like no one really stayed on topic and it was confusing and I wanted to say things but then someone else would start talking and it was just bad. But then afterwards my teacher testified to us that we are all here for a divine purpose and we have been called to preach the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in the Spanish language for a reason. Everyone in my district is going back to the States to serve their missions, but I know that there are specific people that God is preparing right now to hear His message of love and hope and that need to hear it in the Spanish language. I can´t wait to get to Salt Lake :)

Also I love my roommates and district so much. I know I say that every week, but they make me laugh so much every day and it´s what keeps me and my positivity going. And Sunday was our first Sacrament Meeting here! It was awesome. We all have to prepare talks every week cause we just get called on at random to speak so luckily I didn´t have to last week cause my Spanish is not that good yet haha. Also the President of the CCM spoke to us and shared some awesome stories! He talked about specific prayer and that God hears every prayer we give. He told this story about how one time he went to visit the ruins in Acapulco with his family and when they got there (6 hour drive), it was pouring rain and the park was closed because it was raining so hard. Presidente Tenorio pleaded with the manager of the ticket booth to let them in since they had devoted this whole day to this activity and had come so far, but the manager wouldn´t let them. So Presidente asked him that if the rain stopped would they be able to go in? The man said that everyone waiting there could go in for free if the rain stopped because it was a straight downpour and the man knew it would probably not stop raining all day. 

SO, Presidente Tenorio said a specific prayer that the rain would stop in about 15 minutes and that they- and everyone else that got shut out- would be able to enjoy the ruins and history of their ancestors. 15 minutes later the rain stopped. Presidente said a prayer of thanks and went back to the ticket booth to ask to be let in. The manager was amazed and let everyone in for free- as promised. Haha Presidente was so happy and said that really he just did that so that everyone else there could go in for free too because the tickets were expensive and that he was just trying to help everyone else...haha but he also really wanted to go in ,) 

So moral of the story don´t be afraid to say specific prayers!! Also I realized this week that, yes as missionaries we say a lot of prayers, but even if it´s repetitive, if we ask for things and give thanks with sincere intent every time, it´s really not repetition anymore- just sincerity and hope. So pour out your heart´s content to Heavenly Father! He always wants to hear from us. :)

I love you all!! Hope you all have a great week :)

con amor, Hermana Daniels

Also fam! 

GO BUCKEYES!!!!!! HOLY COW BYU BEAT MICHIGAN STATE?!?!?!? GO MIGHTY COUGARS!!! What the heck I´m so sad I missed that slash that I´m missing MSU get wrecked hahaha ahhh I also literally just squealed with joy and my companion looked at me like I´m a freak but I don´t care I LOVE COLLEGE FOOTBALL ahhh. Thank you for the updates.

I forgot to mention!! Last night I talked in my sleep in Spanish I guess.... haha YESSS I'm so pumped that makes me happy lol. 
hollllly cow this is my 4th week at the CCM!!! Since the first week it has just flown by. 
This week was so incredible though!!

1) We went to the temple 2 times since I last emailed! AHH it's so awesome I love it. It's hard to speak in Spanish but missionaries go there every day so they get a lot of practice with patience with these Americans haha.

2) Last Thursday we fasted from English for 24 hours. Wooow that was so long and hard and gave me an awful headache cause we were fasting from food too but it was so beneficial!! I went the whole day without speaking English! The Lord is working miracles here, people.

3) Hermana Openshaw left this week :( it was so good seeing her here all the time and I know she's going to do great things in New Mexico!

4) This week we had 2 incredible lessons. The best lessons ever. The first one we were just so in sync with the Spirit and really related our message to our investigator. It felt so good! And then on Tuesday we taught again and we made our investigator (teacher) cry because the Spirit and our love for her was so strong. I can't explain how good that feels. I love missionary work and sharing God's great message of love and hope!!

5) Bonnie L. Oscarson (Young Women's General President) visited the CCM yesterday!!!! She is so awesome and I got to meet her and give her a hug and she gave a super inspiring devotional. Also we got to sing the EFY Medley in spanish to her! SO SWEET 

6) This week was just so spiritually uplifting! I've been super humbled this week and realized that this really is the Lord´s work and that through Him I can do all things!! I'm so pumped to get to Utah and meet everyone there. 

7) Shout out to all my fans for the emails!! Thank you all, it made my week!!

8) Sorry this is so short I don't know what else to say in so little time and with so many things that happened this week. Just know that God loves you all and that He has a very specific plan for each and every one of us-- we just need to humbly put all of our trust in Him and things will work out!!

I LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week!  

love, Hermana Daniels

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

 AHH i love it here so much. It´s hard and this week has been super stressful and this one day we had this class about practicing the language during every free second you have and we have to learn like 2,000 new words here and everything and then in the afternoon of the same day we had a class about stress management lol so ironic but it´s okay, I´ve felt a lot of patience and humility this week too so I'm trying to stay balanced as best as I can :)

Also I love my teacher so much. She´s awesome and like 4 feet tall and super sweet and tells us she loves us all the time and always compliments my rough Spanish and ah I just love her cause she´s just an angel :) 

Also I got to play tennis again this week and there´s one other elder in my district that knows how to actually play (not just swing at the ball and make it fly over the fence lol) so that was awesome. And we get to go to the temple today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I´ll have to send pics of it next week though cause we dont get back to the CCM until like 6 :////

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Ahhh I feel like I`ve been here for a month already!!! Each day is super slow but the weeks go by so fast. There's so much to do!! Okay so yeah it's a lot colder here than I was expecting, except this week it's been super nice every day and colder at night but the first few days I was here it rained every afternoon and evening. Also there are random explosions every night and morning which is fun. I've heard that it's a Mexican tradition to set off fireworks slash explosions every night to scare away the rain?? I don't get it but hey it's been working so I don't mind :) Also the food hasn't been too bad! Breakfast is pretty normal American breakfast every day except today we had chicken nuggets lol but they always have Zucaritas, Froot Loops, Cheerios, and some chocolate cereal available for every meal so that's a relief haha. But lunch is my least favorite cause it's always either taquitos or an interesting meat thing. Dinner is usually pretty similar to lunch so I say a lot of prayers to bless my food haha. But I've been able to find something every day so don't worry :)

¡Mi compañera! Her name is Hermana Graham and she's from Dayton Ohio! She's serving in Las Vegas West! She was actually on my flight out here from Detroit! She's awesome. Actually fun fact she was at BYU this past year with me and she lived in Taylor hall! And my friend Emmett was her hometeacher! Hahaha she said he only visited her one time the whole year. She's super funny and sassy like me and we just roast our district every day haha. She is also super skilled in Spanish which has been awesome cause we have helped each other with memorizing things! We've already memorized Our Purpose, the Baptismal Invitation, Moroni 10:4-5, and the First Vision in Spanish!! Also we've already taught 4 lessons completely in Spanish.....super nerve-wracking but awesome!! (P.s. sorry for all of the grammar and spelling mistakes- I'm on a Spanish keyboard and can't really think in English anymore haha everything I'm typing is underlined in red cause it's a Spanish programmed computer too) but anyway I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!

My Distrito is 8 elders and then me and my companion. Hoooly cow these elders are babies! One of them is supposed to be a senior in high school right now but skipped a grade. He just turned 18. Haha I told them I'm going to be 20 in 2 months and they all freaked haha. Aparently I still look like I'm 16. Also this means they are all super immature and annoying most of the time aha but I love them anyway- they keep things interesting. Also I love my roommates: Hermana Shehane and Hermana Dingess-- they're the sweetest ever. They're both serving in Salt Lake West! And so far I only know one other elder serving in my mission :( but that's okay I'm still super pumped. Ahh the CCM (MTC) life is so long and hard and exhausting but I love it and I know God is giving me the strength to do His work because I seriously don't know how I get up every morning at 6:30 and go right to sleep at 10:30 and can do so so much in between. Already today I got to play tennis for the first time since being here (!!) and showered and did laundry and had breakfast and lunch and personal study. These days are packed! Also we just had 165 missionaries leave the CCM! but 200 more got here yesterday so it's packed again. But not as much as Provo. The CCM is the second largest MTC population-wise (12,000) but the largest for space wise-- this campus is SO beautiful! 

Also yes I absolutely LOVED conference and it was suuuper nice to have it for my first weekend here! UGH I'm seriously so upset I didn't get to be in that missionary choir. Except it was soo awesome when the congregation got up to sing Called to Serve and all of the missionaries here stood up and sang super loud along with the missionary choir and it was just lit. I don't know how else to explain it haha. But I saw Hermana Hirschi!! (Sarah Hirschi from BYU) So jealous. Maybe I can convince my mission president to let the Salt Lake missions sing at next conference :))) But I really loved President Nelson's talk about having constant joy because that's really the most important thing about being a missionary. But I've been pretty good about that at least this week! Hermana Graham and I are basically moms to our District and try to keep them on task and positive and sometimes that's hard but they're pretty good about listening to us. 

Sorry this email isn't super long-- we've done so much this week and we only have an hour to email and my mind is everywhere right now trying to think of things to tell everyone (sorry for the unorganization of thoughts haha) but basically I'm loving it here so much already. I feel like I've grown a lot this week and I learn so many new things every day. Shout-out to my high school Spanish teachers and Sunday school teachers and of course Mom and Dad. 

I love you all!!!! Have a great week and look for the joy in everything! Life's a climb but the view's great. -Hannah Montana

con amor, Hermana Daniels :)