Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I MADE IT :))) Haha it`s been the longest day ever, but I love it already. I have my tag!! It`s official! So when I got to the airport and through customs and everything I was waiting with this group of about 8 elders and 3 other sisters and we had to wait there for forever cause we were missing missionaries... we left without them haha but I think someone will go get them with the next batch of missionaries or something. Also I feel super relieved cause I actually know a lot more Spanish than the other missionaries I came with except for like one other elder knows a little too. Yay for high school Spanish prep! And it`s kind of sad because I really don`t know that much so I feel bad for the others...one of the sister`s in my district took French in high school sooo that stinks. I`ve been trying to help her but her teachers will do a lot too so we good.

Also it`s Tuesday which means pizza day!! #blessed
Anyway, I haven`t taken any pictures yet but I will work on that and try to get some to you asap. 

hope all is well! ¡Hasta la semana pròxima!

love, Hermana Daniels

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