Tuesday, October 17, 2017

"What Does 'Hermana' Mean?"

Hey y'all!!

This week was an adventure! First of all, the subject of this email is
the question I got at least 5 times a day everyday this week lol I
really need to get that English name tag because I keep having to
explain to everyone that I'm just in English wards now haha but oh
well 😁

I love my new lil companion!! Her name is Sister Neuhaus and she is
from Nashville, TN. She is the third of eleven kids and is super fun
and we get along great. She also went to BYU for a year before her
mission but that was last year (not two years ago when I went) which
makes me feel super old hahah. But we are so excited to be here in
Riverton together; she is an incredible missionary already!!

On Wednesday we had our first district meeting in the Riverton Zone
and it was really really weird not being in Spanish for the first time
but it was fun. Haha sad/funny story though: we didn't realize that
the zone building was so far away from our house so we decided to bike
there because we didn't know who to call last-minute for a ride
either, so we ended up biking about 2.3 miles Wednesday morning just
to get there and then another 2.3 miles back to our area haha it was
rough. Don't worry though, we called a ride for the next day when we
had another meeting thereπŸ˜πŸ˜‚

The bikes are great, though! Everyone waves at us and it's easier to
talk to everyone on the street and to contact houses that are in the
same neighborhood without having to get in and out of the car all the
time. The only major downside though is that it's been getting waaay
cold at night and in the morning :/ but once it starts snowing I think
we will be able to get more rides so that will be nice :)

On Saturday we had an awesome little miracle! We knocked on the door
of a less-active family, and the person that opened just happened to
be the only member in his family that isn't baptized. He was super
nice and receptive but told us that right now wasn't his time. Well,
we didn't take "no" for an answer and testified to him that it
actually is his time and that God sent us there to find him.
Apparently that softened his heart because he then accepted a Book of
Mormon and offered a prayer for the first time in his life! It was a
really neat experience. Unfortunately, he was still wasn't very sure
about having us coming back but we gave him our phone number and he
sounded like he would actually text us when he wants to learn more
(unlike everyone else we meet) so at least we were able to plant that

On Sunday we had church all day long haha it was weird but fun. We
cover seven wards but we only made it to about 5 different
meetings/Ward councils. It was the first time that I had been to
church in English for a whole year! (Other than a couple times with
our recent convert, Marisa)
I love this Stake! They are super nice and there is a lot of work to
do to animate the ward members but Sister Neuhaus and I are up for the
challenge. She also likes to smile and laugh a lot so we will just
smile our way through everybody's heart ;))) but for real, smiles make
a huge difference— we've seen it already!

I absolutely loved reading the story of Enoch as well in Moses this
week. He is one of the greatest examples of humility and faith. I love
how humble he was to recognize his weaknesses in being a servant of
the Lord, but then how confident he was immediately afterwards as he
trusted in God to help him accomplish his purpose. He was bold and
courageous and preached repentance to everyone and had the literal
faith to move mountains. No one could stop him!! He knew who he was
and what his purpose was and no one was even going to touch him before
he finished his message. And that's exactly how we are and should be
as members and missionaries! When we put our faith and trust in God,
he will literally make our weaknesses become strong. I know that that
is true and have experienced it time and time again. I am definitely
not the perfect missionary or person, but I know that as long as I
keep doing my best Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be there to
lift me up. :)

Love you!!
Sister Daniels

Love you!!

Sister Daniels

Monday, October 9, 2017

Hi everyone!! 

I hope you all had a great week! This week for us has been awesome, crazy, sad, and busy. I can't believe that Hermana Alvarado will be leaving tomorrow-- we are just working hard non-stop until she can't anymore! It still hasn't really hit either one of us except for our last weekly planning we just cried together for companionship inventory haha. But it's all good!! I'm so proud of her and excited for her to continue being a member missionary in Guatemala. I will miss her so much but I will always remember her example for me! She's so amazing!!

Soooo transfers are also this week and this transfer is so crazy!! Everything is changing! I, for one, received a very unexpected transfer call today. I don't know who my new companion is yet but I am excited to meet her tomorrow!! The sad news about transfers is that I will no longer be in the Spanish Zone .... πŸ’”πŸ’” My Heavenly Father has called me to serve (at least this next transfer) an English assignment. I will be staying in Riverton, though!! My companion and I will be whitewashing an area that was previously covered by elders so this should be fun! 
Haha this week we had dinners in the English wards and almost every family told me that I have a weird accent lol I don't know if it's from Michigan or from speaking Spanish but either way I will get to work on it from now on! hahaha ayyy ay ay, but don't worry fam I will keep studying Spanish as much as I can :)) I know that I will go back to Spanish someday!

Anyway, we also saw a lot of miracles this week! On Tuesday we got out of a lesson and we had a little bit of time to visit one more person before we had to head home, and the Spirit lead us to a new house that we had never been to before! We knocked on the door and this young man opened right away. As we got to know him he told us that he already knew that we were going to come that day. We asked how he knew and he said that when he was at the train station he walked past a Book of Mormon and when he returned, it was gone. He knew that God was going to send someone to him that day and He sent us!! It gave me goosebumps to hear his miracle and we testified of God's plan for him and that we were sent that day to find him! I love being a tool in the Lord's hands.

Another miracle we had was on Friday while Sister Alvarado was at the temple and I was working in the area with our Relief Society president as my split. We had some people in the plans but the Spirit told me to ask this sister if there was anyone she wanted to visit as well (being the Relief Society president). She mentioned a less-active family and we went directly there. This sister nor Sister Alvarado and I have met or even seen the parents of this family, but the mom was sitting outside when we got there! We were talking to her about church and invited her to a Relief Society activity as her husband pulled in the driveway. God's timing is perfect!! This family isn't quite ready to go to church again yet, but the sister is very excited about the Relief Society activity and connected well with our Relief Society president. :)

We are currently reading in Moses as a mission which is great and I am also in 2 Nephi 15 in my personal study of the Book of Mormon. It is kind of difficult to read these chapters of the Book of Mormon in Spanish since they are the Isaiah chapters haha, but it's really cool to see the different footnotes and explanations in both languages! Chapter 15 of 2 Nephi talks about the Lord's vineyard and the scattering and gathering of Israel. I love verse four which asks, "What could have been done more to my vineyard that I have not done in it?" Sometimes we are giving our all to the work and we aren't seeing many results, but we feel like there is nothing else that we can do. I felt a little bit of that at the beginning of this transfer. However, there is always something we can do or improve! Whether it's patience, diligence, faith, obedience, etc., there is always something to improve on in order to continue giving everything to the Lord. I have learned that lesson very well this transfer and it has really helped me to open my eyes and see that as long as we do our best, the Lord will take care of the rest according to His will and time. He has definitely blessed us so much!! We are currently teaching 3 people that are preparing for baptism and I am sad to leave them, but we know that the Lord was preparing them to find us and to continue in His path with the elders that will be here next transfer. As Elder Rasband mentioned in General Conference, there are no coincidences!!

Thanks for the prayers and support always— especially with the bikes hahah, the bikes are great! We will still be on bikes next transfer but thankfully the area is much smaller haha we were covering 6 stakes and now it is just one πŸ˜›


❤️Sister Daniels

Monday, October 2, 2017

Holaaa :)

We had a super crazy but super good week this week!!!
First of all, the big news:
Last Tuesday night we got a call from our zone leaders telling us that
we needed to clean out our car and take it to the mission home the
next morning at 7:30 am and leave it there....they told us to suit up
and get out our bikes. I honestly thought that they were joking, but
it was no joke at all. Hahaha ayy I was so stressed out; I don't even
have a bike! But I got one from the mission to borrow and we have been
biking ever since. We don't know how long we will have bikes for but
let me tell you that it takes talent biking with a skirt on. :D

Where's our car?
Well, all of the missionaries in Puerto Rico were evacuated and
reassigned to a lot of other missions including probably all of the
missions in Utah and a lot in California. Our mission got four new
missionaries, so they had to open up new areas for them to work in.
One of the new areas is Draper and that is pure mountains so those
elders needed a car and our car was taken. But it'd be insanely
difficult to bike in Draper all day everyday so it's all good haha
we're excited for the new challenge! :))

The Lord has blessed us so much this week as we have started on bikes
as well. The weather was perfect almost everyday, we saw a lot of
miracles, and now we have super strong legs lol. But Heavenly Father
is really looking out for us!! I know I couldn't do anything on the
mission without His strength.

We also had a great weekend of General Conference!!
We got to go to the Sunday afternoon session and it is so special to
be there live :) I loved Sister Oscarson's talk on service and how we
should look everyday for someone who needs us/our light/our help! I
also loved Jeffrey R. Holland's talk on the Atonement and so many
other talks about the importance of the Book of Mormon and that we
need to read it every single day!! I know that that is true and it
really does make a huge difference in our lives!!

I hope you all had a great week and have an even greater week this week!!
Sorry I don't have a lot of time to write today, we're going hiking
for Sister Alvarado's last real p-day! I'll send some pics though :))


hermana daniels