Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hey everyone!!

It has been such an incredible and beautiful week! It finally feels like real Spring! And we are praying that it stays that way but who knows with Utah.

We had three baptisms this week!! It was three sisters: Alyssa, Jaysie, and Saphira— ages 14, 11, and 9. We are so proud of them and we know that the Lord is too!
An awesome miracle we saw from that baptism was that the parents of these three girls were there and they felt the Spirit so strong! The mom even bore her testimony and was crying almost the whole time. The dad also felt the Spirit and wants to meet with us on Thursday to start taking the lessons himself! It was amazing to literally watch their hearts soften— we had been praying for that all week. We know that now is the time for them as well and we hope to help them progress towards baptism! Unfortunately they do have a lot of habits to change, but we know that they can do anything through Christ. We all can!

Another couple fun facts about this week: I held a pet snake and we watched Elder Rasband’s grandson open his mission call! The snake is the pet of one of our recent converts, and Elder Rasband’s grandson is going to Melbourne, Australia to speak Mandarin Chinese!

One of the greatest privileges I have had on my mission is to be so close to the temple— actually three of them! The temple is so amazing and we are so excited to start giving tours at the Jordan River Temple Open House!! This week we were given a training on what we need to do for it. We will be giving the video presentation at the beginning of the tour and then we will also be at the end of the tour to answer questions and talk to people! So on Friday we got to go through the tour ourselves and it is GORGEOUS. Wow, such a beautiful temple. Especially when we entered the Celestial Room and everyone was making noise with their little shoe covers but then once that noise stopped a huge wave of peace came over me and I could feel God’s love in that room. It is hard to explain, but the peace that comes from the temple is incomparable and undeniable. 

Also Sister Linda K. Burton and her husband are in charge of heading the volunteers and tours and everything so they are the ones that gave us the training so I got to meet them both as well! They are amazing and called of God.

Everyone should go through that open house!!! Bring your friends! It goes from March 17-April 28. Tickets are free and are found online at http://templeopenhouse.lds.org. This week is VIP week for temple tours (apostles and quorum of the 70) and we get to give tours on Wednesday and all day Saturday!! I’m so pumped :))

Anyway, I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!

Hermana Daniels 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Buenas tardes!!

I hope you all are having a great day! It is a GORGEOUS Spring day today and we started it off at the Draper Temple!! So basically it’s the best day ever. I’ll attach some pics!

This week was awesome. 
We saw some very inspired miracles!! First of all, we were able to find two new investigators in one day last week! It was awesome! The first investigator was nice and very receptive but we feel that it will be a long conversion process because she is from India and has deep cultural and religious roots. She wants to learn more though so we are excited to introduce her to her Savior, Jesus Christ. 

The second new investigator was the amazing miracle! He is a 12 year-old boy named Justin who isn’t baptized but his whole family is and they have been trying to baptize him ever since his parents got divorced a couple years ago. We have been trying to contact him since we got to the area!! Well, it was Wednesday night and as we were crossing the parking lot of an apartment complex with our bikes, a member from one of our wards pulled over and yelled, “sisters! I just dropped off Justin from our young men’s activity! Go knock on the door really quick, they might answer now!” We literally ran up the stairs to their apartment and knocked and they let us in!! We had a quick lesson with them and his mother brought up the fact that they want to get him baptized. !! Unfortunately, they want to wait until the summer for his baptism so that his family can be there to support, but hopefully it will be sooner than that. Justin is so prepared and loves going to church and Young Men’s!

God is so good, y’all. We see miracles everyday! This week I also loved reading from Alma about the Sons of Mosiah. I love the conversion stories of King Lamoni and King Lamoni’s father! Sometimes I wish that people here could just fall to the ground until they wake up a changed, repentant person but patience is good too I guess. Anyway, I love how humble and patient Ammon and Aaron and the others were through their trails and that with patience, boldness, and love they came out on top. Something else that really stood out to me was that King Lamoni’s father was so receptive all because of the seed that Ammon and the Spirit had planted in his heart! Sometimes in missionary work it is hard to have hope that the hard-hearted will change, but we never know how much of a difference we truly make with those little seeds!

GUESS WHAT we will have 3 baptisms this weekend!!! We are so excited. I think I told y’all about them before, but it’s a nonmember couple with three daughters and all three girls are getting baptized on Saturday! They are so solid and so fun. This week we taught them all of the commandments in one lesson which was interesting because they get distracted easily and it was a lot to cover but they actually did a really good job of paying attention! Except for when their dog threw up twice right in front of my feet lol...... but it didn’t get on me and it was a quick clean up so that’s good haha. Reminded me of Buckeye. <3

Sister Downs and I are having a blast and killin’ it everyday!! I can’t remember if I ever told you about her but she’s from Georgia and always on fire!! She is seriously such an awesome missionary and she loves food, Star Wars, LOTR, and chocolate so we obviously get along real well <3
We love this stake and everyone in it! We had dinner with our Stake President on Sunday and Elder Rasband wasn’t there but his daughter (our stake president’s wife) was so that was awesome! She served her mission in Detroit so we talked about Michigan! They are such an amazing family.

Anyway I hope you all have a great week! We start training for the Jordan River Temple Open House on Friday and we are so excited!!!!! It goes from March 17- April 28 (I think)!  


Hermana Daniels

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Hey y’all!!

GUESS WHAT it’s been a blizzard of snow since 7pm last night and it’s still going right now! We switched climates with Michigan I guess haha. BUT I LOVE IT!! There’s too much to bike in, though, so we’ll probably be walking for the next few days :))

I LOVE MY MISSION, EVERYBODY!!!! Ah this week was a good week. First of all, sorry again about last week! There is so much I need to catch up on so we’re going to do bullet point updates today:

- This week was transfers! Like I said last week, I am now serving in the Draper Meadows Stake and I am with Sister Downs! She is from Colorado/Georgia and has been on her mission for one full week!!!! Woohoo! She is super awesome and came to the mission on fire! We are excited to see lots of miracles in this area this transfer :)

- We were also in a trio this week for 4 days. Sister Grenfell was with us because she was waiting for her visa and she finally got it! She left Saturday morning to fly to her assigned mission in the Philippines. She was super awesome too and was a HUGE help this week telling us all about the area and investigators. Unfortunately now we’re on our own...haha but it’s fun and we aren’t really on our own because we have the Lord!!!

- A couple fun facts about this stake: Elder Costa (Quorum of the 70) lives in this 1.5 square mile stake and so does Elder Rasband’s daughter who is married to our stake president! Our stake president told us that sometimes Elder Rasband comes to visit when we have dinner with their family so maybe I will get to meet him again! :)

- Highlight of this past week: our area covers the Utah State Jail!!! Haha and there is this awesome thing they do there where the inmates work at their own little restaurant! It’s called “Serving Time” and it's actually really good food! The high councilman over missionary work took us there and it was lowkey scary but so fun haha. I’ll send a picture.

- Funny story from this past week: yesterday we had to go to our Stake Center to find something in the library and it happened to be during the blizzard. Well, neither of us really knew where the building was, so we were following google maps to the main street that it was on, and turns out this street had no sidewalks. So, we started walking/pushing our bikes down the side of this super tight road and out of nowhere a huge truck pulls over with this super sweet young couple and asks us if we need a ride! They seemed nice and were members of the church (don’t worry mom) so we jumped in and threw our bikes in the back. They only drove us like 20 seconds down the street to the stake center, but it was a straight miracle! The struggle was so real hah also you kind of had to be there.

Last transfer we saw a ton of miracles as well! A couple fun facts about that area:
- My last week there we found a new investigator named Jefferson. That night at dinner the family that we ate with asked us about who we were teaching and we mentioned that we had just met Jefferson that day. Then they all flipped out and were like “wait is this him??” And pulled up a picture of him. Apparently he is one of the top scorers for the soccer team Real Salt Lake!! eyyyy! Too bad I wasn’t there long enough to be his friend but maybe he’ll remember me someday haha

- A couple weeks ago we knocked on a door and I will never forget what happened. A man opened the door, realized that we were missionaries, and called his wife down to talk to us. This lady must of had a bad day or something because she just started going off at us ahaha ah she was like “hi yeah we aren’t interested, ok? Please stop bothering us. My kids are trying to sleep (which they were all running around behind her...) and we are sick of being bothered by you guys. Stop knocking on our door! You need to get a life and a job and go do something better with your life than bother us, ok?!” Eeeeesh it took all of my self control not to get mad and so I just responded “ok sorry, is there anything that we can do for you?” And she goes “yeah, you can never come back.” .......haha ahhhhh it broke my heart. I almost cried. But! It’s all good because even Jesus Christ was rejected by His own, so how can I expect missionary life to be easy? All we can do is invite and give people the opportunity to accept Christ. We just need to do our best and let God take care of the rest <3

- On a more happy note, Sister Neuhaus (my previous companion) and Sister Schweich had a baptism in Riverton this past weekend!!!! I was so proud of them :) It was a teenage boy from Africa that I had met only once but we shared a dinner message with his family and at that point we had no idea that he was interested until he came to church a couple weeks later and asked the sisters when he could get baptized. <3 Miracles are real!!

- (I think) I forgot to tell Dad and Meg this before, but about a month ago we found a lady to teach that was half-Bolivian, half-Japanese!! She only spoke Japanese and Spanish and her husband only spoke Japanese and English! It was the weirdest thing ever! Haha all I could remember in Japanese was “watashi wa Danieruzu shimai desu.” Haha they told me I said it right so that was good I guess. I was going to tell Meg that she could come fellowship for us, but now I got transferred so never mind ;)

- One other fun thing that I did my last week in Spanish was I helped translate Stake Conference! It was super intimidating but really fun. I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for giving me the opportunity and help to learn a second language!! I’m a little sad that I won’t be ending my mission in Spanish, but teaching in English is great as well and I know that Sister Downs and I are together for a reason :) 

Anyway, those are some highlights from the past couple weeks! I am so excited for this new transfer as well!! Today we started March Madness again (the mission teaching tournament)!! ALSO all of the sisters in our mission have the special privilege of being tour guides for the open house of the Jordan River Temple in a couple weeks!!!!!! I’m so pumped!!! We will be training for it this week :D Also tours don’t start until March 17th so I won’t get to do as many tours as the rest of the mission since I won’t be here in April, but President Lansing said I can be on the “on call” list if they need a tour guide asap so I’m so excited :)))

Well I hope you all have a fantastic week!!

Hermana Daniels

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hi everyone!!

I’m super super sorry but I have absolutely no time to write emails today because it’s transfers!! But I will give you a better update next week. 
As for transfers, Sister Rogers will be training in Spanish in Sandy (Galena Branch—where I served once!!) and I will be training in English (on bikes again) in the Draper Meadows Stake!!! SO crazy all of the changes that took place this transfer, but I am excited :) I’m a little sad to be leaving Spanish again but I was blessed to have this transfer to practice it so that was good!